The 2006 season brought very exciting times to SoloSports at Punta San Carlos and 2007 promises more of the same.


We made many international friends from as far away as Ireland, Japan and Israel and as close as mainland Mexico and Quebec.  The Solo Family is expanding and we've always got room at the table for more. 

We would like to send out a special thanks to Jack Mattera & the New Jersey Boiz. It was during their 2nd week this year that they presented us with what has now become the very popular central point of our campo - the Chili-Bomb Cantina. Salud to all from all of us at Solo.


Although we always knew that windsurfing was the most  popular recreation, mountain biking is quickly becoming a great alternative past time when you want to fill the day with activity. We've now got over 60 miles of multi-use trails to suit the stoke of beginners to pros alike. 


And who could forget the wind and waves?  2006 was a windy year for Punta San Carlos combined with many fine south, wests and northwest swells.  There is still a lingering misnomer that it doesn't blow in the fall or winter.  Our winter camp host, Tony Irwin still swears he gets a clean 60% sail time with even higher % on surfing. Check out this shot from the first week of November. Then start packing. Its going off!

A Four Peso Opera - My very unusual day

There are those rare days when things happen that defy explanation. For me that's most days but this one redefines the norm.  Usually in November at Punta San Carlos, the pace slows down and life begins to return to a quieter time of shorter days and spectacular sunsets.  The first week of November rocked the boat with a series of  very interesting events that all occurred in a single day.


PART ONE -   "GET LOST"  the ultimate adventure

It was one of those classic spring blow days you can see at any time in Punta San Carlos.  There were only a few sailors ambitious enough to go out  to wrestle the blustery conditions. Off the back end of the island someone spotted a small boat making for the protection of the bay.  It appeared to be a modified panga from the fish camp.  While checking out the Chili Bowl, I noticed surfboards atop the wheelhouse. Very strange. I speculated that this must be from one of the larger vessels also anchored in the bay.  No one would be that nuts to travel in a small open boat in such rough seas.

Later that day 3 men entered the camp identifying themselves as the crew of the same boat, aptly named "GET LOST".  Now the story really gets interesting.  There are 4 crew members from Santa Catalina Island (off the coast from Los Angeles) - Scott Cinotta, Jason Clarke, Brett Ruppert, & Chad Powell.  After much prepping and planning, they departed the island in their 24 foot modified open panga....... destination- Panama. 3 days into their voyage they encountered our famous weather and decided to take refuge in the bay.  This special voyage commenced on October 30 and is scheduled to conclude on Valentines day downtown Central America.

After leaving Punta San Carlos they plan on hugging the coast looking for surf until reaching Cabo San Lucas   Then it's a "wild party" in Cabo and then  their crossing to the mainland.  We asked the crew if they thought this adventure was a little crazy.  They responded "well yeah, but we're up for it".  The best of luck, boiz.  We will keep our readers informed of your progress and you all are welcome back anytime.

You can learn more about this adventure by visiting their website Feel free to drop them a line via their website e-mail.  CHECK IT OUT - ED

PART TWO -   Windsurfing Celebrities drop in

Meanwhile back on the point we have  new arrivals - The Berkeley Boiz, Wyatt Miller, Rob Warwick & Nick Allen wanted to extend their sailing season with a week at the punta.  These guys are some of the best in windsurfing's latest craze Freestyle. Rob is currently on the cover of Windsurfing  Magazine while Wyatt is gracing an inside page.  These guys are incredible to watch.  A special thanks to you all and to all of the freestyle sailors.  You all have brought life back to our sport with younger new recruits.  Please visit their website to see the latest their moves 


PART THREE -   Right Turn Adventure

Right before I was about to take a siesta, I hear the whine of a many dirt bikes.  As I walked around the building I was greeted by 10 surprised riders.  "Where are we?" they asked.

After I informed them, they told me they were from Arizona, out for a Baja Ride-About and the highway San Carlos sign intrigued them.  A little lunch and cold beer later they were back to offroading.

This is the 2nd time this year we have had these kind of drop-ins to the point.  They were impressed with the area and pleasantly shocked to see our camp at the end of the dirt road.  Belong to a bike us to setup a special dinner sleepover for your next Baja Ride-about.  Special rates available.


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We offer great gear that we have  proven to be the best for Punta San Carlos conditions.  Our board room has been touted as being the largest windsurfing shop on the West Coast.  EZZY wave sails & masts, RRD, Mistral & Angulo sailboards, Streamlined booms & bases make our abundant gear selection a no brainer,  ensuring good wave sailing sessions.  We have learned from experience that the gear most guests bring doesn't work as well.  Combine that with all the hassle of bringing your own gear, the additional costs and damage make it actually less expensive in the long run to rent from us. It is also a great way to demo great gear.

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Kevin Trejo explains to a local group of fisherman the newest form of tug-a-war using fused 2-piece masts.  23 masts later they  settled down for a tequila break at the cantina, on KT of course.

