As our season closed in early November we took a moment to reflect on all the happenings in 2008.

We opened the season with our good friends from Saskatchewan with Matt Pritchard and Kevin McGillivray at the helm.  Back -to -back came the Team Quatro gang including Jake Miller, Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Jason Diffen, Lalo Goya, Pio Marasco and others.  And we can't forget the ladies. OMG!  Combine that power house crew with epic conditions and we were off and running!  During the Summer we co-hosted camp with Ezzy's Jesse Brown and Jem Hall, a world renowned power coach from England.  Windsurfing Magazine's Josh Sampiero dropped by with Wyatt Miller and crew who scored with a great swell.  In the fall Peter Dekay from Windsport Magazine held their board test in classic Indian Summer conditions.  Francisco Goya, Josh Stone and Troy livened up the camp  later in the season with their demo week. We ended our season by hosting a group of post graduate geologists from all over the globe!  Nothing stuffy about this bunch, they showed us a thing or two in the lineup and around the bar. 

There were a lot of old and new faces in camp this year.  It was great to get re-acquainted with our old friends as well as making many new friends.  But we can't stop here.  One afternoon a powered paragliding group dropped into camp for a visit - more on that later.  Nothing surprises us anymore.

Stand-up paddle boarding provides hours of entertainment on and off the water.  Lookout - this new sport is well on it's way to becoming the latest craze.  Speaking of other activities, Solo's own Rodney has been spending lots of time in the hills flying his radio controlled gliders.  Anyone interested is always welcome to accompany him and with a tad of coaxing will even let you fly it.  Punta San Carlos offers a great venue of RC flight. 

Renaissance Man - Brian Caserio is once again pushing the envelope in his on-going quest to provide all of us with unique POVs of the water sports we love.  Literally armed with a forearm mounted still camera water housing, while kiting, he is able to go places once deemed dicey at best with traditional powered watercraft.  The photo above is synced with the title photo, also above.

Late this summer Brian came to San Carlos to test out the camera housing of his own design and manufacture with test riders Kevin McGillivray and Taylor Condon.  "The tests were a success and the results are some of the best I've seen since George Greenough "- commented Clark Merritt.  "Brian has captured the essence of what we see and experience as wave sailors ."  Because of Brian's strength and expertise at kiting, along with being a seasoned water photographer,  this unique perspective is a one of a kind."  Check out this quick slide show of just some of the action.                       Brian Caserio slideshow

Brian has made several refinements to his system and is now ready for business.  Interested companies or persons  should contact Brian at his day job - owner of Side-off Video  a distributor of Windsurfing and Kiteboarding videos.

Meet Hugo Lopez, restaurateur & local artist.  As you drive south out of El Rosario you will notice La Mision, a small restaurant next door to a  video rental store.  Step inside and you will be in the only art gallery in town.   Hugo has painted desert scenes, including our PSC aerial photo and many other lifestyle images.  All the art is  for sale.  While viewing the art, why not try La Mision's specialty - the Burros, a humongous burrito that could easily satisfy 2 diners.  Hugo is working with Clark Merritt to reproduce several desert scene images.  Drop by to view the art, have a meal and don't forget to mention you read it here.

Our Vision Quest

Wow! What a year it was, not only was it the busiest season since I started SoloSports in 1987 but we also saw more and more guests taking advantage of our fly-in option, renting our gear as well as more and more guests are raving about the mountain biking!

We're already booking like crazy for our 2009 season! We have the return of many groups, some from across the pond, some from Canada and guests from all over the world booked and ready to go. Why are we so busy with the world economy in the toilet? Well, we have asked our guests that same exact question. 

The answer that tops the list? "We all work to hard to give up on our passion for Punta San Carlos!"  I know just how they feel, my passion for the point has been burning since my first trip there in 1985!  

Runner up is the fact that we offer an excellent value for the price. Not many places include all you can eat, drink, toys, flights etc, all you need is your wetsuit, harness, some clothes and the desire to have the time of your life and we supply the rest! 

Towards the end of our season I  am commonly asked what my plans are for the off season.  Most everyone is surprised by my answer.  SAH operates 12 months a year.  During our "off" season we re-engineer our operation, reviewing everything we do, identifying and enhancing our best practices and shoring up or eliminating those things that aren't working.  We call it our desk jobs.  You see, we have a vision of the future that requires a  commitment to continuously improve.  We've found that by constantly evaluating our operation and evolving to meet,  then exceed our guest expectations, our business grows.  But we couldn't do without your help. 

During our season many guests share comments and advice.  We appreciate that, so much, we'd like to formalize the process.  In fact many of the best services we offer have been a result of your suggestions! So with that in mind please Let us know what you would like to see and how you would like to see it in San Carlos.

Who knows? You might be able to make the claim "That was my idea" one day! So pick up the phone, email us or let us know on your next trip what you want and how you want it and we'll take it from there! See you in San Carlos in 2009

 Kevin Trejo


evening - Punta San Carlos





Just in time for XMAS, this tasty collectible is the perfect gift for your tequila lover.  Whether its the pistol, bullet or rifle  all are numbered.  The pistol comes with a shot glass


This tequila was created to commem- orate the 55th anniversary of Licores Veracruz.  Elaborated with Blue Agave, Hijos de Villa is a limited and numbered edition.  The presentations, which reflect the brave Mexican pride, were awarded national and international prizes.

Distinguished and unique, the bottle, rifle, bullet and the pistol, are certified by the CRT.

With over 55 years of experience Licores Veracruz has been bottling and commercializing Tequilas with denomination of origin, distilled and aged in Jalisco, home of the Blue Agave.

