2010 SoloSports Adventure Holidays are almost gone.  There's nothing left except those other Holidays.  Speaking of that, from all of us at SAH, here's hoping your Holiday Season is filled with happiness & joy and that providence brings all of you back to us in 2011.
We started 2010 with lofty goals, most expressly to bring more
quality instruction, enhancing our guest experience.  We have been fortunate to team up with a worldwide collection of dynamic coaches and instructors.  There's still room for a few more and we've got our eye on a couple of well respected and time tested "professors".   Got a  hot tip on a teach?  We're all ears.

Speaking of special events. PSC is inked in to be a contest venue for the American Windsurfing Tour series mid -summer but more on that later.

Year after year our international guest roster swells with new guests from around the globe.  A notable standout this year was 17 year old Olad Segal from Israel who spent a record 9 weeks with us.  All the staff noted that that his time in PSC enhanced his wave riding skills.  Now if we can just get him out of that seat harness.

Our MTB program is now hitting it's stride.  After hosting several pro bikers, enhancing and expanding our trails, been featured in several Bike magazines and a premiere MTB movie we're finishing the year with a event featuring Cannondale Bikes.  PSC is finally on the MTB map.  Plan on riding our stellar fleet on your trip.

SUP, the newest water craze is now the most popular morning water activity.  Throw a sail on it while the wind is ramping up and you've got a full day of water time.  We're beefed up our SUP fleet to meet the demand.  Throw in a bike ride and a Baja Fog and you'll usher in Baja midnight (9PM) horizontally.

OK, you don't like Grant, then how about 17.5 Jacksons?  When you book now, pay in full before 12.31.2010 you'll get free rental gear and if you opt for the Fly-in Holiday, you'll get another $50 off.  That's $350!

Don't know when you want to go?....no problem.  Our Ticket to Ride or Gift Card options allow you to confirm your travel plans later.

We've got a power-packed year planned and space is filling up with the most popular dates selling out first.  Need a nudge to the main squeeze for Christmas? Give us a call.  We're  nudging experts.

for bookings, questions & a nudge request call 949.289.7779


  We've got 4 great ways to learn & burn.

Let's face it. We could all use a coach.  We've only got so much time to be the best we can be and we know it.  That's why we've put together a dynamic 4 -pack of some of the world's best coaches. Each with their own distinct style, this group has one thing in common - they're results oriented with a passion to see you succeed.

Punta San Carlos is the perfect venue for learning not only the basics of wave sailing but intermediate and advanced windsurfing skill sets as well. What a winning combo!

Matt Pritchard - along with his brother Kevin have been nicknamed the sons of San Carlos.  These boys cut their teeth at PSC and both their careers are legendary.  Matt is a natural at coaching in PSC because of his local knowledge and easy going demeanor.  Backup-ed by pro West Coast Wave sailor Kevin McGillivray,  their program consistently bring'ums back smiling and wanting more.

Wyatt Miller  - Berkeley Boys Wyatt and Tyson Poor bring not only wave sailing expertise in their quiver but freestyle as well.  Throw in SUP instruction and your coaching week is complete.  Wyatt, Naish team rider always seems to have a few name guest hosts to help him out.

Jem Hall - Sergeant Jem has a discipline that accurately describes his instructional week as "Boot Camp".  Only  those that truly want to achieve their goals need apply.  Jem is a professional coach from England with the credentials to match.  He has a cult following and many repeat customers.


 Guy Cribb - His INtuition instructional events are legendary. Another English Coach with a following and just as serious as Jem, Guy mixes up his week with serious water sport instruction and fun non-sports activities that build character & keep enlarged egos in check.  It's quite a show.

Check our 2011 Holiday Schedule for dates when these Coaches will be in camp or call for info 949-289-7779


Francisco Goya and SAH have teamed up with the infusion of Goya Sails & Sailboards to the Campo fleet.  Fran dropped by last fall to introduce the guests and staff to the 2011 lineup.  The results of testing the new line -  impressive!  This addition is an enhancement to our staple equipment list.  Welcome aboard Fran!

