April 12 opened the SoloSports Adventure Holiday season with  the first of 2 Matt Pritchard Wavecamps.  Matt, his associate Kevin McGillivray and SAH owner Kevin Trejo  got things underway with a  general orientation of Punta San Carlos and an intro course in wave sailing basics.  After qualifying each attendee's goals, the group hit the water for a warm up and evaluation. 

The wavecamp was blessed with a waist to head high swell, perfect for wavesailing instruction.  Later in the week a solid south swell hit.  Matt & Kevin Mc wowed the group with a demonstration down in the Chili Bowl.  Many of the attendees commented that  their wave sailing had indeed improved during the week which was evident during the final sailing hours of the week.  Stephen Winiarski  took top honors as most accomplished by learning how to loop.

Week two of the Wavecamp was a more intimate setting for the attendees including a special guest provided by Windsurfing Magazine for an upcoming article.  See article below.  A moderate south swell again provided excellent conditions for honing wave sailing skills.  Due to the popularity of this event, Matt has decided to add an additional date this Fall for those who missed out this Spring.  Check our schedule for the new dates.  2008 Schedule

CHECK THE 2008 SCHEDULE FOR MORE INFO ON MATT'S FALL WAVECAMP....wait - hey check this out!!

Matt & Kevin Pritchard have teamed up on a great new website complete with blog, news and sailing tips. This is definitely worth a look - leave them a note as well, they'd love to hear from you.  We wish both of them the best on this new enterprise and we can't wait until we can have them back in San Carlos again - hey! don't forget  Brian Caserio.   http://www.pritchardwindsurfing.com/

"If you can dream it....you can do it"  Walt Disney/Arthur C Clarke

Keith Teboul-Team Quatro & Matt Pritchard wow wavecamp attendees at the C-Bowl

The Team Quatro Demo week was a combination of top notch instruction & equipment demo.  Quatro Intl, Goya Sails and Maui Fin Company provided a large selection of gear.  Keith Teboul, Lalo Goya, Levi Siver, Jake Miller,  Jason Diffen, Pio Marasco & Dan Thomson gave the attendees their own brand of wave sailing tips & tricks.  The instruction also included video & still photo analysis and radio helmets  which proved invaluable tools to ensure improvement.  We were impressed with the quality of instruction and equipment, a view  shared with all of the attendees.

Mother nature once again provided perfect conditions for instruction and at the end of the week served up a massive south swell for all.  Keith & the Team provided exciting entertainment surf sailing the over mast high sets in the Chili Bowl. 

A special thanks to Jake Miller for bringing this all together and for introducing us to Team Quatro.  Jake also turned in an outstanding performance in the waves as well. 

We look forward to Team Goya returning in the Fall for another demo/instruction week.   Check out the these great companies on the web at Quatro Intl. & Goya Sails & Maui Fin Co.

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Windsport magazine has again chosen Punta San Carlos to test windsurfing equipment.  The tests will be during the last week of September running into the beginning of October.  The tests will run along with SAH scheduled adventure holiday package Sept. 27- Oct. 4.  This event will appear as a  Windsport magazine feature article.

This year they will test 2 specific types of wave boards - entry level and advanced.  The tests will be hosted by the SoloSports Campo and also will share the spotlight with Team Goya - featuring Keith Teboul & others.  SoloSports guests will have the opportunity to test the equipment as well as participate in Team Goya's demo/instructional clinic.  For more information or to sign up for this special holiday

call 949.289.7779 for info or reservations.

How about a working/sailing holiday with Dr. Steven Wood?  Participate in his CME program - General Medical Update Conference and you can.  This program is not unique to Punta San Carlos, Dr. Wood conducts his program in Bonaire during the Winter/Spring.  So learn while you burn.  For more information click here

"We must be doing something right" 

Over the last several years I have noticed a large number of annual visitors to San Carlos using our all inclusive fly-in service only to let us know they wished they had done so years ago! 

One of our guests from Portland had called me after his trip and said "I just sailed 4 hours on the last day of my trip and slept in my own bed that same night"  

Quite an awakening for someone who used to drive a motorhome for two days just to get to San Carlos! 

I'd hear these guys mumbling something about "all that packing and loading and driving and that was just to get there!"

Now they can jump on a plane in San Diego in the morning and be enjoying Punta San Carlos for lunch.  

This spring we had 1/2 of Hood River in camp for a couple weeks and then 1/2 of Maui the next! I'd say that puts us right up there in pretty good company! 

Is it the fact that we're all getting older and just want to enjoy all the things San Carlos has to offer without all the hassle? 

