The 2008 SoloSports Adventure Holiday season is almost upon us.  Have you made your travel plans  yet?  Before you do, consider what we have planned for our guests this year.  In addition to featuring our all inclusive Fly-in Adventure Holidays and Land (van) Adventure Holidays, we've added a number of programs based on our guest's comments.  We've always held the guest's Punta San Carlos experience to be sacred.  Our first priority is to add to and enhance that experience in everything we do.  So lets get started  showing you what we've been up to.


Our carpeted tarmac and spacious Springbar tents make for a truly deluxe camping experience.  Residing right off the beach provides breathtaking views of the surroundings and the sounds of the surf lulls guests into a restful sleep.  Mouse over the photo above to see our Chili-Bomb Cantina & Solace Lounge.


What does "All-Inclusive Holiday" really mean?

The  definition of all-inclusive is - includes everything.  At SoloSports Adventure Holidays that means that once you arrive at camp, the only reason to pull out your wallet is to buy a few souvenirs for the folks back home and to show your appreciation to the staff at the end of your stay.  Everything else is covered.  All your meals, snacks and drinks, all the time.

But something separates our plan from most other popular holidays.  Our Chili-Bomb Cantina. We maintain a full stocked hosted bar with quality brands of beer, wine & spirits.  One guest described our holiday plan as "..... better than a cruise ship because there were no hidden charges & no bar bill."  OK, our land cruise specialists are standing by.

About our Adventure Holidays

We need to clear up a few misconceptions about our travel programs.  WE DO NOT SELL VACATIONS!   Never have, never will.  We offer our guests an adventure with creature comforts. A vacation is something you'll need after one of our "Solo" adventure packages.  Our guests even amaze us with their zest for packing as much activity into a day, then tripping the light fantastic at the bar until Baja midnight .  After a restful sleep, they're recharged and ready to do it all over again the next day.  Now don't get us wrong, we'll be happy to serve you a boat drink while you're sunning in a lounge chair with your IPOD and New York Times best seller - after all, that's also part of the fun.  Just remember, there is more fun to be had in Punta San Carlos than there is time......go ahead and try to use it up...we dare ya,  we double dawg dare ya!!

Demo Gear Option - Baja tested & approved

Another feature of our Adventure Holiday is  Demo Gear.  We have researched and tested all of the equipment brands we offer our guests.   We proudly stock gear that works in our conditions which translates to enhanced guest satisfaction.  Our gear room has been touted as the largest windsurfing store on the west coast.   EZZY Sails,  RRD, QUATRO & Tabou boards STREAMLINED booms & bases, LIQUID FORCE kites with RAWSON kite surfboards and DaKine accessories are the leaders in the line-up.  With our large selection, our guests can choose from many makes & models ensuring a great go out. Our Gear staff are  very knowledgeable and work with our guests  in their gear selection.  In addition our coaching staff will be there to provide tips and instruction.  

Think about this.  Selecting our Demo Gear option allows you to  try great products for the entire time you're in camp.  Try it all.  If you find something you really like we will make you a great deal on it.  More info on your right -why to select our Demo Option

Check out our 2008 Holiday Schedule to make your travel plans.  If you need assistance, our travel planners are standing by to assist you.  949.289.7779

A few words about the Fly-in Adventure Holiday

There is no better way to maximize your personal time than the Fly-in Adventure Holiday.  When you combine it with Demo Gear option,  it is the ultimate hassle free way to travel.  Here are a few compelling reasons to fly

  • It takes less than 3 hours to arrive fresh at Punta San Carlos camp from San Diego.
  • You're able to jump right into your favorite activity on your first day.  Your departure day affords you the ability to do the same.
  • That's in essence - 2 extra days of quality time
  • No having to deal with long waits at the border and all the other land travel hassles.
  • There is nothing like aerial site-seeing the Baja coast

Dining,  that other SoloSports Adventure diversion.

