There is an overwhelming display of nature at San Carlos.  The island (AKA Islotito) is home to hundreds of pelicans and other shore birds.  Each evening they all come home to roost.  Ravens put on an aerobatic springtime mating ritual high near the rim of the mesa. Turkey vultures, eagles, crows, ospreys and other exotic birds make their home on the mesa and in the surrounding hills.  The desert floor is home to rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, kangaroo mice, coyotes, deer, pumas, bobcats and other hunter animals.   If botany is your pleasure, the desert is host to an assortment of cactus and other succulents, wild flowers and unusual ground covers.  There are also  exotic agave, century plants and a cactus assortment of all kinds.

The ocean is home to seals, dolphins and migrating whales that meander close to shore during the spring.

It has to be seen to believed.


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