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SoloSports rolls back 2005 rates to  2003 prices for "early bird Bookers"


San Carlos

a rich historical & cultural primer,      teaser or mystery?

Have we lost our minds?

SoloSports  has  rolled   back  its  2005  Adventure  Holidays  rates to 2003 prices for  those  who  book  now  through December  31st,  2004  and  pay  in full. Owner  Kevin Trejo commented-".....old  traditions die hard here at Solo. We have  always  rewarded  our  guests with incredible savings in the fall &  early winter.  Our  2005  season  is  already shaping up to be our best year yet and we wanted our good clients to be able to secure space now."

We have had some great groups this year.  Taka Noguchi from Japan by far brought a great bunch of very talented windsurfers that really kept us running to keep up!  Taka & his wife, are  seasoned San Carlos regulars.

A few common sense hiking tips

The San Carlos area offers every hiker from rookie to advanced an incredible experience.  Breathtaking vistas, desert flora & animal life, geology, historical & cultural venues or just a spiritual walk in the wilderness - San Carlos never disappoints.

If you wish to take a brief walk or serious day hike to the top of the mesa, please  follow these suggestions. These  tips  will help to ensure that your walk is a  pleasant outing.

If at all possible hike with a buddy- its safer that way &  its nice to have someone to share the experience with. Determine that you share like abilities.  A mismatch can be  a bummer for all.  Get everyone's buy-in to the hike plan first.

If you must venture out solo, advise friends, neighbors... anyone, of where you are going and when you anticipate returning.  If for some reason you become lost or injured at least a search party will have an idea of where to start looking for you if you fail to return at your designated time. If you can't do that, put a note on your windshield with details of your hiking plan.

Once you have a planned itinerary and have advised others, don't deviate from it.  You are in a vast wilderness area and rescue resources are limited.  The first place anyone will look for you is where you said you would be.

Carry plenty of water.  Biking water bladders are great in addition to bottled water.  To conserve energy, place several bottles of water at the beginning of your hike path.  This will come in handy on your return. Bring at least a gallon per person.  Gatorade type products are a perfect supplement.

Prepare - Hydrate & carbo load prior to starting your hike. Eliminate waste prior to departure. Stretching  prior also will improve your body's performance. Bring sustenance such as Power bars, Trail Mix, fruit & other high energy foods to keep you going.   

Wear a sensible hat, clothes & shoes.  Hiking boots or athletic shoes work best.  Sandals do not offer good protection from cactus, rocks and critters.  Check your gear before hand for potential failures. Bring a supply of duct tape.

SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! SUNSCREEN! Bring it with you and use it liberally.  Sunstroke & sun-poisoning can severely limit your ability to return hike and can impair your judgment with disorientation and delusion.

Bring a headlamp with fresh batteries or at least a flashlight in the event you find yourself returning after dark.  It is best to monitor the daylight to ensure a safe return in daylight.  Hiking at night is not advisable.

2-way radios, if you have them, can keep you in touch with your base camp.  Remember to check & change batteries.

Have a foot first aid kit with moleskin, tape and band aids for blisters and other mishaps.

Be cautious for snakes and other critters.  Its is best not to provoke the wildlife.

When visiting historical/cultural areas do not touch or deface rock art or engage in excavations of any kind.  This area is under the protection of the Mexican Govt. as a national treasure and removal of artifacts is illegal.  It is important to leave these areas in tact for future sanctioned archeological projects.  Please respect these areas.

We encourage everyone to explore the beautiful pristine wilderness.  For more information as to what to see visit our Campo.

Good Hiking

Our own Rodney prepares for the tube of his life on the point.  Recently the late summer mega souths provided those fortunate enough to be there with some sic sessions. photo Steve (Windtracker) West

Strategic Partners EZZY Sails & Streamlined to Sponsor Solo Test Center in 2005

SoloSports has had a good strong relationship with both EZZY sails and Streamlined bases over the years.  We believe that our guests deserve the best equipment for our special set of conditions and both these strategic partners have always been there for us.  We recently met to discuss how to add more dynamic to our services.  As a result we all greed that Campo SoloSports should be a test center for these products.

Effective in 2005 we will offer all interested persons the opportunity to test out EZZY sails, rigged with Streamlined Masts, Booms & Bases. All equipment will also be for sale.

Dave Dominy-Streamlined has added several new products to his line.  A new boom and narrow diameter masts compliment his already Baja tested el duro mast bases. 

Don't miss this opportunity to see how great these products will improve your wavesailing performance.

