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SoloSports Adventure Holidays at Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico offering all inclusive packages to outdoor sportsters for over 18 years

SPRING SEASON OPENER GREETS VISITORS with strong west swell & wind -25 sailable days in March - heehaa!

After a rainy winter the Baja peninsula was magically transformed into Ireland with green hues and splatters

of bright colors on hillsides, fields and meadows.

"It looked like the Kalalau Valley, Kauai on the steep mesa valleys & arroyos.  "I haven't ever seen it this green in the 20 years I've been coming here..." commented a long time visitor. " has to be seen to be believed".

Lush vegetation was not all that greeted the early bird visitors to Punta San Carlos this year.  A solid west swell and wind conditions was a welcomed addition to the desert splendor.  In March alone there were 25 sailable days with waves.  April has followed suit including the arrival of a sneaker south swell.

Soul man Satellite Mike - before the spring migration


The bare truth about Nunca Nunca Ville ....or

How I learned to love the Beach Break in 7 easy go-outs

2nd Rig-n-Rip Wave Clinic added for July 23-30 2005

Levi Siver to make guest appearance

"The response has been nothing short of incredible..." remarked Owner Kevin Trejo...

"The only logical thing we could do is add another date". Dave and Graham Ezzy responded immediately with a YES!... and with a special surprise.  Pro Sailor Levi Siver will join the duo for a guest appearance. 

Master Sail Designer Dave Ezzy shares his expertise with SoloSports Guests

The EZZY Rig-n-rip Wave clinic has become the SoloSports Flagship event of the season.  It combines the skills of fine tuning your sail gear with wave riding techniques.  Master Sail Designer Dave Ezzy instructs the group on sail design theory and rigging techniques while Graham performing a hands on approach to mastering the art of wave riding . "After the event in 2004 we knew we had something that would appeal and benefit our guests" said Kevin Trejo. In addition, each clinic participant will receive a 2005 Ezzy SE Wave sail as part of the package. 

Space is limited & the camp is reserved for clinic guests only

for package information

click here.

                                 Graham Ezzy coaching the clinic crew    

for more information or reservations call 949-289-7779

SoloSports is proud to feature the Adam Koch Kite board Wave Camp July 9 - 16


Come learn the finer aspects of kite board wave riding at one of the best wave riding venues in the world - Punta San Carlos. Camp includes hands on instruction on & off the water and video/still critiques to help you master the waves. Kevin Trejo will assist in your instruction. Your week includes roundtrip transportation from San Diego, all meals, snacks and beverages, deluxe camping, hot showers use of Internet services, multimedia rec room, mountain bikes, surfboards and kayaks. Sorry this camp is not for beginners.

for more information or reservations call 949-289-7779

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a week in San Carlos could fill a library......."

Our guests come up with the best lines when describing their week long experiences at campo SoloSports. The one above sums it up nicely...don't you think?  I like to get up before our guests that first morning in Punta San Carlos to observe what I've experienced every time I come back home. The looks on their faces as they behold the first light hitting the island is like a child's first introduction to the Magic Kingdom castle.  Its priceless!  One cannot help but be moved by the majestic presence of the mesa or the stoic posture of the point. This is truly a special place, this San Carlos. 

I share the pride of this magical place with my staff.  It is very gratifying for all of us to share our other home with so many great people.  In the course of our adventure holiday week we help our guests discover and realize their dreams and much more, we help them find that inner child that dwells in all of us.

What a great job I have!  Making people happy!  I am truly a lucky man.

By Friday the  commitments are complete.  "I'm coming back as soon as I can" is the universal promise. And I know they will, .....sometime, when the calling can be silenced no more. 

When was the last time you heard it calling?

Kevin Trejo - totally stoked for over 20 years & counting


SoloSports DVD Classics It takes a special film to make this list - here a few that hold their own in our Campo Activity Room & the list keeps growing.