Don't even think about dieting...remember we're a cruise ship on land.  Our good friends down at the local fishing village keep us well stocked with fresh fish, crab claws and in- season,  lobster.  As a special treat we have the seafood prepared by the very person who caught it,  with their own favorite local recipes.  Baja is famous for fresh fish tacos -a guest favorite at camp.  Our local cocinceras (cooks) love to show off their culinary culture with fresh made by hand tortillas, salsas, moles and frijoles.  Fresh mesquite smoked turkeys , fish paellas, tamales and  asadas will satisfy even the most ferocious of appetites.  Leave the diet at home for later.



A little more about why to select our Demo Gear Option

Here are a few things to consider when planning your holiday.


  • We have noticed from experience that most gear brought by guests doesn't perform as well as our Baja tested Demo gear.
  • How much hassle is involved packing your gear for air travel and transporting it to and from the airports?
  • How much extra is it going to cost in excess baggage charges and other possible transport charges?
  • Then there is the gamble of gear damage & loss plus the hassle factor of recovering and repairing it.
  • Now, add it all up.  Does it equal or exceed the $300 Demo Gear fee?  Probably not.  Now think about it combined with our Fly-in package and it's a no-brainer.  Leave your gear at home.


The Ticket to Ride, Gift Cards & the "Really Beeg One"

Can't make up your mind when to come or need to stash your mad money for later?...we bring you the Ticket to Ride.  It gets you on the books with an open reservation. 

You can combine it with our Gift Card for a special gift.  Speaking of special gifts.  Why not celebrate any of life's  special moment with the our Really Beeg One special party.  It's your party your way.



Take advantage of what the SoCal boys have been doing for years  - the strategic surgical strike for wind & waves.  Sign up for our e-WaveAlert program and receive an e-mail notification of an anticipated swell for Punta San Carlos.  If you decide to hit it,  we will fly you into our camp at the beginning of the swell, let you hit it & get you back to that other reality we all call life.  It's the perfect way to always score great wave sailing conditions.  This program is on a first come, first served basis.  It includes all of the features of our all-inclusive Fly-in Holiday package plus demo gear.  The cost of your WaveAlert Holiday is on a per day basis.   The e-Wave Alert service is  free!     Call for prices 949.289.7779

This program is an all inclusive holiday.  There are no fly-in only options.       To sign-up,  click here   eWave-alert


SoloSports is proud to present our signature series of special events for 2008 featuring Matt Pritchard, Keith Teboul & Jesse Brown.  In addition SoloSports will be offering personal coaching to all guests in *windsurfing, *kite surfing, surfing and mountain biking.    A Digital Photography clinic  is also being offered , digital camera required.                                                 *windsurfing & kite surfing are for intermediate  levels only

April 12-19  &  April 19-26

Matt Pritchard will be hosting our first  series of wavecamps this  year  with the possibility of another in the fall.  Last  year Matt's Wavecamps were  our most  popular event.   He will be backed up by Kevin McGillivray on the April 12-19 wavecamp.  The course material is  perfect for those first time wave sailors and advanced as well.  click photo for more info

April 26- May 3

Come join Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Jake Miller, Lalo Goya,  Pio Marasco & Jason Diffen for a Super Demo/ Instruction week featuring Quatro boards, Goya Sails & Maui Fin Co. fins.   Get dialed in on the latest gear and the latest moves.    Team Quatro promises this event to be fun and informative both on and off the water.  call for info


Jesse Brown and his special guests plan to take the EZZY-Rig-n-Rip instructional to the next level with their EZZY Rig-n-Rid'um all around windsurfng camp.  Includes a FREE  EZZY SE WAVE sail.  This  wavecamp will cover all aspects of windsurfing & wavesailing at your pace.  Call for more info.


Our staff has logged thousands of hours on the water.  As part of your Holiday package you can sign up for coaching for most of the sport activities at Punta San Carlos.  *Windsurfing, *kite surfing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding,  mountain biking and even digital photography are among the activities we can work with you during your stay.   *(windsurfing & kite surfing require an intermediate level of ability)



Need a little pick me up to beat the cold?    click here

Ready to sign up? We really want to see you down in Punta San Carlos this year.  If you have any questions or need help in planning your Adventure Holiday give us a call at 949.289.7779 or e-mail us at  or visit us on the web at .   Until then - hasta la vista