Graham Ezzy playing in the shallow end on a 2005 EZZY SE wave sail

Pin-up Tequila of the month


Before we get into all the snooty tah-tah's, its only fair to tell you that this month's beauty is dedicated to Richie Myers, a PSC pioneer whose tall tales of a mysto point to the south launched a 1000  SUV's.  Richie has always been a fan of Centenario.  yeah Richie Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice

Handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico, Gran Centenario's select portfolio of 100% Blue Agave Tequilas are made using the original Selección Suave (smooth selection) process devised by its creator, Lazaro Gallardo, in 1857. This unique process blends newly rested Tequilas with the smoothest, aged Tequila reserves creating the highest quality and best tasting Tequila available. The result is a collection of three award-winning, ultra-premium Tequilas - Plata (silver), Reposado (rested) and Añejo (aged) - each one heralded for their fine quality and unique flavor.

Remember - drink responsibly & drink often - WC Fields


Planning your trip down Continued...............

Hurricanes rarely travel up as high as Punta San Carlos.  It doesn't mean that it doesn't effect the local weather.  It can, but usually for only a few days and nothing like being in it.  There are a number of public information systems on the TV and the web that can give you up-to-date info if you have concerns about traveling during hurricane\ season.  Unfortunately we are not trained meteorologists and prefer to decline speculation as to what the weather will be.  We also will decline political, love & medical advice.  We will be happy to critique your sailing or kiting style, usually with the help of a Tecate or two.  The sad point is - WE DON"T KNOW ANYMORE THAN YOU DO and are proud to admit it.

So .... that's the long and short of it.  We try to answer all inquires on the e-mail & the phone answering machine but sometimes we are just swamped and can't ....don't take it personally, especially after this little diatribe. Hope to see you down there in whatever weather mother nature bestows upon us!

KT & Clark - totally hooked on Surfline, NOAA and the weather channel

Little known facts dept. -  Worst thing to ever hit Campo SoloSports

Hamster Dance - remix........aaaagggghhhhhh!

Who says women can't have a great time- Debbie Dockray resting after a hike

It ain't just all about watersports anymore

Its taken awhile now for it to sink in but the word's finally out.  Sure San Carlos is still a premiere windsurfing, kiting & surfing destination but for those fortunate to see, its so much more. Mountain biking, hiking, dirt bike riding and a personal favorite -relaxing without all the trappings of "el Norte" is really catching on.

2004 saw the most diverse crowd of San Carlos guests than any other year.  At Campo Solo we offer enough activities for those non-aquatic sports enthusiasts to make it the perfect destination for everyone.  At Solo we offer educational, cultural and historical excursions of the local area.  Want to learn to cook authentic Baja Mexican cuisine?  Our cocinera Emerita will be happy to share her magic in the kitchen, from making homemade tortillas to chile rellenos.  For those more adventurous..our local commercial fishermen will be happy to take you out for a real "day in the life" outing in their barcas.

So before you make your 2005 bookings, consider taking that special someone to share in your long as its not your pet ferret, python or pooch.

Jack Mattera, long time SoloSports family member busts late afternoon air. We are fortunate to know Jack.  Each year he brings the greatest bunch from the NJ/ Philly area.  One of the best trips KT and I always look forward to hosting. Also one of the worst hangovers I've ever hosted.  SALUD  to all the Jumpin Jack Flashers!  See you soon!!

Modaddy .........AKA

has teamed up with ahh - an eclectic lot

to bring you west coast kiting antics at their  brinyman finest. CULTURE!  on

DVD.   Check it out -

I previewed it last week and haven't had the huevos to hit the beach since. Good PSC stuff!    A must see for all diehard RUNMAN fans ! Check it out even if you don't  kite - at  WWW.RUNMANFILMS.COM or  the SoloSports Campo cinema for guests.

At first glance the Punta San Carlos area doesn't appear to be much more than a beautiful barren desert.  A closer look transforms it into a rich historical & cultural area.

  In addition  to  the great prices SoloSports is also giving a Punta  San  Carlos  sweatshirt  to  all  early bird bookers.


Trip # 3-A  March 5th-12th.

Trip # 4-A  April 2nd-9th.

Trip # 4-C  April 30th-May 7th.

Trip # 5-B  May 28th-June 4th.

Trip # 6-B June 25th-July 2nd

Trip # 7-B July 23rd-30th.

Trip # 8-B Aug. 20th-27th.

Trip # 9-B Sept. 17th-24th.

Trip # 10-B Oct. 15th-22nd. 

 For information & reservations call 949-289-7779 or e-mail

One of the Jack Mattera group tough guys

Autumn in Punta San Carlos -

Ask Kevin Trejo what his favorite time of year to be in Punta San Carlos and his answer is the Fall. 

