In fact there are a few of his friends still bickerin' about who exactly came up with the catchy title. I believe there was drinking involved and one YG was injured when a stubborn Ballena bottle cap discharged into his eye in the process of opening it.   Duly christened "Popeye", he was reluctantly bequeathed the authorship  by  a rather spiritually elevated committee of his peers.    More on them later.

What a season opener!  During the first Solo trip, a back to back  Pritchard Series of Wavecamps featuring Kevin McGillivray & his posse of young guns, Solo guests experienced everything from  balmy trunk-able SUP sessions to classic Spring chili- cold wind-n-waves, served up with a blistering cheddar colored sun.  Nobody's complaining though, because everyone charged hard & scored big. 

Not deterred by published reports of border violence or a tad later, swine flu outbreaks, our Solo guests were stoked to be in the best damn wave sailing spot on the planet with conditions right out of a windsurfing fairytale.  In a year that promises more left turns from the right lane, we, the SoloSports team will stand-up & hunker down with a untiring commitment to bring all those hearty souls that crave a slice or two of good clean Punta fun, the best service, lathered up with a treasure chest of lasting memories.  And you can take that to the bank!  Click here for highlights.  Want more?  then click here

 SoloSports  welcomes UK 

 based  OCEANSOURCE  as  a  Strategic  Travel  Partner

Windsurfing is alive and well in the UK & Europe.  Over the past few years we have noticed an influx of UK guests in the Solo camp.  In an effort to enhance our worldwide reach, we have created a strategic partner alliance with OCEANSOURCE, an action watersport travel company.  OS not only offers our holiday packages but other windsurfing destinations as well.  Currently they are providing marketing support for Jem Halls PSC wave boot camps.  Welcome aboard and SALUD!  Check out their website for more info.  OCEANSOURCE

NEWS SNORTS  straight from the

bar rail of the CHILI-BOMB CANTINA

Chili-Bomb Cantina  doubles bar counter space to meet guest requests for more coveted places at the trough. Early AM go-outs drop 27.4%

Solo Guests made it clear when asked what we could do to improve the bar. MORE BAR SPACE!  What could we do? Kevin Trejo went them one further by not only doubling the space but adding a part time barkeep as well.  Neil Foley, past Solo guest, volunteered to man the bar on an ad hoc basis.  As many of the 2009 Solo guests will attest, Neil pours a mean Marg.  "Its just another example of our on-going commitment for improvement", Kevin commented with a warm glowing smile.....hmmmmm    -ed

Hard to keep a good Fog Down

Also in the bar news, Baja Fogs top guest list of most popular libations served at the Bar.  We'll see if Neil's Margs will give the Fog a run for it's money.  Due to the popularity of the Baja Fog, the Campstore now stocks Fogamorbilia in the form of 3 T-shirt designs, a Baja Fog kit and Baja Fog shot glasses.


Campo Solo serves up a  Cinco de Mayo fiesta for local friends, family & guests

In the true tradition of family, Campo Solo hosted a  Cinco de Mayo fiesta for local friends in the Fish Camp village at the base of the point. Not that Cinco de Mayo is big on the fiesta list for Mexicans but it is a cultural custom to party often. 

Ironically the great conditions enjoyed by windsurfers is a blight to the local fisherman.  The great conditions we enjoyed during our season opener were no work/no pay days for the locals. 

We employ family members from the Fish Camp.  Kevin Trejo reached out to all of them by offering special work projects until conditions improve for fishing.  "It is a wonderful thing to give back to our community", said Trejo.  Campo Solo also regularly purchases fresh fish & crab  from the local fishermen.


It started out as a joke but quickly escalated to a dare, then a triple dawg dare. Then they were out there, almost nekked, sailing in the freezing cold!

It was a classic Spring day, cold & windy. The air was in the mid fifties, the water a clean 52.  4.3s & 5.3s with hoods were the order of the day.  High up on the protected campo Solo Tarmac, Kevin McGillivray, now called "Goiter Boy" and guest Tanya Saleh taunted each other with the bet of who could stay out sailing the longest, scantily clad.  With neither side backing down the innocent tussle now had them both frantically rigging, sneering and badgering one other all the while.  I was sequestered into documenting the whole affair. 

It was very cold on the beach as the two waded into the water.  I thought it would be over in a matter of minutes. Half an hour later,  I began to fear hypothermia was setting in for all of us, further impairing their and my judgment.  Finally Kevin seeing the danger of continuing, coaxed Tanya into calling it a draw and they both sailed in. 

WOW! it was 34 minutes and a case of shrinkage that qualified Kevin for a tenor position in the Fish camp boys choir.  As for Tanya?  I'm taking the high road on that one.

The entertainment factor was off the scale as they sailed past other sailors, sensibly dressed.    It was definitely worth viewing in the comfort of a wind protected venue.  Thanks for the show!

