Wind, Waves & Heat

a record Breaker all around

Punta San Carlos in addition to enjoying many of the wave pulses of the southern and western Pacific also

endured the heat wave with the rest of the west coast of North America.  Watermen enjoyed the warmer water temps and there were a hand full of trunk-able days. As always their were many crowd less sessions with only those few in the know savoring the charms of the point.  It bares repeating - the Summer months are the best kept secret for uncrowded waves & wind. 

This issue labors to capture some of the highlights of the Summer season. We've still got a month left with many southern hemi's yet to come. Quite a Summer!


Fall is just around the corner (our favorite time) and we will again see our friends from the Gorge - stretching their season a few more months as well as the south bound migration to the tip. Get down here while the gettin's good!



SoloSports Adventure Holiday 2007 Schedule ready for Booking  (click here to view)

Now there's no reason to put off making your travel plans for next year.  We've just published our 2007 Schedule on the SoloSports website

Remember we've got the fly-in option available - its the best way to maximize your holiday time. Don't delay,

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SoloSports tests new Helmet Radio as waterproof instructional aid

The HEADZONE Coaching System is a great way for remote coaching on & off the water.  We recently had an opportunity to test out this system on our latest EZZY clinic and  a Japanese wave clinic group with very favorable results.  The system includes a waterproof helmet and a hand held radio.  So far we're giving it 2 thumbs up. For more info on this product go their site

Brian Caserio vs. that Darn Baja Fate!

Our long time good friend Brian Caserio recently dropped by to gather some footage of Graham Ezzy for his latest windsurfing video project. On his last day while surfing, a pilot light on his propane refrigerator ignited some cardboard in his camper shell and the back of his truck was soon ablaze. Seeing the smoke, he quickly exited the water and extinguished the fire.  Luckily his camera gear was safe in the cab of the truck and was not damaged.  As for his board & camping equipment ...well... charred to barely usable. 

Baja vet Brian took it all in stride, chalking it all up to that Fickle Baja Fate. Our hearts go out and our hats are off to you Brian.  On a brighter note, look for Brian to be in The Kiteboarder Calendar for 2007.  We caught Brian on his directional Jimmy Lewis kite board, inside of the point,  and submitted it.  Note: Brian showed his expertise on both his sailboard & kite board.  Good job Brian & Good Luck!  We can't wait to see your newest DVD.

Always listen to the experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then go out and do it. -                                                                   Robert Heinlein

SoloSports Family Member Taka pulls into the Chili Bowl


Graham Ezzy fresh from Europe, busts a move in the Chili Bowl

3rd Annual EZZY rig-n-rip Series resets bar with 3 week marathon

Imagine 3 back to back weeks with the dynamic duo of Dave & Graham Ezzy & their Rig-n-Rip series of instructional wave camps.  This years clinics saw a myriad of sailing conditions along with rig & wave sailing tips and the debut of the 2007 EZZY Sail line.  Dave Ezzy, owner and designer of the line was excited about his new dynamic direction.  " I had an epiphany this past season on what would make my sails the best ever" he said.  "After testing my design changes I knew I was on to something big." Clinic attendees were fortunate to demo the new line with unanimous positive feedback.  Check'um out this fall at your Ezzy dealer!

Chicanery, practical jokes & good clean fun abounded as well.  Solo Family member "Ginga" Dara provided a unique blend of Cosmic travel agent/ barkeep...(ahhh sometimes at the same time) and provided the group with some pretty fancy banjo pickin' as well.  Then there was a Neil Young look-a-like and the clinic's 4 yr old Stu that kept the cocina staff in stitches - on and off the water.

All the registered attendees received a new 2007 SE EZZY wave sail and a commemorative t-shirt. All in all it was a another great clinic series with the Ezzy's promising to return again next year.  Don't miss this great clinic series next for 2007.

Fly-ins take off for guests SoloSports Fly-in options are the perfect way to maximize your trip.  2 possible extra sailing sessions and ease of travel have made this a very popular   option for our guests.    CALL 949.289.7779 for more info.

Little Known Fun Facts

Recently while piling shredded cabbage on my fish taco, Emerita, our cocinera approached me with her spatula. Using it like a profesora uses a pointer, she asked me "Did you know that cabbage has some unlikely close family members? - Broccoli Cauliflower, Kale, Bak Choy, Brussels sprouts, Savoy, and Chinese kale. Originally from the mustard plant, this plant has been cultivated since 100 AD."  Blah, bah, blah...Something was afoot...there is no way that she didn't have some help with this tasty tidbit.  Sure enough, a guest had put her up to it...But shoot, I didn't know that, did you?  Let me know.

Before the rock pickers & before most of the you's & me's out there-there were the Baja Bush Pilots lobersterfests, just west of the island ...them was good times & old courtesy Capn' Rob Driscoll



SoloSports Campstore now stocked with Shirts, Sweatshirts, Women's tees, hats and assorted curios

See the Camphost for Surfboard & Windsurfing rentals

SoloSports family member Tim McCoy recently boasted that his sister is breeding a new hybrid called a Beefalo on her farm in Kentucky...yep its a cross between a cow & a bison.