Kevin comments -

"There is something special about that time of year.  The sunsets, the rich, deep blue color of the water and the surfing/surfsailing/kitesurfing conditions are at their peak.  There is the fallacy that the wind just shuts off at that time of year and nothing could be farther from the truth.  For that classic wavesailing experience, fall offers the perfect set up for clean wave faces and a sampling mix of late souths & wests.  And for those soul dewds...the lack of crowd makes it just perfect.

Mountain biking on the 50 miles of groomed single track trails offers bikers a great workout and great views.  Hikers will find our bike trails the perfect way to explore this diverse coastal desert area

And don't forget your camera!


Mountain biking in the Fall offers dynamic views spectacular sunsets and a bit more seclusion.



Campo SoloSports to offer Internet/e-mail services to Punta San Carlos campers in 2005

SoloSports has been featuring Internet  e-mail services to its adventure holiday guests for about half of the 2004 season.  During  this  time  an  evaluation  has concluded  to  offer  these services to  other camping guests  in 2005  from a different location and with  limited hours.  There will be a service charge and time limitation.  These services will only become available at the beginning of the 2005 season.

A Special message

 from KT

(AKA Hefe Senor Trejo)

You'll will be most happy to know that Emerita's Soy Jalapeños have been removed from the WMD list but we think it's just a cheap last minute political  rouse. Hey don't forget to vote this year!

WOW! We are staring at the tail end of the 2004 season and what a season its been. I'd again like to thank all of you for your tremendous support. I'm moved.

I am very proud of my staff.  Emerita, Adrian, Rodney, Rudy and Clark have all demonstrated their dedication to giving our guests the best possible adventure holiday experience. I am grateful for their commitment to make SoloSports the best.  You guys are the best!!

2005 is shaping up to be a great year for us.  The staff & I have been strategizing on how to make SoloSports even better. The results were well worth all the effort.

I am excited to report that we have improved our 2005 Adventure Holidays with value added extras, an enhanced menu, more planned activities and a camp that is more suited for those special people you've wanted to bring along to share all that is San Carlos.   

I'm  hoping to see all of my valued friends next year and a host of new ones.

Until then....SALUD and have a safe holiday season and prosperous 2005.


Geez enough of the palm tree already. Rumor has it that there will be at least 3 permanent palms residing somewhere on the point in 2005 .....why not.?  Well OK but this is the last of the palm shots. Check out the point....its way over mast plus in late Sept. 2004. Gawd I love late summer & early fall!

photo - Carlos Toste

Planning your Trip to PSC

Punta San Carlos, Baja is a popular destination for quite a diverse group of visitors.  We are proud of the fact it rarely disappoints its guests.  It is uncanny the amount of e-mail and phone calls we get regarding "inside information" as to the weather and swell conditions.  For the most part the  simple fact is,  there really isn't any magic involved as we rely on the same public information systems as you do.  

This is probably the closest we get to "the inside scoop" -

The local San Carlos area has its own micro climate system most likely due to the fact in is located on the edge of two diverse climate zones.  That causes it to get very windy when the adjacent areas are blowing a mild 8-10 mph.  Unfortunately a very popular Internet wind report website broadcasts Punta San Carlos wind predictions based on the outside areas and is wrong a great deal of the time.  We have offered to have them put a sensor near the island but they have been cool to the suggestion.  Lets move on. Someday it will happen.


SoloSports Staffer Adrian drifting away on a fun afternoon beach breaker.  Where's my shower?

Punta San Carlos is windy 12 months a year.  Your expectations will drive your stoke.  For example.  A lot of Gorge folks really like the white out of March - May.  If the surf isn't trashed by spindrift, then why bother.  The hardcore wave sailors avoid these NUKE days because it isn't the perfect wavesailing  conditions - so again...why bother.  It doesn't mean that there aren't white out days in July or August....I've suffered through them....days at a time.  That is the beauty of Punta San Carlos ...... kinda like a box of chocolates thing ....So what is the prefect wavesailing day?  Ask the hardcores and they will say "just enough wind to sail out and its perfect power to drive down the line, in total control, smacking the lip as you go on a well shaped wave face."  Being a surfer/windsurfer  - that's my perfect go-out.  Punta San Carlos dishes up all that and everything in between - all in one day!  And can do it all 12 months of the year.

Punta San Carlos is great on a south & northwest/west swell.  Late October and April enjoy the best of both worlds as they are transitional swell months.  KT and I love the fall. Late souths, early wests, incredible sunsets and the perfect combo of surf in the morning, sail/kite in the afternoon. tecate/tequila all night.  Of course all subject to the moods  and whims of mother nature.  Speaking of the ole broad.           (Fems take no offense or scalps)  


Continued next column.............


