WHAT! Palm Trees on the point?

We couldn't believe it either but one morning this spring, there it stood, a 12 foot fabricated palm tree recently transplanted from La Ventana by Jay Connor,  the tree's creator.  

Jay is also famous down south for his "burning bush fiesta" complete with blue flame sand campfire.  There is never a dull moment when he's around.

As mysterious as it arrived about a week later, 2 pink flamingoes were seen foraging under the outdoor carpet palm fronds.

(click on photo)

Kevin Trejo made several attempts to purchase the tree as a permanent fixture but fate thought otherwise.

Thanks Jay for providing the subject for this issue's mast-head.  We look forward to seeing you and your son this Fall.

This dance party of crows rocks out to the driving beat of the Techno-crats, blaring out of a campsite in the beach break .  They were later escorted from the point after exposing themselves & using abusive language to

nearby campers.



Special Events

EZZY Rig-n-Rip

FREE SE Wave Sail clinic

July 26, 2004

last minute res available

more info

 Wave riding Clinic for Kiteboarders    Oct. 30 - Nov.6

in the works...

Hot Sails Clinic

Message from Senor KT

to all my special friends -

I would like to take a moment to say thank  you to all of you that have supported me over the years.  It has been heartwarming to see the great positive response to the new SoloSports.

I have a great staff that has given me a strong commitment to make SoloSports the best adventure sports travel company ever.  They share my dreams of keeping Punta San Carlos a wonderful place  for everyone as well as improving our services to enhance your Baja experience.

I hope to have the opportunity to meet all my old friends here in the campo and look forward to making new friends as well.

muchas gracias mis amigos

-KT AKA Kevin Trejo

Hollywood comes to Punta San Carlos May 4-14 in Red Bull Tropical Energy Challenge - a sports reality show contest made for TV

Abundance of Sand Makes  Best Season for Kite Launches

photo early June

What a  season for sand.  This is truly a phenomenal year for sand in the beach break.  Normally by June all the rocks are exposed from the point to the Island.  Kite boarders are taking advantage of the conditions by launching at the island end of the beach break.  Sailors & surfers are also happy to see such friendly launch conditions.

It could all end with arrival of a big south. but for now - carpe diem.


Yet Another Close Encounter

recent visitor to the Solstice site


One more Close encounter


B.C. Canuck - Dave Heath and his soul companion Anna were surprised recently when they stopped to offer assistance to a stranger parked on the dirt road. The man offered them a beer and remarked to Dave that had they spent an evening with mutual friends 5 years earlier in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego - So. America.  That rivals SoloSport's guests the Miller brothers seeing me on stage at their high school in Surratsville Md. - thirty five years ago!



Punta San Carlos


more info




SoloSports          T-shirt Symbol

The circular symbol on the new SoloSports

T-shirt is a petroglyth

from the Solstice site atop the San Carlos Mesa.  The symbol is

a representation of the

sun which played a very important role in the lives of the native Americans who once inhabited the area.



We can't imagine why you wouldn't want to keep getting our e-rag  but I guess worse things  happen at sea.

Drop us a line to tell us to knock it off and its done.

Synchronicity at the Chili Bowl

June 4, 2004

Chuck Patterson, Corky Cullen &

Kevin Trejo

participated in a kite surfing expression session that had the crowd on the cliff cheering with every move.  To quote one spectator

"it was sublime".

to view highlights of this event click here

ebade,ebade,ebade ......that's all folks

World windsurfing touring pros massed at the Chili -Bowl recently in the most unusual reality show yet - the Tropical Energy Challenge. Brainchild of English pro sailor Tristan Boxford -ensured a top notch line-up. Keith Taboul, Kevin Pritchard, Jason Polakow, Levi Siver, Jason Pryor, Tristan Boxford, Baptiste Gossein, Robby Swift & Kauli Seadi repeatedly wowed  all in attendance with outstanding performances at the Chili Bowl.  Supporting the event was a staff of 25 TV/Film production crew including renowned action photographer Erik Aeder.  There were a few Baja hijinks including a stranded grip truck in the main arroyo and a rumor of a stealth expose article for Rolling Stone. Local fisherman Rudy rounded up a tractor and a few friends to save the day.  The rumor smoldered in the background for the entire event.


It was a good event and everyone was very impressed with the pro's performances on & off the water.  Once the footage has been edited down expect to see it somewhere on your cable dial perhaps even later this year.

We have been sworn to secrecy by the show's producers to keep the intrigue at a Hollywood high, so that's about all we are going to say except "stay tuned".

for more info on the Tropical Energy Challenge click this link.

For action photos of the event click this link



New SoloSports Website Improvements

SoloSports has added new features to its Website -checkum out

San Carlos Travel Conditions Page -

a current overview of  local conditions & travel tips for those folks who just gotta know.

