We're still breathing hard from all the fun this summer.  The fall is looking like it will give summer a hard run for the money with more clinics, events & special guests.

This issue we will recap the highlights of summer and introduce you to some new friends we've made.  The southern hemisphere lit up like a solar flare giving us some solid south swells....so much so, we fired up our "South Swell Special"  alert program to give those wave hunters a fast track to the action. 

Got a little spare time for some fun?  We'd love to have you down.  We've still got space to squeeze you in before the seasons over.  Just give us a call.

  Our 2010 schedule is now posted on our Schedule page.  It's best to start making your plans now before we start to fill up.  We will be adding special events as our strategic partners sort out their calendars. 

If you book now & pay in full before  12.31.09 for 2010, we will give you FREE rental gear - that's a $300 savings. Ticket to Rides and Gift Cards are also included for this savings and are available for Christmas.

2010 is shaping up to be our best year yet.  Don't get left out of the fun...stop dreaming & start planning.  Want to be a special group leader and save even bigger bucks? 

Call us at 949.289.7779 for details.


The July 4th weekend brought a nice southern hemi swell and a couple of campo favorites -  Kevin McGillivray & Tanya Saleh.  There was a lack of crowd making our dynamic duo wave gluttons.  This human short coming gave way to both being benched briefly with "sports related" injuries.  A lively debate ensued re: asymmetricals that finally drove both of them back into the water.

A special thanks to Tanya for her great PSC article in Windsurf mag and her bio mention in Windsurfing mage.  Tanya also recently went under the knife for a torn meniscus.  Here's wishing Tanya a speedy recovery.  SALUD!

On the SUP front - Brian Caserio & Miguel Lunceford put in an impressive  standup paddle board session in the Chili Bowl in big, high wind swept swell. Later in the season, Dave Dominy of Streamlined with friend and PSC pioneer Jeff King scored a winner with a week of different  south swells. Standup paddleboarding has become a very popular morning attraction with campers and Solo guests alike.  When the wind hits 8 knots, those fortunate to have mast tracks on their boards hit the water for a pre -windsurfing warm-up. Jem Hall -right, demos the sail-SUP for his students. SoloSports features Quatro SUPs that all include mast tracks as standard equipment.  Solo offers standup instruction to all guests wishing to try the latest watersport craze.

We now have an official FACEBOOK page and we'd love to have you as a fan.  We promise not to post meaningless quips about eating breakfast or getting up or my personal irritant - I'm breathing again today.  Instead we'll keep you informed on the madcap adventures of our guests, updates on events and a selection of the best shots of the day.  You in?  Just click the FACEBOOK logo above to join. Once you're a FACEBOOK member type  solosports in the  SEARCH box - our logo should come up, click it.

Are you a SKYPE user? You can reach us at sancarloskevin

"Just do it!"

SoloSports started out as an outlet for my love of any kind of "Solo Sport" or my lack of desire for "Team Sports".

I'm sure many of you know what I mean. As a kid, I hated team sports like baseball, soccer and stuff like that but just loved any chance I could get to ride a bike, skateboard, ski, surf - anything I could do on my own and be as good or bad as I wanted to be, I could do it over and over and over if I wanted to get really good at it. So when I started to take skiers to the High Sierra's and surfers on guided trips to Baja, Mexico - SoloSports was the first name that came to mind for my new company!

 That was in 1987 and it even started out as me running all these ski, surf & windsurf tours, solo. I did it all, whatever it took!

I organized the tours, promoted it, advertised it, booked it, shopped for supplies, drove, cooked, cleaned, skied, surfed or windsurfed along with the three million other duties it took to give my new friends the experience I wanted them to have.  On top of all that I had to be the inspiration and motivating factor in getting my guests to step out of their comfort zone and take the next step in their sport and just go for it, try that new move, get deeper in the barrel, go for that loop or just hit the lip!

23 years later I'm stoked to hear of someone I got into surfing that is now hooked and a full fledged surfer, the guy who could windsurf great but had never been in the ocean and now because I got him hooked on wave sailing, lives for the surf and has a new lifelong passion. I just received an email from a group of Norwegians that came for the epic wavesailing this spring, I took them for mountain bike rides almost everyday and guess what? Yep, you guessed it, they are totally hooked on mountain biking now, they all went out and bought full suspension bikes and are riding like mad men! The email said they will return next year for the waves but mainly for the unreal mountain biking. My point of all this is to just get out there and do it!  Nike has it right  - "Just do it"

Maybe you came for the windsurfing and you don't surf. Get out there and surf! It will help your wavesailing more than you'll know!

