INSTRUCTION for just about everyone

It is common knowledge that PSC is the perfect venue to learn, refine and enhance your wave sailing skills, overshadowing Maui and the Caribbean.  The gentle breaking waves in side-off conditions offer wave sailors the optimum classroom.  Truth is, most of the time our average wave conditions are 1-4 ft. with 18-25mph.   All of our instruction programs include video & still photo teaching aids as well as hands-on personalized instruction.  Our instructors are top notch and dedicated to your improvement.  A week of instruction really can make a difference in your performance.

Over the past few years we have included a myriad of wave camps by some of the best instructors and coaches in the sport.  The result?   Very happy guests.  Many have come back year after year because they see the positive results of the instruction.... and we see it too! 

Take for instance, Dr. Jeff Albright of Portland Oregon.  Jeff just celebrated his 8th holiday  with us of which several were wavecamps.  As the SAH lensman, I see firsthand how much Jeff has improved....and I have the photos to prove it. see photo right  His recent time with us put him in the face of some very challenging wave/wind conditions.  Jeff charged it while others either sat it out or limited their go-outs to the shallow end.  SALUD Jeff!

So what does that mean to you? Do you want to learn wave sailing or  improve your existing skill set.  We still have room for you in the classroom.  Check out our remaining wavecamp schedule below and click the event for more information or call -

Kevin Trejo    949.289.7779

Jem Hall Windsurfing Clinic Aug. 21 - 28
Guy Cribb INtuition Clinic  or call for info Aug. 28 - Sept. 4
Windsurfing Magazine Naish Bash Sept. 4 - 11
Windsport Board test/Wavecamp call Sept. 18-25
Matt Pritchard Wavecamp 2 Oct. 2 - 9
Wyatt Miller Windsurfing Instruction Oct. 16 - 23

Matt Pritchard & Wyatt Miller wavecamps

highlight SoloSports Campo season opener

Matt & Wyatt put on quite a show to open the SAH season.  These two back to back wavecamps featured top instruction in great conditions. Matt, backed up with Kevin McGillivray & Casey Hauser is back after his dirt bike injury last year.  Attendees came from all over the world and enjoyed not only mixing it up on the water but at the Chili-Bomb cantina afterwards. 

Solo guest 13 yr. old Fiona Wylde showed the most improved. Watch out! -This girl's a no-fear charger!  Guest Dave Robinson took a nasty bonk on the head and it was Dr. Andre Rousseau & another Solo guest - Dr. Mike Klotz that performed the emergency medical services.  Towards the end of the week, the Solo staff coerced both Docs to pull a prank on Dave by presenting him with a bill.  Dave, an accomplished prankster in his own right, mildly winced for a moment and responded "...of course, you'll take a check".

Wyatt Miller showed up in camp, close on the heels of Matt & crew with an arsenal of Naish sails, boards & SUPS.  This is Wyatt's second year on the podium and he came well prepared.  Guests were treated to not only wave sailing instruction but also freestyle and SUP training as well.  Of course the week couldn't go by without a bit of hijinks and chicanery.  Master of Chicanerano studies, Martin Charland, was on hand with a trunk full of props & a head full of ...well  let's just say the boy is insanely talented on any stage provided or on one he constructs himself.  Midweek - we were visited by the crew of the Enterprise - a mixed bag of rogues & rascals, much to the chagrin of the guests. In true form, this stellar crew always get's their man even if their phazers were candy bars.   Rumor has it, Iron Man is next.


But wait! There's more - Say it ain't so.  Solo Campo has long been host to the bizarre and this tale is no exception. Wyatt, an avid skateboarder, used to skate (illegally) on the Berkeley U campus.  The campus police had him on their 10 most wanted list for years.  BU Officer John Lechmanik had one goal before he retired - to get his man - in this case - Wiley Wyatt.  Officer John, a SFO bay sailor, saw a flyer for Wyatt's camp and signed up.  At the end of the week he nabbed his man.  Wyatt, not to be outdone, threatened to fail him if he didn't cease & desist. I believe the matter was resolved over a Fog at the cantina. Glad we got that out of the way.  Can't we all just get along?

A few WS standouts dropped by this Spring.  We caught a few on them on and off the water - IMPRESSIVE!
Ingrid LaRouche Sam Neal
Casey Hauser Whit Poor

Vicki Sanchez - freestyler JP Bowles

The SAH Holiday party of the year

Come celebrate a week of mind-bending, gut busting & sidesplitting activities at Punta San Carlos & help set Mexican tradition back...... ohhh several hundred years!
We'll have Halloween,  El Dia de Los Muertos, KT's famous Salmon & Crab specialties, surfing, standup paddle boarding, MTB, Baja Fogs and the resurrection of (banned in most middle eastern countries) -  the dreaded  TRB - Tequila & Red Bull, fireworks and more fun than you can shake your stick at.  You don't wanna miss this one!!  click here for more info or call!