  • The Big Lebowski
  • Step into Liquid
  • Catch 22
  • Physical Graffiti
  • Endless Summer
  • Fear & loathing
  • Tombstone
  • Big Fish
  • Dogtown Z boys
  • Any RUNMAN
  • What the BLEEP
  • Second Thoughts
  • Sideways
  • Butch Cassidy......

A funny thing happened on the way to PSC least we think it did

After all my years at the mast from  those Modaddy & Bourget misadventures, I thought I'd seen 'bout everything.  That is until I met our first group of the year  -"the Ramón's".  Now the guy on the right is as innocent as the day is long so don't you dare hang a handle on him...not so for the rest - guilty as charged.  Now in retrospect I believe that about as much happened to this bunch that night in San Diego before the trip started as happened the rest of the week. But we may never know.  It all started when           when Now inrospect I believe that about as much happened to this bunch that night in San Diego before the trip started as happened the rest of the week. But we may never know.  It all started  when

sorry a pending movie deal prevents us from exposing sensitive plotline material..we will tell you it's a hoot & a sure fire box office smash.

As for the overall trip? The boys scored waves & wind - it was a great adventure it should be.

Pelican eye view of Punta San Carlos reveals much detail of the character of the land. Click the photo to view a page of select aerial photos.  For those old timers, remember what the point looked like in the mid eighties?  Note in this photo the amount of coastal erosion.



Solace Lounge débuts in Campo Solo

4 Italians missing next day, found hung-over and trapped in same Bano

The most recent addition is our SOLACE LOUNGE a quaint, open aired, out of the wind respite with comfortable furniture, a panoramic view of the point and beach break or in the evening - the night sky. It is always a work in progress so don't be surprised if the ambiance shifts with the wind and tide. 

There are three distinct inspirations for this newest member of the Campo - The first being Avila's Ranchito of Lake Forest CA and my ole haunt the OAR HOUSE & Buffalo Chips of Santa Monica. The lounge was christened after a tune by Scott Joplin entitled "Solace - a Mexican Serenade"-made famous again by appearing on the film soundtrack "the Sting" with Newman & Redford. After the sun goes down the room has been known to take on a Jekyll & Hyde persona with nicknames of Cobalt Lounge, Rash Rhino's, 420-B St. and Milfies being thrown around along with the bottle. But next day while psyches are recovering from a tequila tango dolor, the Solace slides on back in with the it should be.

Now we are resurrecting an old Oar & Chips tradition by offering a barter swap for an appropriate curio to adorn the walls, floor or ceiling of the lounge. We will be the judge & jury of the entries and of course all decisions are final.  In return for your offering we will serve you a shot of the sweet, a cold cerveza or other available libation.  If your prize is grand enough, excepting (Frankincense & Myrrh)  we may trade for a Solo PSC shot glass, T-shirt or other available swag.  Drop by for a drink sometime. It's strictly a BYOB after 3 or JAVA  in the AM. But be prepared for hijinks and mayhem - Baja style.

As for the headline of the 4 missing Italians...well now that's another long tale for next time.

Most frequently asked question this month

OK - besides "Where's Rodney?"

"..what is that round symbol on your hats and shirts?"

The symbol or sun logo for Solosports was created hundreds of years ago by a native American shaman. It was  discovered  on a summer solstice site high up on the mesa San Carlos. A sun symbol has always been the logo of SoloSports. With this most recent discovery, we felt it to be the most appropriate icon that truly represents Punta San Carlos & SoloSports. 


  1. Badlands get cable first -see photo
  2. Montana George abducted by Aliens
  3. Sat. Mike locked 4 Italians in the bano after losing at poker.

          Other than that, its been rather quiet  See what you've been missing!


Got a whopper coming up in your life you just can't embrace?  We can help!  Our "Really Beeg One" Adventure Holiday will help the medicine go down .

Grab that special bro list and leave the designated driver business to us.  We will help you design the best celebration for your major milestone.  So what's it gonna be then?.......

   this...                               or                            THIS!!


A kiss on the cheek from old Aunt Myrtle or the sweet kiss from a righteous lip smack down at the punta?  Heck if it means that much to ya. we'll get Rodney to dress up like ole Maude Fricker and fill in...only if you're into that sort of thing.  Its all part of our commitment to providing you the best service for your event.