Special Events Page

photos of Punta San Carlos recent events

Air Crews

a pictorial of our guests, no rogue's gallery here, just the best damn people on earth.

Campo SoloSports Improves Guest Experience with upgrades


This is the year of the rec room improvements! First a DVD/VHS TV theater sound system, then the group dining table that seats 15. Pool, Foos ball, Ping-Pong & darts and still after dinner favorites when the "Big Lebowski" or any other of the campos cinema greats isn't playing.  

Emerita, our Queen of the Cocina has enhanced our menu with her famous home made chili rellenos, Rosario Fish Tacos and the best Chicken Mole I've ever tasted.  Rudy's Jalepeno Rouletto is still the crowd pleaser on select nights, just don't let Baja fate serve you that molten lava chili pepper that gives the dish its name.


SoloSports Adventure Holiday Package Add-ons


After a hard day on the Bombora nothing hits the spot like a fine imported cigar a chilled snifter of premium sipping tequila & a Victoria's Secret Super Model.  Hard as we tried, the best we can do for now is 2 out of three. Your results may vary.


Enter El Solo Presidio Primavera.  Three premium imported cigars, hand picked by Senor Trejo's pro-consolo  from his  exclusive smoker's emporium here in E Pluribus Eunuch, together with a 700ml bottle of fine blue agave, reposado, sipping tequila.  To top it off we've included a special Bombora Fumadero t-shirt to commemorate your blessed event and a exclusive shot glass.

Priced to move at just $150

coming soon....Mesa Excursions

Half & full day guided hikes to the Mesa includes lunch & T-shirt

SoloSports Campo offers Internet/E-mail Services to its Adventure Holiday Guests

SoloSports Campo now offers broadband Internet services to all its Adventure Holiday guests. Kevin Trejo commented "My guests are the movers and shakers of their professions. In the past it was difficult to be out of touch for even a week.  Now with our satellite dish, it is easy to stay in touch with your business and your family, bringing an enhanced peace of mind. This also opens up a whole new area of opportunity for business retreats, educational field trips and other special events."

The Campo Internet cafe has a desktop PC and a wireless local area network for those guests that  bring their own laptops.

SoloSports - Kevin Trejo to offer Wave Riding Clinic to Kiteboarders with FREE wave kiteboard

Punta San Carlos offers the more advanced wave riding Kite boarder great but challenging conditions.  The side off wind conditions create ideal shaped waves making for long rides either in the beach break or the point & Chili bowl.  No one has these conditions more wired than kiteboarder SoloSports owner, Kevin Trejo.

click on photos

"It not only takes local knowledge of the conditions but specially adapted equipment as well -   After seeing so many kiteboarders struggling  in the surf, the idea of a special wave riding clinic seemed a perfect way to help all our kiteboarding guests maximize their water time."

The fall at Punta San Carlos is the perfect time for a wave riding clinic.  The course includes understanding local conditions, tips and techniques with hands on instruction on and off the water, guest appearances by pro wave riding kiteboarders and a free specially designed for Punta San Carlos wave riding kiteboard.

for more information contact Kevin Trejo at kt@solosports.net

Ooh-a la Punta pinup of the month

Tequila, CorralejoCorralejo Tequila - Hacienda Corralejo was founded in 1755 and was the first commercial producer of tequila in Mexico, with copper pot stills from Spain, wood-fired adobe brickovens, and French oak barrels for aging. Today, over 200 years later, production continues at Corralejo much as it did in the past.  click here for nude photo

Corralejo Reposado Tequila won the Grand Award in 1997.

Hand-harvested weber blue agave hearts (pinas) are slowly baked in adobe ovens, then crushed in a stone mill; the "aguamiel" (honey water) is fermented, then double-distilled in copper pot stills, and aged in barrels made from Limousin white oak barrels from France. Each Corralejo bottle is hand-blown and hand-labeled, individually numbered and registered to ensure its authenticity. WOW!

Editor's note-

Corralejo Tequila takes pride in its heritage as the top quality, hand-crafted producer of Mexico's first and finest tequila. Blind tasted in Mexico City against the country's 21 top tequilas, the SoloSports Campo Staff gives it a whompin' 3 thumbs up...and like revenge...a drink best served frosted.  SALUD!!!!!!!!!.

Drink Responsibly & drink often - W.C. Fields



Oh boy, a caption contest!  

click to enlarge

Nuff said about that...get crackin' and send them in to- alapunta@solosports.net and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even better...like a SoloSports "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card.....naw nuttin's better than the Punta San Carlos t-shirt.best so far -

"With the disappearance of the pink flamingos and the dancing crow arrests, SoloSports guests are forced to improvise" - Tom McCarthy


Hey we'd love to hear from you.  Drop us line at alapunta@soloports.net with feedback or an interesting story or photos

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