2009 has flown by at breakneck speed.  Here we are standing at the front door of 2010 wondering where the year went.  Why not sit back for a few minutes as I fire up the way-back machine and recapture some of the year's highlights and classic moments of our SoloSports Adventure Holidays season.

APRIL  It's only a few weeks before our season opens with a double hitter of Matt Pritchard Wavecamps.  Then it happens.  Matt breaks both legs dirt bike riding with his brother Kevin P.  Kevin McGillivray comes to the rescue along with a select pack of young guns to save the day.  Tyson Poor, Casey Hauser & friends dazzle the attendees and the wavecamps are a success.  KMac amazes everyone as he masters The Goiter.

MAY/JUNE  Pro MTB rider Chris Van Dine carves up a few special attractions off the bike trails and in the Badlands.  The bar is raised & an official "world-class" MTB moniker is served up.  Late afternoon - a  modified vintage B-25 Mitchell bomber lands on the airstrip & out pops Robby Naish & entourage. WAIT!  That hasn't happened yet.  We've still got the kitchen light on for Robby who has never savored the point in all these years. Come on Robby!

JULY/AUGUST  Jace Panebianco, Levi Siver, Kai Lenny, Keith Teboul and Graham Ezzy film a PSC segment for their upcoming video release "The Windsurfing Movie ll".  Those guests in camp witness incredible performances from this crew both in the water and at the cantina.  Watch out, Kai Lenny has a goal of being a world champion. PSC Pioneers Jeff King & Dave Dominy (Streamlined) score a solid nonstop double "O" swell during their stay.  English windsurfing coach Jem Hall and his pupils also score great waves & wind during the Jem Hall Boot camp.  They're hooked.

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SEPTEMBER  PSC first-timer English windsurfing coach Guy Cribb and his students are wowed at the charms of PSC  wind & wave conditions.  We're impressed at  the talent of these Brits & Guy's ability to eat pickled scorpions.  Japanese windsurfing coach Makoto  and his crew enjoyed good fall conditions and sharing the camp with Tomoko & her Japanese "girls gone agro" crew. They raised the bar at camp and in the Chili Bowl.  These surfer/windsurfer girls are real go-getters, partiers and athletes.

OCTOBER   As the girls depart there is a cross-over with the entering members of the Fall Matt Pritchard Wavecamp.  A healed-up Matt and KMac are taken aback at the antics of this bunch.  The month ends up with Wyatt Miller, Tyson Poor and Bernd Roediger and his dad Norm hosting Wyatt's first of what we hope are many, windsurfing training camps.  Thirteen year old Bernd blows minds with his prowess on the waves on a number of watercraft.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER   Pro MTBers Josh Bender, Randy Spangler &  Claire Buschar discover the charms of PSC.  Ian Hylands documents their adventure for a future magazine expose of PSC mountain biking.  It is amazing to see what is possible when the pros hit the trails.

We ended our 2009 season hosting Anthill Films with their MTB talent of Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter & Goeff Gulevich. They produced a video  segment for their upcoming release "Follow Me".  Their mind-blowing moves even had the well seasoned production crew  in awe.  Sorry,  can't show you the action until the feature is released....we promised.  We are hoping to host a movie premiere in our local area of Laguna Beach in late spring - stay tuned.  The movie will be great along with our Holiday raffles.

They're Baaacckk!
2010 is going to be our best year yet.  We've already inked in commitments from some of the best windsurfing coaches & instructors in the sport. (see our schedule below).   Mountain biking is quickly becoming a major attraction at Punta San Carlos.  Avid MTB enthusiast Kevin Trejo had a dream a few years back to develop PSC as a world class location. He's been following through by developing more trails and purchasing a hearty fleet of high end Santa Cruz mountain bikes  for our guests to use.  Several of the pros that have visited us this year will be back to create their own concept of fun trails.  The word is out. The pros now know that Punta San Carlos is a world class MTB destination.

Meanwhile back at camp things are constantly improving.  This past year the Chili-Bomb Cantina expanded providing more drinks and services to Solo's thirsty guests.  So what does all this mean to you?  It's our way of inviting you back to enjoy the best Punta San Carlos experience - the SoloSports Adventure Holidays way.  From our quality equipment, great food, stellar service and well....how could we leave out the indigenous BAJA FOG, we think we've got the best thing going and at a great price.  We've already told muy bonita cocinera Emerita to set another place at the table for you. 

"Ticket to Ride" and our "Gift Cards" are the perfect way to ensure your time in the sun if you don't know when you'd like to travel.  Call today 949.289.7779 or e-mail us at baja@solosports.net

2010 SoloSports Adventure Holidays Schedule
March 6th-13th or 20th-27th for groups of 10 or more people! 

April 3rd-10th


April 17th-24th

  Matt Pritchard Wavecamp

May 1st-8th

  Wyatt Miller Windsurfing  Clinic

May 15th-22nd


May 29th-June 5th

  June 12th-19th    
  June 26th-July 3rd    
  July 10th-17th    
  July 24th-31st    
  Aug 7th-14th    
  Aug 14th-21st   Jem Hall WS coach warming up *

Aug 21st-28th

  Jem Hall  - Windsurfing clinic*
  Aug 28th-Sept. 4th   Guy Cribb INtuition Clinic

Sept 4th-11th


Sept 18th-25th

  Oct 2nd-9th


Matt Pritchard Wavecamp

Oct 16th-23rd

  Wyatt Miller Windsurfing  Clinic

Oct 30th-Nov 6th

  SEMANA de los MUERTOS ...yikes!

all dates available for booking without signing up for special events.

Custom dates available -  call for more info