Click on McDuff.............. this is gonna be FUN

I recently learned something from a guest that just floored me.  He said that there was a popular perception out in the water sports world that Punta San Carlos was an advanced sailing spot only for pro class sailors and above average AMs.

Pro Sailor Kauli Seadi- busting loose in the Chili Bowl

After much thought and further interviews, I began to see just how this misconception could be making a living out there.

Before I knee jerk into a paranoia that other sailing destinations are conspiring against us or greedy self proclaimed "local boys" are trying to manage a perceived crowd, lets tackle the facts.

A majority of the photos in the water sports publications feature pro sailors executing the latest radical moves down in the Chili Bowl, our most popular sail spot.  There is this phi-losphy that ripping pro photos sell mags.  And they probably do.  I think we have fallen into the same trap.  Clay Feeter, publisher of  the popular WINDTRACKS Mag slaughtered that sacred cow with his tribute to the common man.  Maybe one day he will pick that gauntlet back up along with the spirits of us water sport proletariats. But I digress...

Its no secret top pros like Jason Polokow, the Pritchard bros and others enjoy the finer attributes of the Chili Bowl.  We have the photos & testimonials to prove it....but here me out, there are a few more facts you should know.

Lady sailor -Dev Rooney pops off the top in the Beach Break

A majority of visitors to Punta San Carlos are average to inter-mediate sailors. Not everyone surf sails the Chili Bowl.  The beach break offers those just learning to surf sail, the perfect conditions to master the waves - gentle rolling waves that break further out from the beach.  The shallow, flat bottom creates wave conditions that can be can be very forgiving. Almost like Waikiki, if you get my drift.  Once these beach break waves are mastered, its time to move on down to the Point and the Chili Bowl.  The beach break is also the perfect venue to tune up after a long winter's hibernation.

Now I don't want to sell the Beach Break short.  Many sailors Pro and Am alike prefer a few sessions up there in the course of a stay...and there's nothing wrong with that. Its a fun zone to all. Also the Chili Bowl may not pick up a swell and the beach break fills the void quite nicely.

to prove my point - check out these average Joes & Satellite

 Mike (top)   good  sailors all but not pros -all  tearing up the

 beach break & having a good time doing it.


Now I must point out that we recommend you have a few basic skill sets down before you hit the water....say like.. water starts and making at least half of your jibes.  Ocean knowledge is also very helpful but you don't have to be a pro to have a good time.  There have been a lot of sailors that have honed their wave riding skills in the beach break.

The Beach Break - the other white meat

So I suppose we should apologize for what part we have played in perpetuating this vicious misconception.

"Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, mea culpa maxima".  It was purely unintentional and I hope you will reconsider if we scared you off.  Like we say "You just don't know until you go".


And I guess we should endeavor to show more common man ahh...and women (boy that was close) photos in our marketing. We shall.  So with that said, I hope some minds have been changed and plans will  soon be made.  You see, it can get awfully lonely down here in Nunca Nunca Ville.  P.Pan

P.S. if you see Tinkerbell tell her to bring back my .05m wave sail..the place be jumpin

Chinaco Tequilas

In 1983, Chinaco® was the first distillery to launch an ultra-premium tequila made of 100% agave, handcrafted, and packaged in unique, artisan bottles. Today, Chinaco® Tequila is still produced in limited quantities with the same standards and bottled in replicas of early hand-blown glass tequila decanters.

When a tequila of this quality became available outside of Mexico for the first time, it took US drinkers by storm and demand outpaced production with other distillers quickly following the lead of Chinaco®.

The appeal of Chinaco® Tequila is growing, winning over new admirers and earning a hard-fought place among tequila's elite, much like the warriors whose name the tequila bears. Their histories share a common bond; the heroic Chinaco warriors bravely defended Mexico during the War of Reform in the 1850s and the French Intervention in 1863, while Chinaco® Tequila battled against larger distillers to maintain its existence.  