It all started with an Argentinean Geologist guest a while back. Each morning he would mix a strange looking tea in an even stranger looking hollow gourd.  After a few days I asked him what he was doing. He explained the tea, Yerba Matte was a very popular drink in Argentina, rivaling coffee.  He offered me a drink from his gourd thru an exotic metal straw called a bombilla.  Within minutes I began to feel a surge of much needed energy as I would be shooting most of the day.  It  was a different energy boost, much different than coffee.  He continued - Yerba mate was discovered centuries ago by the indigenous people in South America and has been consumed to enhance vitality, clarity, and well-being. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols, caffeine, and is high in antioxidants, yerba mate triumphs as nature’s most balanced stimulant.   By the end of that hard day, I was impressed.  A few months later while hosting several pro MTB'ers, I noticed one of them, Josh Bender, preparing Guayaki Yerba Matte.  Josh was kind enough to share his supply with me as well as some of the other guests.  The results were the same.  OUTSTANDING!  There was a small problem with me doing the Macarena on the kitchen table, netting me being 86'ed by the Cocineras but heck, I'm sure your results will vary.  That's when we decided to include it on our drink list. So whether phot'in on the point, sailing or biking trails all day, Yerba Matte is the perfect performance enhancer.   Don't worry about a gourd & straw, we serve it in tea bags, coffee press or cold berry blend in the cooler.  We're sure you'll enjoy it. Ask for it next time you're in camp -       

                                                                Clark Merritt - super stoked Yerba Matte drinker


MOUNTAIN BIKING - the time has come for  yet another sport to take it's place in the lineup of world class activities at Punta San Carlos

It started out years ago with a few windsurfing/mountain bikers who saw the potential of the hillside terrain as a great place to ride their bikes.  These pioneers made their own trails & while others sat on the sidelines on windless days, they filled the time with the same enthusiasm & bravado they had on the water.

Over time, the trail system grew as more visitors looking for alternative activities discovered the diversified terrain as excellent for trail riding.

In 2009 SoloSports Adventure Holidays began to aggressively pursue developing mountain biking as a stand alone sport in PSC.  Owner Kevin Trejo knew that the best way to generate interest was to invite several pro bikers down to see for themselves.  In May 2009, pro rider Chris Van Dine & crew discovered first hand just how much PSC had to offer.  Chris made several trails and specialty fun rides in the Badlands.  The result was 3 thumbs up! Punta San Carlos has what it takes to be a world class MTB location.  Chris went back home & became our MTB/PSC disciple. Soon after, Mountain Bike mag expressed an interest in featuring PSC as the newest MTB travel destination.  More pros followed including Cam McCaul, Randy Spangler, Josh Bender and Claire Buchar.  Cam contacted Anthill Films raving about our conditions prompting them to feature PSC in their just released "FOLLOW ME" MTB video.  At the close of 2009, PSC was firmly on the map.  2 major magazine features, a first class movie and a buzz that was morphing into a full roar.

In 2010 SAH attended the prestigious MTB event, the "SEA OTTER CLASSIC" in Monterey California.  This was also the movie premiere of "FOLLOW ME".  Punta San Carlos was definitely the buzz of the show.

To meet the needs of the MTB guests, SoloSports has beefed up their MTB fleet with more high end Santa Cruz bikes.  In addition to adding more trails, Solo guest Doug Dockray has created a bike pump track right off the edge of camp.  The goal of SAH is to have enough trails and specialty rides to keep the most active dedicated MTB'er' busy for a week.  For more information about MTB@PSC click this link and or

call Kevin Trejo at 949.289.7779

Moods of the Chili Bomb Cantina/Solace Lounge

The Chili-Bomb Cantina & Solace Lounge host guests in a myriad of moods.  Start the day with a fresh cup of your favorite beverage & chill in the lounge with your IPOD, IPAD or good book.  Later in the afternoon, happy hour ushers in spent guests just as the Fog rolls in - Baja Fog that is.  It's party time until dinner with rocking tunes & tales of mucho bravado or recollections of the agonies of defeat.

Whether you just grab a paddle or add a sail, SUP@PSC is just another way to stretch your sports card for the day.  At Solo Campo we offer entry level instruction with novice to pro equipment to get you out there.  Starting the morning with a quick paddle before the wind comes up is a great way to limber up for your main event.  On light days, don a sail and be out there in 8-12mph.  Many of our guests have found wave sailing a SUP so much fun they've opted to stay out after it gets windy enough to sail. 

this article was blatantly stolen from Windsurfing on-line Magazine

SoCal freestyler Casey Hauser has got his hands on a hot new toy — the Shadowbox, a GPS unit that wasn’t built for triathletes and trailblazers. Check out the video click here and our quick interview below to get the lowdown on the next must-have gadget.

As simply as possible, what is the Shadowbox? It’s a personal GPS unit that records not just speed, but movement of the entire board in all three dimensions. You’ll know how fast you were going, how high you jumped, or how fast you were rotating.