Strange but true occurrences in the natural world of Punta San Carlos

In all my years in PSC I have never seen this phenomenon.  While hiking in a narrow, steep dry river bed near the mesa,  several miles from camp, Neil Foley and I came upon several locations of mud balls neatly stacked against the dry river bed wall.  In varying sizes from golf ball to cantaloupe it was as if they were deliberately put there, like  a child making snowballs for a snowball fight.  The photo here displays only a few of the mud balls but we came upon areas that had up to hundred.  Anybody have any facts.......we'd love to hear about how and why this occurs.


It happened one foggy night (no, really!).  A group of guests began to protest that they, not being of the Corona persuasion (whatever that means?) were tired of being step children to the Baja Fog and wanted their own persona when given a substitute of Pacifico-Tequila & Lime.  A creative team force was immediately assembled and set to the task of branding this alternative.  I believe alcohol was involved as the official sergeant at arms.  Before the stroke of Baja Midnight,these mid-wives of branding delivered the latest potent golden libation,  the Paci-Fogger, complete with mascot of a pacifier dripping the sweet nectar of beer saturated tequila.

It so happens that Lisa, KMAC's lovely companera & full time sweetie was on-hand to assist in the promotion.  Solo Barkeep Neil Foley threw his hat in by posing in a risqué nightmarish before & after photo.  Add some shirts & sweats from the Campstore and before long all was smoothed over. Ask for it by name.  That's "Pass-a-fogger",  Dude or Dudette.


This month's entry comes from Solo Family Member, camp -  showman, shaman and staff dentist - Martin Charland.  Anyone who has ever been in camp when Martin is "in" AKA "holding court", can't help but leave with a chuckle or an old Arabic curse on his (or her) lips. Earlier this year his Star Trek skit brought the house down.

Over the past few years Martin has coerced me into a few weird, macabre and most suitably -  perverse, photo sessions, always with the promise that "you'll see".  I'm now in therapy.

This year Martin unveiled his creative endeavor, a tribute calendar to the common man's backside.  I've now been bribed with the promise of a teeth whitening to help him distribute...(aaaah........dispose) of his inventory.  I'm thinking that this may appeal to the tender or bender gender or well.. anyone  in the 94114 zip code.  Interested? Send us a request & we'll forward it to Martin......with sterile tongs.  ED

Dana Miller has a passion for the good ole days of exciting wave sailing contests on the west coast...remember those? - Pistol River, Jalama, Waddell, Countyline...back in the glory days?  With equal passion, young Ms. Sam Bittner with the help of a lot of friends and sponsors brought it all back in 2010 with the Pistol River Wave Bash.  Sam and the AWT have expanded their 2011 venues to include events in Pistol River, Santa Cruz, PSC, Cape Hatteras & Maui.  We are very excited to host the Cactus Cup - the Punta San Carlos wavesailing event during the period of July 30 - August 6th. Matt Pritchard & a select group will be applying their fair & balanced  judging skills topping off quite an exciting event.  It will be great to have all that talent on the point again.  Thanks  for breathing life back into wave sailing.   For more info click here.

SoloSports Strategic partner CANNONDALE BIKES recently held an "Adjust your Attitude" essay contest.   Winner - Stephanie Nitsch of Park City Utah, really raked in the prizes, including a week in Punta San Carlos with SAH , a Jekyll Ultimate mountain Bike and some very nice wearable swag.  She is surrounded by Derek Dejong - Publisher Bike Magazine, Pro Cannondale Biker - Chris VanDine, Cannondale Marketing Manager - Bill Rudell  and SAH owner - Kevin Trejo.  Adding to all that attention, Stephanie and her friend Rebecca Stevens received, there was an added bonus of special instruction and tips from Chris VanDine.  It was a great week for all that attended, including several MTB adventures  and SUP & Surfing sessions.  All documentations of those evenings at the now infamous Chili-Bomb Cantina  have been locked in the vault to assist anyone with aspirations of running for public office in the next 50 years.     SALUD STEPH, CANNONDALE & BIKE MAG!

A Different kind of Rescue -

Mike Younghusband from Southern California (along with his trusty burro Don-Kay and dog Solo) came through the Fishcamp in early November on his way to walk the length of Baja to Cabo !