Maybe you've never tried stand up paddle boarding. Get out there and do it! There's a reason why it's exploding as the next big watersport, it's fun.  Get on a bike, surfboard, sup, kayak "Just do it" You could end up like my friend Jason who joined us to mountain bike and learned to surf! he's been bit hard and surfs every chance he gets. Or you could be like my friends from Norway that now don't mind if the wind and waves don't cooperate as they can just jump on their bikes and have a great time. I can't tell you how many times I've had guests return after windsurfing the waves with us that are now kiting the waves after seeing how much fun we have riding the waves with a kite!

 I love it! Life is way to short to sit on the beach and pray for wind and waves! Seize the day! if there's no wind, then surf, if there's no surf go for a mountain bike ride or a stand up paddle session, if it's raining...well read a good book from our library! Take advantage of our limited time on mother earth and "Just do it"!   



Reposado Tequila

Tequila Don Ramon Reposado is 100% puro de Agave, and is aged at least 2 months in oak barrels. Tequila Don Ramon hand selects the sweetest Agave pina's for the production of their products.

We've taste tested this tequila in our Chili-bomb Cantina straight up, in Baja Fogs & margaritas.  Our guests have given it 3 thumbs up.  This elegant  etched frosted bottle is an excellent decanter worth keeping when it's empty.

We are now stocking it at the bar and is also available in the CAMPSTORE. -ED

Macho Pan - famed retired Mexican wrestler & current bread winner

Most notable Tequila induced quote of 2009 from the

 Chili-Bomb Cantina

"How far does it take to get there?"

Wyatt Miller windsurfing clinic  Oct. 17-24 

click image for more info




WINDSURFING MOVIE crew features Punta San Carlos in new project

August ushered in quite a long list of celebrities - Graham Ezzy, Kai Lenny, Levi Siver, Keith Teboul & Jace Panebianco.  The Poor Boys, the production company responsible for the multi award winning windsurfing documentary "The Windsurfing Movie" have slotted PSC as a feature in their newest project -  "The Windsurfing Movie ll".  Under the direction of cinematographer Jace P, the aforementioned crew of talent made the best of average conditions but were hoping for an epic swell.  We've got a commitment from them to return the next time a mega south rears up. Upon their return from PSC the boys immediately regrouped for a shoot at Tahiti's Teahupoo .  Whoa -that's heavy! We look forward to their return visit.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have Jace, Kai, Levi, Keith & Graham in camp.  Kai impressed everyone with his level of professionalism and versatility.  It is not surprising that he is projected to be a future world champion.  We think so too.  Good luck to all of you in the future.  We can't wait to see your newest project on the screen.


UK Windsurfing Coach Jem Hall conducted his own form of bootcamp for a squad of enthusiastic wave sailors this past August.  The group included members from Italy, France, Austria, Australia, Ireland, the US and of course England.

Conditions couldn't have been better providing Jem's team with good wind & waves - all week.  Jem is one of the most passionate, dedicated instructors we've ever seen. He has a reputation of bringing an intensity to his coursework that "get's results" which is what all attendees expect.

We all thrilled that Jem has re-upped for August 2010.  If you've got what it takes to excel, Jem will definitely take you there.


After 3 years of scheduling, we finally got Guy Cribb, UK windsurfing coach to hold his event in the camp.  As the week ended all of us were impressed - Guy with PSC & the Campo and us with the quality of his INtuition program.  The attendees were definitely a diverse international group, representing England, Australia, Sweden and the US.

Guy's program includes not only keen instruction on & off the water but  promotes teambuilding with bizarre competitions with rewards & booby prizes resembling a cross between Monty Python & Benny Hill.  It's all in good fun and the attendees were good sports about it.   There were moments when the group pushed him to do acts of overt bravado, including eating a pickled in tequila scorpion.

Guy & the lads can't wait to get back and savor a bit more action with the conditions....to quote one of his crew  :" We've seen these epic swells in the photos for years..next go-round it's our turn.   You bet, guys! -ED

Attention all Swell Hunters!

SoloSports is proud to announce another weapon for your cache of swell hunting tools - an e-mail alert advising the forecast of a good swell and a special package including flights to PSC to hit it in a timely fashion.  Piqued your interest yet?  Just click on the button to the left for more information on how to sign up. 

Matt Pritchard Wave Camp Oct. 10-17

Click image for more info


Another SoloSports tradition has been born.

Come celebrate a week of mind-bending, gut busting & sidesplitting activities at Punta San Carlos & help set Mexican tradition back ohhh.. several hundred years!  click on the image to the right if you dare!

The SEMANA de los MUERTOS is destined to be one of the major events/parties of the year.  As you can see, mountain biking will play a major role on the activity list but don't let that fool ya.  It's about any and everything we do at Punta San Carlos on & off the water.  Party-ing down at the Chili-Bomb Cantina  will be popular for sure but so will the sports activities.  Space is limited to a lucky few so don't wait too long to reserve your place!___________________________________________________


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