Did you know that the average height of the Mesa is 2000ft?

This issue of a la Punta is dedicated to the spirit & stoke of Clay Feeter & all his noble mags from Cal Boardsailor to Windtracks  Mr. Feeter - SALUD - long may you run


Chuck Patterson tearing up the Chili Bowl on PSC newest sport Kite surfing

The general area was at one time host to approximately 5,000 native Americans who existed on the abundant sources of seafood from the coast.   High atop Mesa San Carlos there is a solstice site with many unusual petroglyths. This area was home to the tribe's Shaman.

The inhabitants of the area were almost totally eliminated by disease within 50 years of coming in contact with the  Europeans. 

In 1769 Junipero Serra founded the Mission San Fernando Velicata in a small oasis 30 miles inland from  San Carlos. The mission closed in 1825. Junipero went on to develop most of  the missions in  California.

The San Carlos, a Spanish packet ship is speculated to have dis-covered the area. The San Carlos would later discover the San Francisco bay in 1775.

After the California Gold Rush many miners migrated to Baja excited by the rumors of gold & silver.  Near the mission are abandoned copper mines.  In the late 19th century these mines were in full production.  The raw ore was loaded on burros that traversed an several irregular routes to the coast .  There are remnants of these trails on the mesa near the Fish Camp.  There are also the remains of an ore smelting furnace in the fish camp complete with slag refuse heap.

There are also legends of pirates that took advantage of the rugged coastline to bury their treasure. 

 And where there are pirates you will usually find tall tales and ghost stories. Yes there are local stories of ghosts, including an old man in a black funeral suit who has been seen  walking the road and the cliffs of the point and island at night.

In future issues we will include a more comprehensive look at the local history of Punta San Carlos.

Solosports Campo- turns up the lubbydubby for honeymoon guests

It brings new meaning to the term adventure holiday now doesn't it?  Tour group leaders Taki & Tomo Hoguchi informed us that 2 of their group were spending their honeymoon with us.  We assumed they were  the first until Taka informed  us that he and his wife held that honor about a year or so prior.  We were so impressed that we had Emerita bake the newest duo a special cake and later that evening KT & I serenaded the couple with a rather raspy, tequila laced harmonized rendition of  "I love you truly". We found out later the couple was neither titillated, aroused or amused ........what's that ole adage about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? ..Hmmm, I thought we sounded pretty good at the time.  From all of us at Solo a hearty best wishes to the recently betrothed. SALUUUD!

Bassman  snatches photo caption title  while driving on D.C. Beltway scores jail-free card

"With the disappearance of the pink flamingos and the dancing crow arrests, SoloSports guests are forced to improvise" - Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy, a Wash. D.C. bassman and San Carlos Mesa-neer came up with this ditty while trapped in a Beltway traffic jam.  Tom opted for the SoloSports "get out of jail free" card over the T-shirt because he'd just bought 3 tees & a hat.  When in Mexico, best keep the act clean, Tom. .......Enough platitudes lets move on to our new  contest................


send'um in...

Already said that...get crackin'' and send them in to- and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even a SoloSports "get out of Mexican jail FREE" Here's a couple from some real stoked ALP readers

Hay no! Esto no pica!


Hay! Estas deben de hacer

tan sabrosos con picante! - Rig 54

Ring cake?? I thought you said ring snake......... watch where you put those Spanish apostrophe's when you leave a note for our chef---- TMC

Celebrity Sighting

Ex-Windtracks Staffer Steve West was seen savoring the charms of the punta recently. The surfing Rodney photo is to his credit.  Great to have you back Steve- don't be a stranger         (no that's not Steve below)

Wise words to live by

"if you didn't know how old you old would you be? " Satchel Page

Don't blame me!!!!

I voted for

Robby Naish



Punta San Carlos


more info


click to enlarge

a stab from the past

How many of these icons can you remember from the past history of San Carlos?

Some go back almost 15 years, some should really stay buried in memory.

So just how about all that sand this year?

The sandman was very kind this year. I can't remember the beach break being so mellow on the feet.  lets see how long it lasts with those wests ramping up.

A very special thanks to Anna and her herbs & Goldenseal. It really helped  me to make the long trip home  to the OC

 YO  - Lets hear from YOU!Hey, got a hot tip, ditty or interesting story?  How about a photo?  Digital only and size it 5x7 72 dpi - come on share it!!  We may even throw in a gift for your trouble.

Well that wraps up another ish ..hope you enjoyed it. Drop us a line Good, Bad, Ugly or STOP IT!


Gotta go NOW!, see-ya


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