Is it the speed and ease of the flight down? Is it the food? Is it the insane wave rides or bike rides or the fact that the only thing you have to do is do whatever it is you want to do??? Could it be the Baja Fog or hanging with new and old friends around the campfire or the sunsets or the whales or the dolphins or the seals or just the peace of mind knowing that its just fine to sit in a beach chair and watch the mid afternoon parade of whales? 

For me it's a little of all these things and I cherish them as they come. If I can help you experience this as well, then I think I have done my job! For this is who I am and this is what I do!     KT

Luna Sueño Tequila



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Luna Sueño is the first four distillation Tequila "Cuadruple Destilado". This exclusive distillation and oxygenation process brings an unequivocal refinement to the ultr-premium Tequila market. Four distinct alembic distillations create absolute purity while retaining the full floral qualities of our estate grown Weber Blue Agave.


SoloSports family member  & current Ad star Martin Charland - demonstrates that you don't need a Master's in chemistry to whip up a tasty bomb down at the CB cantina..... but it helps

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SoloSports features ripping Guests

in 2008 Advertising Plan

We just love our SoloSports Family members.  That's what guests become after their first experience with us.  Besides  having to slug down a Baja Fog and savor a Chili Toreado, there are still more "perks" .  We've started to feature talented guests in our ads.  So far we've showcased two guests in our full page ads in STANDUP surf sail.  Bust a move in front of Clark Merritt's 600mm and you've got a shot of 15 seconds of fame.  SALUD! to  heroes Martin Charland & Duane "OZ" Osowetski

Did you know SoloSports Adventure Holidays supports Windsurfing Clubs?  WS clubs are an integral part of helping to keeping the sport alive.  We proudly help to sponsor clubs in Canada - Saskatchewan Windsurfing Club, APVM - Montreal, and AKVQ - Quebec.  Sadly, U.S.A. WS clubs aren't what they used to be in the eighties.  At least that's what we hear.  We'd love for you all to prove us wrong.  If you belong to a windsurfing club with at least 200 members - drop us a line to see how we can help keep your club healthy.  Come on England & Ireland & the rest of the world, we're waiting to hear from you.

We are excited to have our geologist friends returning to the campo this year to continue their work and conducting their post graduate seminars.  Last year these folks were a hit with the guests and were quite good natured as they fielded a myriad of questions on the area.

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure. 

unsubscribe@solosports.net  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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Lets get out of here!!


Another fine mess  by WildHareMMages   


Solo maps 60 Miles of Multi-Purpose Trails for Mt. Bikers, Runners  & Hikers SoloSports offers all guests & visitors access to the over 60 miles of multi-purpose trails at Punta San Carlos.  But how do you know where to go and the  ability level the trails?  After a year of plotting the trails on a GPS system, categorizing the trails based on a similar system as ski resorts and placing signs in the field, the project is finished - at least the first phase.  Each year the trail system becomes more extensive.

There are touring trails for just leisurely taking in all the natural beauty, adventure trails for the enthusiast that craves a little heart pounding and a natural skate park style playground called the Badlands.  For sure, the system has something for everybody.

SoloSports offers guests the use of mountain bikes as part of their holiday package.  If you're fee camping, don't forget to pack your bike, helmet  and a few extra tubes and patch kits.  Slimed tires are definitely an asset.

Trail Maps are available from our Campstore.  If you have any questions regarding the trail system or you need a map, ask the camper host.  Solo Guests have the expertise of avid biker, Kevin Trejo for tips & as a biking partner.  Bike clubs are welcome to the campo.  Call for special group rates                               A special thanks to Kyle Brazell for contributing most of the brains, design & labor for this project.

There are, from time to time in San Carlos, strange occurrences that puzzle & mystify the mind.  I have chosen to inform you that most recently, something was definitely afoot.  Something so bizarre it could only be described as biblical.  Le me esplain.....

Chapter 0ne -  "let my people go"

When we arrived to Campo SoloSports for our first trip last month, we were greeted by a host (AKA pestilence) of different insects -confused & quite contrary along with some intense temperatures, challenging the most hearty of  body & mind. This was not normal for Punta San Carlos in April.  So why the  biblical plagues ?  There were late rains in March which fooled nature into triggering a procreation of all sorts of insects, snakes , etc. and a spectacular colorful floral desert floor.  Now throw a freak el Norte, east wind to blow all those bugs to the coast and you have the story of Moses all over again.   Sometime in the middle of this series of plagues It was over heard that somewhere on the planet, somebody was demanding "let my people go". Guests began to act strangely.  Local fishermen told us there was a thick layer of dead insects on the ocean surface, 10 miles out.   (don't worry things are finally back to normal.  It was over quickly)  But if the sea turns red, I'm heading for the mesa.       But wait! there's more!