The history of Chinaco® as a tequila began with a devastating hurricane. Guillermo González, the great-grandson of Manuel González, a Chinaco general and the 1880 president-elect of Mexico, was Mexico's secretary of agriculture in 1965 when a hurricane destroyed much of his native state of Tamaulipas. The blue agave plants survived the storm and Guillermo arranged to sell them to the tequila-making state of Jalisco, the only state in Mexico that could legally make tequila.

After 10 years waiting for the agave plants to mature, the Jalisco tequila producers reneged on the arrangement. Enraged, González fought to change Mexico's tequila production laws by successfully lobbying for an amendment that expanded the legalization of tequila production to include the states of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Michoacán, and Nayarit. Thus the path was cleared for the Tequilera La Gonzáleña distillery, home of Chinaco® Tequila in Tamaulipas.

Click on the link to learn more about  Chinaco® Tequila.


New Hiking/Biking Trail Maps now available

Did you know we have over 50 miles of groomed mountain  bike trails that are great for  all types of riders, joggers & hikers?

Punta San Carlos is a hiker & mountain biker paradise.  There is so much to see & do off the water - so pack your hiking, running and biking gear.  We have developed multi-use trails for the serious mountain biker, the weekend warrior and even those who just like a morning stroll.  For those who like to warm up with a light run or walk before breakfast, we have 1,2 & 5 mile runs beginning at the Campo Solosports.

You really should take a little time and explore the desert.  There are spectacular vistas with breathtaking views of the entire area.

Need a little more adventure?  Why not take a half day trip up to the cactus forest at the top of the mesa. Your historic trail was once used by miners transporting their raw ores on mule back down to the coastal smelters near the fish camp.

Another great hike or ride is our Lion's Den trail.  Plan at least 3 hours to complete and bring your camera. If you opt to ride it, expect to ride and hike.  It is quite a work out but worth the investment of time. Drop by our Campo SoloSports and speak to Kevin Trejo for the inside scoop. We have never seen a lion - it's just a name

For  important tips on hiking and other land recreations click these links  Hiking tips. Biking photos

Drop by our office for a free map of the area.



First the old business..........

Our winner this issue for last issue's photo is Mr. Rig 54 himself...SALUD!

Hay no! Esto no pica!


Hay! Estas deben de hacer

tan sabrosos con picante! - Rig 54


Well Chet, lets tell the folks what he's won. Swag Bill, the wearing kind...OK Rig- or Mr. 54  Contact me for your really beeg prize. 

NOW the NEW BUSINESS...................

This is really a good one folks.....I expect great things...Now get crackin'' and send them in to- and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even a SoloSports "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card. Here's one from a fan down the hall that just won't wait.

"Ready for your beach start lesson Jim? (snicker, snicker)...hold that pose...its perfect....OK here comes a good size roller, so hang on tight now

don't worry about your wetsuit...just keep your head down."  

Falcone T Daileys

Obscure facts for the perpetually perturbed

..and everyone else for that matter...this little ditty was on our answering machine from a stoked reader.  it cost me $42 to have it transcribed but its still worth it.......thanks Mom!

".....and the monkeys have no tales in Zamboanga"

In the days of wooden sailing warships with cannon that fired iron cannon balls, it was necessary to keep a supply of ordinance nearby.  The best way to store the balls was to stack them pyramid style with one ball on top.  30 cannon balls could be stacked this way saving a lot of precious deck space.  To keep the balls in place on the deck a special square plate called a monkey was placed on the bottom. the plate had 16 dents to keep the balls in place.  The plate needed to be of brass as iron would have rusted the balls solid.  When the temperature would drop, the brass dents would shrink and eventually the pyramid would collapse and the balls would roll off the monkey. Hence that timeless endearing expression "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey".......but you all already knew that, I know you did.

Admiral T 

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End of the line Cowboy

Well that just about wraps it up folks.  Hope to see you on the point . Please drop us a line. And as Solo Campo Cocinera Karina  is quick to point out "I'm Karina and I speak-i-da EEEnglish!"

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease & desist we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.


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