With two successful instructional events under his belt, Matt Pritchard has agreed to more wave clinic dates in 2008.  "It was so much fun to be back in Punta San Carlos with so many wonderful people, I couldn't refuse.  Of course there were awesome conditions help me to tune up for my competitive schedule in the fall" Matt was quick to point out.  Kevin Trejo added "Matt has raised the bar for  quality events we offer our guests. We were impressed by his commitment to make the 2008 events even better than what we experienced this year, those will be events not to miss.

Assisted by Kevin McGillivray the two instructors provided the attendees with first rate tips in all aspects of wave sailing.  On-the-water tutoring and  helmet cams were very helpful to the group obtaining their goals.  We're still firming up schedules but we believe Matt may be our season opener. Don't let this great opportunity pass by.  Last year the events filled up quickly.  For the latest info, call our offices at 949.289.7779

We believe that our campo at Punta San Carlos in the best venue for getting the gang together. How do we know? Because we've witnessed the great times year after year and actually got caught up in the fun.   Why not get your group together for the ultimate adventure holiday?  We can help. 

Just get at least 10 of your friends together and your holiday is free.  For every additional 10 people you book on that same trip, you get another free holiday.  Now we've put together a program to help you succeed.  We will make a special web page on site that is exclusive to your group.  We will work together to include special photos and copy.  How easy is that?

We can even send mass e-mailings to your group lists.  Want more information?  call 949.289.7779 or e-mail us at baja@solosports.net

We've all seen or heard the plethora of top ten lists of everything from places to visit to dining  that you have to see or do before you die.

Windsurfing Magazine had even compiled a list of places you have to sail before...well you know.  San Carlos made that list in the top ten.

I was recently reviewing comments made by some of our guests.  There was a common thread around  Punta San Carlos being on a list of activities that needed to be fulfilled before they quit or were otherwise forced to stop sailing. 

I have always thought Punta San Carlos to be a special place and experience but that is because I fell under its spell during my first time there.  What was it about the place that made it almost an El Dorado to many sailors?  What made and still makes Punta San Carlos such an enigma?

In the early years, the pioneer sailors swore oaths of silence to keep it from being ravaged by the masses. There were threats and actions taken on  those that had other agendas. Soon after, there were stories almost epics of their adventures, told only in secrecy and reverence to those that could be trusted.  I believe it is that lore that has created such a mystique.  Sure photos of incredible wave riding no doubt fueled the desire  to make the journey but it was those precious stories of experiences told with such enthusiasm and passion that fueled the desires to see for yourself.

In all those stories, myths, legends & lore there was also something lacking.  It was and still is that inability to adequately describe the experience that creates the mystique and the yearning to experience it first hand.  I know this all to well even after my 22 year love affair.

It was during an attempt to describe it to someone who wanted to go that I had an a-ha moment.  I stopped talking, paused, smiled and calmly spoke "you just don't know until you go.".  Words so truly spoken.

So for all of you out there who still have not checked off that box next to  San Carlos, I urge you to make the pilgrimage this coming year to see for yourself what has mesmerized the rest of us for years. To experience firsthand why you just don't know until you go.

Happy Holidays

Real de Penjamo

Reposado Tequila

Recently KT & I had dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant - Avila's El Ranchito - inspiration for our own Solace Lounge and Chili-Bomb Cantina.  We were joined by friends Peter Jones and Ezzy Manager Tim Orlieb. 

Over the years of dining there, we have developed a friendship with owner/ surfer Salvador Avila.  After an incredible meal, Sal joined us at our table with two bottles of tequila.   He asked if we would share our experience with him after savoring both brands.  He started out telling us about how these tequilas were produced very near the place of his family, Guanajuato Mexico.  He knew the grower, a personal friend of the family.  This set the stage for  what was to come.  Both Kevin and I are always trying different tequilas but it is rare that we have such an intimate relationship with a brand. 

Sal poured each of us a jigger.  As soon as the tequila touched my taste buds, a most pleasurable sensation occurred, changing as the liquid cleared my throat.  It was smooth and almost creamy.  This is a very unique and pleasant tasting tequila.  All of our group had similar experiences. 

This is the consensus at a recent tequila tasting in Chicago - Real de Penjamo Reposado Tequila has a  pale golden straw color. Rich aromas of baked pineapple and papaya, sweet cream, floral honey, and brown spices. A round entry leads to an off-dry medium-to full- bodied palate with round creamy vanilla, tropical custard, grilled pepper, and sweet spices. Finishes with a soft, sweet creamy fade of coconut cream, minerals, and spice.

This tequila is very reasonably priced at between $30-40.  We recommend it to all our friends and SoloSports family members.