Chapter Two - Un Milagro en la Cocina

Aurelio a local fisherman and provider of most of our fresh crab, lobster and fish was helping out our kitchen staff recently when in his own words he exclaimed "Un Milagro, Un Milagro!"               (a miracle).  Aurelio was cooking a chicken wing appetizer on our grill when he looked down and saw a face on a wing staring back at him.  I think most of us have heard or seen a few of these Milagros over time, including the virgin Mary on toast, bathroom glass or an unsightly mole etc. so you can imagine the hysteria & commotion it caused in the cocina.  As the kitchen staff searched for a proper glass canister to display the face, a guest, unawares & and in an elevated state, scarfed it down.  After much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, order was restored, dinner finally served and the whole affair faded into the arms of Baja midnight.   I know someone's gonna ask - it was chili-lime flavor.   But wait, there's more.

Chapter Three - Return of Farquar

In 1999 I came to witness the highly controversial PWA event held at Punta San Carlos.  I was hired by a subversive, radical, underground sports magazine to cover the event .  In the process of viewing the contest, I met a most unusual gentlemen named Farquar, a windsurfing trust funder from Devils Island French Guiana.  Over the week event, the mag staff became quite taken by the hijinks & mayhem of our new chum.  If you are so compelled to learn more click this link  .  After the event, we lost track of our globetrotter, until now.  When  Team Quatro came to town recently there was one of their  crew that seemed hauntingly familiar.  It didn't take long to see through his new identity - Cyrus, & expose his real persona - Farquar.  This reunion netted a new twisted tale of his stay with us.  Farquar, Cyrus, or (I'm sure there are more aliases) Mr. X was guaranteed to stir the pot with his offbeat lifestyle. And he did!   Look for the whole story to appear in Clay Feeter's (WINDTRACKS) new mag STANDUP surf sail sometime later this year.


This is exactly what it looks like. There's no getting around it. Sometimes things get out of hand at the bar. 

We chose this photo because it needs to lighten up a bit.  So color it madcap or tragic or black humor.  Best get a move on, the boys in the back are already sharpening their pencils and Bic Shavers.

So send in your entry to  baja@solosports.net and win a nifty prize or a SoloSports Baja Special "get out of jail FREE card."  DISCLAIMER - Cards are most likely non-returnable if submitted to a Federale or local official.  Additional ID, money and or an attorney may be required to resolve your dilemma.  Do not use this card to pick your teeth or if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, have been drinking, suffer from foot-in-mouth or dumbchitzitis, or have ever repeatedly attempted to flush the bano. SoloSports reserves the right to deny ever knowing you.

Windsurfing magazine sends writer to capture the essence of wave sailing instruction with Matt P  -   burns mouth, torches camp and scorches bano, oh yeah, surf sails too

Nice headline huh?  Well he almost did but the wind switched.  Here's what you need to know.  WS mag sends Chuck Hardin a Georgia sailor and writer out to learn how to wave sail with Matt Pritchard.   That's innocent enough.  Chuck is introduced or should I say, seduced by a host of Baja Fogs and not only does he learn about wave sailing but begins a second career as a Mexican wrestler,  a street performing chili swallower and adds a few moves onto the Macarena... all before 10AM!    Don't miss the exciting times of Chuck Hardin in Punta San Carlos, coming to you in the next few issues of Windsurfing Magazine.  A MUST READ!

Disclaimer -  learning to wave sail can take years, learning the Macarena, a lifetime & mastering being a street performing chili swallower - slightly longer.  Mexican wrestling not included in SAH instructional package & mask sold separately.

editor's note - sorry Chuck, looked all over camp couldn't find that portion of your upper lip that was torn off in the dance contest.  Until the plastic surgery, mold some super cold water SEX WAX.  it's like duct tape. 


Gots kids crazy for HELLO KITTY?

Well now you can give them the perfect gift - a HELLO KITTY Surfboard.  BRAND NEW, top quality, licenced Hello Kitty longboards & shortboards for just $500 plus shipping.  These boards were custom designed for young children....sorry guys....maybe if you have a stealthy gal.

INQUIRIES - clarkmerritt@solosports.net


SoloSports at a glance 2008 Calendar
Aug.  2-9 Jesse Brown Ezzy Clinic
Aug. 16-23 Ben Wilson Kite Surf Camp
Sept. 13-20 CME - General Medical Update
T.B.A Matt Pritchard Wavecamp
Sept.  27-Oct.4 Windsport Board Test / Team Goya Demo