A Fish Story - another Miller's Tale

One of the more unusual activities at SoloSports Campo is the Fishing Excursion.  For those looking for a little something different, our local fisherman will, for a fee, take you out several miles in their pangas to fish.  Pictured here are Solo guests the Pete Miller Gang...or should I say the Lucky Miller group. They caught enough fish to feed all the guests at our Weds. night Fish BBQ.  And while we're spinning fish yarns, might as well let you know that several times this season Solo Guests have been treated to fresh yellowtail, prepared by our good friend Aurelio (photo right).    My favorite - Grilled & blackened ...add fresh crab, toreados and a Baja Fog and it's all over.

New clothes for an old town- Jeni - our Cocinera Emerita's daughter has started her own clothing line  featuring her home town. We will carry her line in our Campstore.  Look for an e-catalog to be included on our website campstore.  BUENO SUERTE JENI!  Need a unique holiday gift? drop us a line and we will take care of the details of getting you what you need  in time for XMAS- ED

PART FOUR -   The Best of the Baja 1000

Around sunset a small red plane landed on our airstrip.  The passengers were a part of the famous Herbst Racing group of Las Vegas, Troy and Tim.  Their racing team, the Terrible Herbst Motorsports, is entered in the upcoming Baja 1000 event Nov. 15-18.  This team has won the event in their class several rimes.  After their scouting expedition of the race course they were heading back to the states when they were forced to land for the evening.  After  dinner and a few beers and fascinating conversation, they were bedded down for the night  Solo style.  The next morning they flew home with the promise to return for a little R&R with their families.  GOOD LUCK in the race- boys.  More info?

We could expect to have any one of these encounters in the course of a day but all 4 on the same day is downright biblical - ED

the Chili - Bomb



of the



It took 3 seasons, a lot of hard work from my staff and good friends and faith from the Solo Family of guests over the years to say "we're back, better than ever". A heart felt thanks to everyone. It feels good to break the surface after so long fighting just to stay afloat. This past season proved to everyone that we were going to not only make it but have a solid future.

My staff and I have reviewed our long term goals and those for the immediate future. We are confident and committed to take our guest experience to the next level.  In  addition we vow to improve that experience from season to season. Here 's a sneak preview of improvements -

  • Enhance our Fly-in service with more options
  • Improve the dining experience with more exciting meals & service
  • Enhance our rental gear fleet with more choices
  • Offer more exciting activities both on & off the water
  • Improve the campo to entice more couples and families

I look forward to seeing everyone back for our 2007 season as well as many new faces.  Let us show you just how much we value your loyalty.



Partida Añejo Tequila may be one of the finest 100% Blue Agave tequilas ever made. Produced by the Partida family, it's a remarkable example of what the producers call La Nueva Tradición. This New Tradition is a combination of the best of the family's tequila-making expertise and the finest new modern techniques.

"For generations, my family has supplied blue agave to many of Mexico's top tequila distillers," says Sofia Partida, president of Tequila Brands LLC and the driving force behind the launch of the Partida Tequila product line, which, in addition to Añejo, includes Blanco (not aged) and Reposado (aged six months). "We have always distilled tequila for our own private use. With the launch of Partida Tequila, we are now proud to share our cherished family tradition with the world."

Made especially for those who appreciate fine tequilas, Partida Añejo is aged for 18 months (a rarity even among super-premium brands) in French Canadian oak barrels used exclusively to produce tequila. It has an intense golden color with copper and ochre tones; a fruity aroma with notes of almond, cherry, spices and dried fruit; and deep flavors including chocolate, ripe banana and sweet pear. Partida Añejo Tequila has a depth of flavor that simply begs to be savored slowly.

Look for this at your favorite Spirits shop for about $60 -ED

SoloSports Campo is looking better than ever with new furniture, plants, the outside bar-dining area and of course, all those women's touches Kevin's Kathy has added....its getting downright civilized ladies reconsider your best beau's invitation to come with.


Pro Kiter Adam Koch reconnects to an inside point wave....the new style of kite surfing equipment makes moves like this possible...aaaaahhhh, well that and a lot of talent.



We couldn't resist sharing this audio. It is so appropriate down at the Chili-Bomb Cantina. And for those wondering, I assume no small animals were hurt while preparing this. click on the green ad

Submitted captions a further threat to world peace - Readers urged to clean it up

Due to the myriad of profane & nasty  responses that are still punishable by death in most middle eastern countries,  we have opted not to print them.  I will say that the Blue Fox in TJ won't even allow that on their stage, so there...put a sock on it...we will be back next ish with something more mainstream.  sssshhh -ED

HEY!!! Another hot tip...we've had a chance to test drive the 2007 Ezzy Wave Sails and they are awesome!! Thanks Dave E...they're the best ever.  How the swag line coming along?

TEAM ADVIL's Triumphant Return

Perhaps you read about Team Advil in Windsurfing Magazine this year. It was just over a year ago when they first graced our Campo.  We had barely recovered from the fun last year when they returned this past October for another taste of the punta. It was a great and exhausting week. I have never laughed so much!   We are proud to say we still have retained their enthusiastic 3 thumbs up.  Ditto gentlemen, we can't wait for your return.  Life is boring around the campo without the stories and hijinks of the master chief and those wicked martinis from the counselor.

last word boiz...Fast Eddie P promises he's in next year so best start practicing your  gu screws.- as for more soul hikes - ED

Best get those reservations or gift cards requests in early -

the phone's ringing off the hook and KT is starting to twitch about consenting to FREE RENTAL GEAR -ED

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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