Is it only for freestylers? Far from it. It can help regular sailors by telling you something like your board angle and trim in and out of jibes, where you’re slowing down and where you’re speeding up. It’s a training aid for sailors. You can take a “ride file” from a pro rider and do an overlay with your own ride file and see where the differences are. A recreational sailor might be stepping too far back with his foot and sinking the tail and that shows up on the ride file.

How does it mount on the board? It mounts with your mast base — totally secure.

How has it improved your riding? For back loops (like the first one in the video above), I wasn’t carving straight up the ramp enough and was coming up with too much lateral speed. By carving harder in to where the ramp was steeper, I was able to go straight up and stick my back loops. By viewing the ride file, I could see how much distance I was traveling laterally rather than vertically, and come back and fix it the next day.

Look for Casey Hauser & Shadowbox to be an integral part of our upcoming event the WINDSPORT BOARD TEST & WOMEN"S CLINIC. Sept. 18-25.  for more info visit

    "Everybody Loves Rodney!" 

Wow, it's hard to imagine we're on our 24th season in Punta San Carlos! I'm still trying to figure out how I did those first 14 seasons without Rodney Howard. You know Rodney, everybody loves Rodney! The most common phrase heard in camp seems to be "Have you seen Rodney? Rodney is the "Go To Guy" for just about anything and everybody! When you need a sail, you go see Rodney, when you need to know what size board to ride, you go see Rodney, If you find a snake in you tent, you guessed it, you go see Rodney! 

All of us here at SAH wear many hats as far as the work we do to make your adventure one you'll never forget and Rodney changes hats so fast most of us don't even notice. Some of the things Rodney does are very noticeable like sending you out on the right gear to make your session the best you've ever had while others like making sure you have water for a hot shower go unnoticed even though we hear all the time from our guests stuff like "That was the best shower I've ever had" 

Rodney's duties are endless and many. Most of them are done stealthily behind the scenes to keep things running smooth and only surface when he takes much deserved time to go get barreled at the point, smack the lip like a pro on his sailboard, fly his plane or riding his new toy, a trials motorcycle. Then, when you find a snake in your tent and can't find Rodney we all see just how important he really is. Thanks Rodney! Thanks for keeping all our toys clean and running smooth, thanks for keeping the lights on, the showers hot, the camp dialed, the kitchen working, the internet working, shade over our heads, carpet under our feet, thanks for dialing our guests into the right size sail, right size board, the best bike, thanks for launching and landing our kites, thanks for fixing everything we break and showing us what trails to ride, thanks for the weather reports, the hot tips on when to go out for a session but most of all thanks for showing our guests an experience they couldn't get without your tireless help. You have truly earned your nickname of "Super Mario"! 

From all of us at Solosports and beyond, thanks you for the last 10+ years of service!

 Kevin Trejo


Dos Lunas Tequila

Dos Lunas Tequila produces a line of award-winning ultra-premium tequila made from 100% estate grown Blue Agave in the central Mexican state of Jalisco. Headquartered in El Paso, TX, Dos Lunas Tequila is all-natural and chemical free.

Dos Lunas was founded in 2005 by Richard Poe, an El Paso-based businessman with a passion for tequila. “My goal was to create the smoothest, most refined tequila in the world,” says Poe. Distilled and bottled in the heart of Jalisco, in Guadalajara, Dos Lunas tequilas are harvested from fully mature 100% Blue Agave plants and are all-natural, with no chemical additives or artificial coloring. All Dos Lunas products are fermented using natural yeast, a process that takes up to five times longer and is rarely found in today’s world of spirits. 

Now there's a gift I'd like to get...hint, hint  - ED


UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE - Fly-in, Van or Drive-Yourself - they're all 25% off, all dates in June - July 2010!  June & July have long been great months for wind & waves and best of all - light on crowds.  If you're looking to do some serious adventure sports, then you can't pass up this great opportunity to see Punta San Carlos. 


These holidays include all the famous amenities of our regular holidays - great food, beverages,  cantina drinks, accommodations, location and if your needing gear - that's also part of this special package pricing. So what are you waiting for - pick up the phone & call us at 949.289.7779  or e-mail to start your reservation.

"Life is one long process of getting tired."



OK all you liddle Lebowski's, the time has come to shine on brightly.  We're looking for the right move to be performed in the best bowling lane there is -  the Chili Bowl.  Right now, Wyatt Miller has thrown down the gauntlet....ahhh I mean bowling glove and expects no takers.  A always impartial, totally bribable group of hand picked judges will decide who shall be christened the "Dewd of the Bowl".  So practice real hard and bring your best move on down to the Chili Bowl proving grounds.  And you don't even have to be house trained!   The winner will have their move  adorn a special t-shirt & sweatshirt which we're sure will tie the store room together.  For more information on how you can be the "Dewd"  -


      Best get a move on now, time's a wastin'.

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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