We recently attended a special event at our favorite Mexican Restaurant  - Avila's El Ranchito Mexican restaurant of Lake Forest, California.  Our lounge & bar are more than inspired by this cafe.  Over the years of our patronage, we have become friends with owner Sal, a Mexican surfer who divides his time between his home at San Miguel, Ensenada & Southern California. 

Sal & the Partida Tequila family ambassador -  Sofia Partida, hosted a limited invitation "Tequila/Food Tasting at Avilas.  This included several very tasty Mexican appetizers and the popular line of Partida tequilas - Blanco (white - young & fresh) Reposado - (slightly aged in oak barrels) and Anejo - (aged for at least a year in oak barrels)

All three tequilas were wonderful.  During our tasting, we not only learned about the spirit but how to properly savor it.  At the close of the evening we were so impressed that we inquired on how to include it as our preferred tequila at our Solo Campo.    Too date, we're still talking but things are looking favorable.  We highly recommend all three of these tequilas for your own spirits cabinet as well as for gifts.  For more information, visit their website listed below and click on the photo above for additional detail on these featured fine tequilas.

Late Summer 2001 - Sean Aiken - One of SoloSports all-time Professors Emeritus for Wavesailing Curricula- pops a early evening mule kick out at the Bombora.  A few weeks later, the world would change .  Rumor has it Sean may be gracing the Campo tarmac sometime this year. We sure hope so.

SoloSports - Riding the talk about Punta San Carlos  MTB

We are totally committed to mountain biking here in San Carlos.  That's why we've added a couple of fully buffed out Ibis Mojo Carbon bikes to our fleet of Santa Cruz off road machines!         Thank you Chuck Ibis! These bikes are insanely sweet and are dying to be ridden! 

And a big thank you goes out to our favorite Orange County, CA bike shop Rock & Road Cyclery for building these suckers in record time so I can get them dirty! Million de Gracias to Pilo, Ryan and Jason!

As you are reading this, we are descending upon Punta San Carlos with Pro MTB riders Chris Van Dine (Cannondale/Vans), MTB Hall of Famer Steve Beohmke and a couple top brass from Bike Magazine. We'll keep you posted on photos and stories from this motley crew as there are sure to be plenty!

I'm extremely stoked on the field reports on the Punta San Carlos mountain biking. The response has been insane and our guests are loving it!

Let's face it, times are tough....and tough on just about everybody. Wut-cha-gonna-do? GO TO THE BEACH!

We've all had to make tough choices these days ...foregoing our passions for innate objects such as washers, dryers, freezers & nasty car repairs.  We've cut back on all those things we love in an attempt to just stay in the same place, avoiding that cascading maelstrom of doom. Don't worry, be happy, help is on the way.  Patron Senor Trejo has a plan that boldly guarantees to get you here and in the straps of whatever wave riding vehicle you're attached to.  (pull the curtain Neil)

SoloSports has designated several trip dates in June & July as Stimulus Packages.  Book one and you'll just pay $1299 for a van package or $1899 for a fly-in package.  These trips include all the great amenities of our regular packages and as a bonus, free DEMO gear.  Gee, that's a $600 savings!  There are no hidden fees or annoying catches.  And for those with kids or grandkids?  Don't worry, they won't be paying a dime for it in the future. 

Just a quick note about the conditions during June & July.  The south swell wave machine is in full swing.  PSC is a south facing beach and those swells make the place the best there is.  Winds can be between 15-25, steady with plenty of room (unless there is a published swell event drawing in the "Hit & Run" squad from SoCal.)  We're still puzzled why these months are light in attendance - someone once commented..."schools out, time for the classic family vacation to Yellowstone & most importantly - it's windy in everybody's backyard." So true but remember it's windy in ours as well.

 "Nuff schoolin' - let's get crackin' click here to see the available dates & stop dreaming & start packing.

There is an old theatrical superstition that requires the stage manager to advise his actor  to "break a leg" as he walks on stage.  Matt Pritchard took that to heart just prior to the launch of the 2009 SoloSports season.  While practicing a few moves on his dirt bike, the son of San Carlos broke both legs while trying to complete a trick maneuver.  OOOOUUCCCHH!

Tabou Team Rider Kevin McGillivray, along with a crack team of young guns, rushed in to save the day.   Casey Hauser and Tyson Poor along with a few friends - Ingrid Larouche, Bryan Metcalf-Perez, Sam Neal, Matt Case & Philip Soltysiak, wowed the guests with exhibitions, hands on instruction and a healthy dolling out of tips & tricks.  Bryan graces our masthead this issue.  Feeling the pressure from his posse, KMAC surprised all of us by bustin' a goiter, his first.  (see left column 1st article)    Then it was Goiter City.  Nature provided a gentle  stage for practicing the lessons and concluded with our first south swell monster of the season.  The word is out and confirmed  from the attendees- "Good Job KMAC & crew..we'll be screaming "FORWARD!" from now on as we drop into a wave and doing OtL's in our sleep".  Looks like the boiz did grab a tip or two.