They are members of the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), which supervises and certifies each step of the manufacturing process of our products. Ideal appetizer and classical ingredient of margaritas.  Created for the most exigent clientele.

EDITOR's note:  This tequila is in limited supply but is available in the U.S.A and the SoloSports Campstore in Baja.


"I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate."
George Burns

14 yr. old Sean Mertens of Cambria Central Cal tore it up this summer while kite surfing with his dad and mentor Brian Caserio.  According to Brian - "Look out! This kid is going places with his talent".

Our Strategic Partners

That's right! FREE DEMO GEAR -  $300 value off any SoloSports Adventure Holiday if booked, paid in full before 12/31/08.  Not sure when you want to travel?  No Problem.  Purchase a Ticket to Ride or Gift Card. No dates are needed at time of booking.  Need a little more info  click here   Don't Sail or Kite? call to find out  how you can save as well.  949-289-7779

2009 is shaping up to be the perfect time to not only mix it up with the pros but to improve your sailing.  We've got many different programs to choose from.  Some are hardcore instructional like the Matt Prichard clinic while others are in a more casual atmosphere. The Matt Clinic is exclusive to the camp while all others may be booked without participation in the event. Check the schedule below for dates and for more information call 949-289-7779
Matt Pritchard Wavecamp  EXApril 11th - 18th     click here
Matt Pritchard Wavecamp  EXApril 18th - 25th     click here
Matt Pritchard Wavecamp  EX Oct. 10th-17th          click here
Team Quatro Demo WeekMay 2nd - 9th
Guy Cribb WeekTo be advised
Jem Hall Boot campAugust 22nd - 29th click for more info
Francisco Goya weekTo be Advised
EZZY WEEKTo be advised

If you're serious about mountain biking then we've got a gear option you're just going to love.  We've teamed up with Santa Cruz Bikes to provide high end mountain bikes to our guests.  There's no better way to experience our sixty miles of groomed bike trails than the Santa Cruz Heckler, a  mean machine.  So leave your bike at home and prepare to have a great mountain bike adventure.              Call   949-289-7779 for more info on this option

This year brought a new recreational alternative complete with breathtaking views and experiences for those skilled pilots.   Powered Paragliding takes some of the principles of kiting and hang gliding and is powered by a small gas engine.  No wind to 8knots is the ultimate environment for flight and normal afternoon PSC winds make flight impossible. 

Recently we were visited by an expedition of powered paragliding adventurers whose mission was to fly the entire Mexican coastline. Headed by pilot Jeff Hamann the other pilots and flight support crew were attempting a short run from Punta San Carlos to Punta Canoas.  Luck was with the group as light morning breezes gave the crew an easy flight of approximately 2 hours.  To see more photos of their adventure click here     For more information about powered paragliding click here

but wait! there's more

SoloSports Guests now have another option to choose from as they plan their day.  Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP is the latest watersport craze to hit the beaches, rivers, lakes, just about anywhere that has a body of water.  Whether there is surf or flat, it makes no difference to having a great time on the water.  There really isn't a steep learning curve to mastering the basics but perseverance does pay off.  There are many diverse options to this new sport.  Cruising or water touring in flat water (similar to kayaking), surfing, adding a sail for windsurfing in light wind, tandem surfing, fishing, the possibilities are endless.

San Carlos has been touted as a world-class SUP venue by serious SUP enthusiasts.  To satisfy the increasing demand for equipment and instruction, SoloSports Campo has a cache of boards available for  beginners to intermediate level guests.  Instructional DVD's and coaching are also available.  For more information about  SUP, visit the website of STAND-UPsurf sail magazine, to date the only magazine dedicated to this new sport - STANDUPJOURNAL   Also click on the a short slideshow of some Standup highlights this past season  STANDUP

the Fly-in Holiday -   Gear Option - the only way to travel to Punta San Carlos

You can't fight the numbers.  Fly-in Holidays were the most popular mode of travel this past season - by a country mile And our guests are pleased.

"You can't beat the 2 extra days of activities this package affords said a guest at the conclusion of his week."  Along with the excellent demo gear option, I had a hassle free adventure, I'll never forget."  It's true, with the way the travel industry has to cinch their belts, bringing gear is really no longer a viable option. With our handpicked and tested equipment gear, we've actually made it easier to enjoy your holiday adventure. 

Meet Cliff Gordy, Punta San Carlos regular and close SoloSports Family friend.  Cliff is one of those hearty sailors that has carved out a lifestyle around the outdoors and his love of windsurfing.  He has a PHD in mathematics but prefers being a professional birdwatcher. 

This occupation gives him the ability to be outdoors most of the time and enough time to stay in San Carlos for months at a time.  Cliff is  friendly enough and is described as mellow all the way up to the point you start speculating about the possibilities of tri-trisecting an angle.  Then watch out!

He is one the better standout sailors,  especially in light wind.  He always seems to get more than his fair share of go-outs and is well respected by his peers.  When not out in the water, Cliff wiles away the hours by mountain biking on either his unicycle or customized recumbent bicycle and other passion - bird watching.  Recently he discovered a bird species on the beach that was over a thousand miles from its natural habitat.  He is currently pursuing a bird-watching project in Honduras. 

Look for Cliff to be featured in an upcoming issue of WINDSPORT magazine

The only thing people wish to take home with them more then our insane gear is our fabulous Cocinera, Emerita.  All of us at SoloSports would like to thank her for 10 years of stellar service.  Emerita leads our kitchen staff in the preparation of all our meals from sunup to sundown.  Her creativity in preparing our local cuisine and other world dishes ,nets her much earned praise from our guests.  Don't miss  her 2009 menu of exotic dishes!  SALUD Emerita!

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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