Los Guadalaholics

Rich Myers & son Ry were special guests at the SoloSports Campo this past October.  It has been about 20 years since Rich had been to the Point.  Credited with popularizing PSC as a wavesailing destination in 1984, Rich was pleasantly surprised to find things better than he'd left it.  Now living in Western Oz, Rich doesn't sail as much as he used to because in his words " I don't favor port tack".  He showed everyone in camp that he still has a few moves left  both behind the bar and on the water.  Ry has many of the famous Myers-isms but has managed to acquire the skill of finishing a sentence. Ry -you're one lucky kid!  Look for the Rich Myer's story to appear mid year in a windsurfing publication.               The Berkeley Boiz were in town in November on their way to the tip and managed to dazzle those at the point with some snazzy freestyle and wavesailing moves .  The boiz brought with them a comfy couch complete with built-in Lazy Boys. Nice touch!  Rob Warwick, Wyatt Miller, Tyson & Whit Poor get a SALUD from all of us at SoloSports for keeping our sport alive.  We will feature their time in the sun in our 2007 Photobook           Morgan Runyon AKA Modaddy and producer of those zany RUNMAN videos made an appearance in camp this summer.  Family life has curtailed his Peter Pan lifestyle but according to Mo "it's all good".  Looks like a baby is due sometime before the end of the year.  Good Luck Mo & family,  Also congratulations to newly weds Chuck Patterson and his lovely bride Susan. The best to both of you.  This summer Chuck provided several superb performances on SUP & a kiteboard.  Ezzy & Quatro rep Jake Miller and crew were in the house this fall and were treated to several nice south swells. Look for Jake to have a wavesailing event at SoloSports Campo in 2008.  And finally from the most unusual sight seen in San Carlos department comes this from SoloSports Canadian Guests - Filip Hladky & his lingering house guest  friend Jan.  While struggling to get a rent-a-car in San Diego and jonesing to get down to camp they accepted the car rentals offer to take a PT cruiser.  This idea soon proved to be a grand boner but the deal was done.  It is a miracle that they & their stylish mobile survived the trip.  There were rumors that the lads were considering a used Filipino jitney on their next trip down....Good luck guys! 


After receiving numerous request for photo services, Clark Merritt will be available for $50 per person, per hour when in Punta San Carlos. You may e-mail clarkmerritt@solosports.net for more information.

Here are a few highlights from our soon to be released on-line Photobook 2007


"Are we nuts?" asked our accountant. "That's a $300 savings off the package price!".  "Well, a little I guess but that comes from sharing all those Baja Fogs with the guests", commented Kevin Trejo.  It's true though, if you want to save some serious dough, you should check our schedule and make a reservation.  If you can't make a firm date commitment, that's OK, we accept bookings without a date.

Here are some things you should consider -

  • Look at our 2008 Holiday Schedule

  • We now offer kiteboard demo gear as well as windsurfing, surfing & SUP equipment.

  • If you are flying into So Cal you would also save on the excess baggage charges which means you also save on the wear & tear from those baggage handlers, lost or delayed gear.

  • Use your savings to help pay for the  FLY-IN option and get 2 more opportunities to sail!

  • Use our holiday gift certificate for that special someone. We can even help to drop hints!

  • Check out our DEMO GEAR page , our FLY-in page & SPECIAL EVENT page

The latest craze to sweep the beaches, lakes, rivers and any other body of water is stand-up paddle-boarding or SUP.  Take an extra long, wide and thick surfboard add a special paddle and you've now got  yet another way to wile away those idle hours waiting for wind or surf.  There are two distinct types of SUP's the high performance surfboard and a multi purpose model that includes mast tracks, dagger boards and other accessories.

The learning curve is much less than windsurfing and you should take a lesson or at least see a training video to preserve your sanity.  SoloSports Campo offers boards to rent.

This year we have seen many creative uses for these watercraft.  Over the Labor Day weekend several surfer/SUP enthusiasts were seen ripping the head high to double over head sets while 2 others paddled 2 miles offshore to fish - (see photo).  In wind that used to only be for kiters, can now be enjoyable wavesailing  with a SUP with a mast track. Dave Dominy of Streamlined can be seen with both a paddle or a sail while at the point.  I guess there is something else to throw on the roof as you head down. 

SoloSports has teamed up with Jeremy Fry of North San Diego, a maker of WaveRod SUPs.  We plan to offer several mini-clinics for those interested in learning this new sport.   Call for more info

Speaking of Standup.....Clay Feeter of Windtracks fame has creates a standup paddleboarding mag that also includes windsurfing STANDUP surf & sail Journal. coming in March 2008

I've been waiting 2 years to do this story. SoloSports family member Tim McCoy told me about his sister in Kentucky who has been trying to mate her buffalo with a bull to produce a hybrid known as a beefalo. This had everyone at the bar scoffing and laying down hard cash as to the story's authenticity.  Well there's no more bull about it.  The buffalo just gave birth to the first of what Tim's sister hopes will be many.  OK Tim -I guess  I owe you a few Fogs for this one. The best to mom & calfalo  Photo Tim McCoy  thanks for clearing that up Tim! -ED

San Carlos - home of spectacular sunsets in the fall & winter

SoloSports is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Liquid Force Kiteboarding.  Liquid Force kite boards, kites & accessories will now be available as part of our Demo Gear options.

"This will now open up travel options for our kiteboarding guests" said Kevin Trejo.  "Corky Cullen of Liquid Force is committed to helping us provide a very positive experience for our guests."  For more information about Liquid Force click on the link below. http://www.liquidforce.com/

Windsport magazine conducted sail tests with a team of windsurfers & SoloSports guests this past October. Also included were Brian Caserio and JP Bowles.  Look for the results in an upcoming edition of the mag.




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