We wish Matt a speedy recovery & look forward to another Matt Pritchard Wavecamp Series in the fall - Oct 10th - 17th.    There is space still available for this event call 949.289.779 for reservations

Meet James Haynes or should we say Dr. Jim Haynes or better yet, his Solo Campo name of " Dammit Jim".

Jim is one of our special frequent visitor family members. He's been 5  times so far. - His home is Hood River but don't expect to see much of him there as Jim has a cronic case of wanderlust.     An accomplished Neurosurgeon by profession, Jim, now 74 years young,  is busy these days honing his wavesailing skills with the help of our pro Instructors. "It's never to late to learn, even at my age" says Jim.

And the "Dammit Jim" tag?  It's simple and I guess poignant with the very recent release of Star Trek 11.  Trekkers have already got it down, so for the rest of you - Dr. McCoy, the very excitable  crew member of the Starship Enterprise on more than one verbal engagement with Capt. Kirk exclaimed, you guessed it, "Dammit Jim".  It fits like a glove on our boy but there's a few other reasons.  It's hard to remember peoples names in camp so the staff has deemed it acceptable to call everyone Jim.  More to the point if there were more than one Jim in camp there would need to be an additional moniker.  In Jim's case when we found out he was a Dr......well, it just felt good.  It sounds convoluted  because ...well, it is.  But more on Jim, dammit.

Jim once commented that our own Chili-Bomb Cantina was the best bar he'd ever rested his elbows on and then he said..."and I've leaned on a few".  Being the world traveler that he is, compliment accepted Jim. 

Jim is a poster child for the rest of us.  His zest for life and no holds barred charging attitude is an inspiration to us all.  He holds his own down at the Chili-Bomb Cantina to which he hastily adds "for medicinal purposes only, of course".  On the water he attacks the waves with a ferocity of a Viking attack...OK, sorta of.  Jim has fearlessly gone into the face of many a wave monster with bravado. I've only known him to wince once on a fateful night ride on the dirt road to camp.  From all of us at Solo, we lift'um high as we toast a truly great guy, wave charger & all around super camp compadre.    SALUD Jim!


Strange days early this Spring included a rare sighting of the dreaded local scourge known as the Puntacabra.  Half man, half beast, all attitude with a high dose of lunar madness thrown in, makes this monster a tough something or other to reckon with.  Rumored to be in the throes of a classic tequila induced hangover, extreme caution should be exercised when sighted lest an extremity or two be removed with extreme prejudice.  That said ...write your own caption and send to me.  Chup (his pet name by the staff) and I will review the entries.  And for the wise guys out there -  immediate disqualification if you wipe your entry or envelope with raw meat.  A nifty prize for the best entry and a fleeting glance for the rest of you losers.  Sharpen up them pencils boiz., I expect clever, pithy, toxic prose.

all legitimate entries welcome - send to


Did you see the spread on Baja in Windsurfing Mag?  There is a ton of info & photos on Punta San Carlos. This is a collectible so get it while there are still a few out there!

Lookout! The latest watersport craze,  standup paddle boarding, has found a home in PSC. According to pro riders, PSC is a world class destination for the sport from novice to pro.  SoloSports hosts a quiver of standups with coaching available for the novice.  There are now at least 2 mags dedicated to standup - click on the mag for info.

Love what you do

Do what you love!

 Wow, it amazes me how even in these so called "Bad economic times" people are not giving up their addictions, at least not for Punta San Carlos anyway! I'm blown away at how full our opening season was with two sold out Matt Pritchard Wavecamps.

I was really worried this spring as we were hit with a media triple whammy of swine flu, drug wars and our current economic times but that didn't stop our regulars from showing up! Of course the swine flu turned out to be no more dangerous then the regular seasonal flu and anyone who has ever been to Punta San Carlos knows it's the last place in the world you would need to worry about catching something like that.   But, it started me thinking about all the "tragic  & catastrophic" events SoloSports has weathered & endured.

 The stock market crashes of 1987, 2000 & 2008, Desert Storm, 911 (Sept. 11th was a Tuesday and we had a scheduled trip on Saturday, airports opened just in time to get everybody to San Diego for their trip), road closures, washed out bridges, three recessions, fires, earthquakes, landslides & more! It's enough to make just about anybody give up and throw in the towel!

So why am I still in this business? Well, I absolutely love what I am doing! I love the people, the places, the sports and the rewards! Shoot, I would be doing this anyway, for free even, oh yeah, I did do it for free for many years!