Solo staffer Neil was on hand to snap a shot of Mike & Co. and give him some warnings about what he was about to encounter. This route from San Carlos to points south is not an easy one and within 3 days Mike was radioing for assistance as his Burro had gone on strike due to a water shortage. As with all Search and Rescues, Neil was on it and in no time had Mike’s GPS coordinates (18 miles south) and was heading south in a -panga with Alfredo from the fish camp with water and food.

With bad weather closing in they located them, delivered the supplies and made sure Mike and crew were well. Mike got through the tough section and has now reached Baja Sur (250 miles south) and is well on his way to success.

Just another day in the life of rescue-man Neil.

We are happy to help Mike and wish him all the best in the rest of his journey !  And thanks Neil for the noble effort!  Ed 


A few snaps & ditties from the past & present.  

East meets West -  Seems like clockwork, we'll see campers Cliff Gordy and his friend Ed McElroy in PSC every Fall.  Ed's nickname is the "Best dressed man in PSC" because of his signature ensemble of oxford blue button down long sleeve dress shirt, slacks and safari hat.

This year while hosting some Japanese guests, we noticed a striking similarity between Ed and one of our guests.  Didn't think it possible that there could be 2 best dressed men in PSC at the same time.  Well, decide for yourself -   Strange but true.

Carded at the Door - Brian Caserio's son Spencer knows a good thing when he see's it and has charmed his way into the Solo Campo scene every time he's in PSC.  Playing pool, sucking on a Gatorade or tickling the cookie jar, made some a bit jealous.  A solution was crafted and problem solved.  Enter the premium coveted membership card.  This rare right of passage comes complete with a strict set of qualifications and restrictions.  Don't bother asking - we only award one a year.  By the way - Spencer has become quite a accomplished photographer, winning awards &  putting ole dad in the pressure cooker of competition.  Go gett'um  Son!

Tom Byrnes  - de-throned -  Ex-Wind tracks staffer Tom Byrnes and his lovely wife Lee finally completed the brain draining procedures of international adoption and now have the cutest Colombian daughter - Yerly Montgomery Byrnes.  "Watch out" warns Tom.  "She's sharp and quick witted, besting me at just about every parenting skill there is."  Wait till she starts sailing, Tom. -ED

The band with no name There is no shortage of musical instruments in camp, mostly brought by guests.  A few regulars got together to "jam".  The results -sublime.  Jim Haynes AKA "Dammit Jim" - Solo Royalty, almost razed the cantina with his take of "Orange Blossom Special".  There were quite a few magic moments in amp this past year from guests.  Band members would come & go but the quality remained steady......Baja Fogs help a lot.  Photo - Ohad. K-Dough & Chris Gerrie.

Visitors of Interest Every year we host notable individuals in PSC.  This year we had Dave White, pro speed sailor and editor of UK Boards Mag.  Dave is low-key about his accomplishments but quick with a joke or prank.  All in all he's quite a charming talented fellow.  Long time PSC visitor Corky Cullen, currently with Cabrina Kites, dropped by with pro Kiter Jon Modica during a good swell.  Jon was on fire and Corky showed us all that he still has  more than a few great moves left, on & off the water. 

 A Few Memories from the Past - You know you've been coming to PSC a while when you can say you remember the PSC road sign looking like this.  This PSC icon has seen quite a few changes over the years.  If you've got one older than this - pass it on, we'd love to print it & credit you.  Next up, remember the old Ford on the dirt road?  How about PSC's Malibu gadfly's Bob Bourget & Morgan Runyon AKA Modaddy?  Mo's into kiting,  married to a beautiful Aussie, & has a child.  They commute between down under - Malibu and Hollywood.  Bob showed up on FACEBOOK recently living on the Big Island and considering marriage....WOW!   We even heard ex-Malibu-ite Traig Trumbo is married  with children.  I couldn't pass up this gem from the recent past.  Solo family member Chris Gerrie involuntarily teamed up with Team Shredtha  featuring another SFM Deano Andressen & friends  for a wild week of intrigues,  hijinks & mystery...all before the crew crossed the border!  Chris. undaunted, spent a month with us this Summer/Fall and scored! 

There won't be a TEQUILA of the MONTH this go-round.  After I drank the bottle, I lost my notes and split my lip from a nasty head ricochet from throwing back a shot. ED

Most bizarre incident of the year at Camp -pirate Martin & ST crew

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure. 

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