Anyway, the bottom line is something my parents taught me as a kid and that was, "Find a job you love doing and you'll be a success" Well, I couldn't find the job I wanted so I just made one up! Guess what, Mom & Dad were right!



Baja California did not become a state of Mexico until 1952.  Baja Sur did not enter statehood until 1974 coinciding with the completion of the Transpeninsular  Highway linking Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas


Check this out!

Here you go boys and girls, feast your eyes on these beauties. Brand spanking new 2009 Ibis Mojo Carbon and Ibis Mojo SL fitted with Shimano XT, Avid Elixir Brakes, Fox Shox & Forks and Easton Carbon Bars! I freaked at how light they were when I took them out of the box. Nothing but stellar reviews and I can't wait to get one in the dirt!

 I'll let you know how they work in the next newsletter!  

Welcome to our 2009 Event Schedule

We've got an action packed event schedule with something for everybody this year.  Instructional wavecamps, demo activities with major manufacturers and casual weeks where you get to hang with the movers & shakers of our sports.  Some events are fee based and some are FREE.   We've still got plenty of space for those that don't want an event. Call us for more information or reservations.                949.289.7779    or e-mail
EVENT 1 EZZY SAILS - A week with Pro Graham Ezzy

JULY 25th - AUG. 1st

Hot Pro Graham Ezzy of EZZY sails is back in San Carlos after putting in another hard year at Princeton U.  Never short on moves, Graham is smooth on & off the water.  Check out the latest from the new line of sails hot off the loft table by renowned sail maker David Ezzy. Graham will be on-hand for advice as well as putting on a show.  This event is FREE!

EVENT 6 TEAM QUATRO DEMO WEEK with Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Francisco Goya & Jake Miller

August 8th - 15th

Come join Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Francisco Goya & Jake Miller for a week of Tips & Tricks and demo-ing  Quatro, Goya boards and Goya sails.  This is not a week for the shy.  The boys are eager to help improve the over-all sailing performance of all our guests by instructing and answering questions.  These are cool guys to just hang with as well.  This Event is FREE!


August 22nd - 29th

If you're serious about your sailing and committed to being the best you can be, then a week with Coach Jem Hall is your best choice of instruction.  Jem's hard hitting teaching style will have you doing things you thought you could never do.  As a bonus Roberto Ricci - renowned RRD owner-designer will be in camp as a special guest.


September 5th - 12th

We've been hearing about Windsurfing coach - Guy Cribb  for years.  Our well traveled guests have been telling us to get him down here.  His INtuition instruction program comes with very high marks.  We're excited about including him in our 2009 event program.  THIS CAN BE BOOKED DIRECT THROUGH GUY CRIBB or with us  - CLICK HERE


SEPTEMBER 19th - 26th

Medical Professionals - Looking for a great way to stay current with your CME reqs and getting a little quality time in the water? Dr. Steve Wood will be hosting this General Medical Update Conference during the week of Sept. 19-26  The conference is scheduled for Sept. 20-23, allowing for plenty of activity time in the water, on the bike trails or just chillin'.  CLICK HERE  for  info


This week can be booked without participating in the CME

EVENT 5 Matt Pritchard Wavecamps
Oct.  10th - 17th
This will be Matt's third year of the wavecamp instruction series.  Matt's crew are excellent instructors and developed many of their skills right here in Punta San Carlos.  This jammed packed week includes hands-on tutoring on and off the water.  Click the photo for more information & here for a sample of his course.
We are constantly searching out opportunities for events.  Here are some of the projects we are currently developing.

If you have any comments, suggestions or opportunities you'd like to discuss with us, why not give us a call at

949.289.7779 or e-mail us at


BIKE MAG, BIKE PROS & BIKE TRAIL DESIGNERS - We know we've got something going with our over 60 miles of mountain bike trails, our guest have been telling us for years.  It's time to take our world class mountain bike experience to the next level.  We're working on having some heavy hitters in camp to help us enhance our trail system and put our bike playground on the map. 

LIQUID FORCE SALES MEETING - What a perfect place to have your sales meeting, especially if your product is utilized at Punta San Carlos.  Corky Cullen, longtime SoloSports guest & sports host knows a good thing. That's why he chose the SoloSports Adventure Holidays experience to host his event.  Need help with your next offsite? Call us 949.289.7779.  We can customize a perfect program for your event.

EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIPS - Punta San Carlos has many accolades that start off with "world class" - windsurfing. kitesurfing, mountain biking and geology & anthropology.  We've hosted special geological field trips for 2 years now with more booked for this year.   So let's make a deal.  Know an educator that would benefit from holding a  field trip in Punta San Carlos?    We will give you a finders fee for any educational field trip group that books.  Interested?  Call 949.289.7779 to find out more.

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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