Photos Tim ...we gotta have the photos for the a la Punta


Baja with Respect

Baja has been known as the last Wild West where anything goes. Times are changing rapidly for this Mexico frontier and that attitude is outdated.

 I remember years ago when I first started to enjoy Punta San Carlos there was an expression by those pioneers that preceded me.  "Respect the land, respect the people.  Treat it like the national treasure it is."  I have always tried to adhere to that tenet.  I hope you will join with me  in helping to keep PSC  a wonderful place to visit by respecting the land & the local people,  I think that the US National Park Service guidelines of leaving the land a little better than you found it, makes perfect sense.

It is our goal at  SoloSports to become self sustainable and as "green" as our environmental conditions will allow.  This is our long term commitment .  In the future we will be altering our existing systems to this end. Please drop by our camp if you have any comments or suggestions that will help us achieve our goal.       KT


New Art

Old Art



The Legend of AsomBroso Tequila.  From the Conquistadors plundering  their way into Mexico to the  archeological excavation along the trail of Junipero Serra, the original recipe of tequila AsomBroso was a legend, this legend became a reality  thanks to a company located  near Los Angeles called California Tequila.
California Tequila state of the  art distillery is located in Jalisco, is set inside a traditional adobe  architecture rancho where science, art and passion are combined to make one of the finest ultra premium tequilas in the world.
The AsomBroso decanter is patterned after an 18th century bottle found in a recently renovated European castle, from this basic shape, they added an array of design elements to make a series of collectors decanters, each design is done  in a limited quantity and will not be repeated after the initial run, thus ensuring exclusivity and collectability.
AsomBroso Platino 100% blue agave  is so smooth that slides down the  throat like a blessing of the goddess  Mayahuel, its crystal clarity and smooth flavor attest to its purebreed quality.
AsomBroso 5 year anejo has a deep golden color and exquisite bouquet, its distinguished quality make it an honor to give, to receive, and to share.
AsomBroso Del Porto goes a step forward, it takes the 5 year anejo and continue the  aging process in port wine barrels, this  process creates a unique tequila with a nuance of sweetness and softens the finish of the tequila.
Asombroso El Carbonazo has a similar aging process, but after 5 years  is aged on whiskey barrels that gives the tequila a smokey earthy finish. For more information on this exclusive  ultra premium tequila

Look out!!!- this is A+& pricey great for birthdays & XMAS- ED

The "Ladies Touch" fares well at the Campo SoloSports

The  Solosports Campo has long been as the name implies, a camp.  Although the conditions were head, hands and feet above  self sufficient camping conditions, it was a far cry from attracting the more mainstream feminine crowd - you guys know what I mean.

Enter Kevin's better half, Kathy.  He has requested she give the camp a once over for improvements. She has made a list and has already implemented scores of positive changes to the camps look, feel, menu and operations. The results have been very well received by guests and staff alike.

"We would like to see more guys bring their special ones to camp and these improvements will go along way to opening that door" - commented Kevin.  "There is no need to rough it anymore. Look for more improvements next season...I need to work on Kathy to accompany me on more trips."

A special thanks for all the hard work Kathy, it is appreciated! -Ed

Synchronicity lll scores again!

Synchron Adam Koch carves hard on a Chili Bowl Macker

3rd Year Lucky Streak!

3 years ago on the first week of June, a special group of Kite Surfers met in Punta San Carlos to push the limits and redefine the boundaries of kite surfing.  They were fortunate to a have a solid large south swell for their task.  The original event was so successful that a similar group met the following year, at the same time, to continue the mission.  They were also given a good swell for their efforts.

This year a few of that core group along with some new faces were fortunate again to have a good swell during that first week of June.  Armed with more advanced kite surfboards and kites they once again pushed the limits and defined standards for kite surfing.  This event has now become a yearly event sometime in June, to catch a south swell.   To view all three of these events go to our CURRENTS page.  You will find a photo archive for each event.

Recently overheard quote at the point -

  "Rock & Roll has Clapton, Kite Surfing has Peter Trow

SoloSports offers clients web site marketing aids for  their groups


Punta San Carlos gets more single track trails for hikers, bikers & joggers

Attention Mountain Bikers, Joggers and hikers! Now there are more single track trails to enjoy. Drop by the Campstore for a map. Look for all trails to have marker signs in 2007.  Bikers -don't forget extra tire tubes - those cactus have claimed more than their fair share -  leaving unprepared riders with a long walk back. 



click photo to enlarge

Solosports has now made it easy to get the gang together for an Adventure Holiday.  The SoloSports website now hosts a group page with individual pages for group coordinators to post specifics for their event.  Whatever the event we will build your page so you can have a meeting place for information.  Interested? call 949-289-7779 or e-mail us at for more information  check out the Group page

   but first the old business........................

"Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa Maxima"  Padre Pio Paz

OK that's the last time I let the Padre out of the refectory.  Got strong armed on this one folks but I've got a few things I'm not proud of that I needed to wipe off the books.  I still think the backroom boiz took top honors with this one -

"Its not that he ate the whole thing. its just that the head & feet were still on it."


and now for zee rules

look at the photo on the left and create a caption ...geeez..... the other left!

This is really a good one folks.....I expect great things...Now get crackin' and send them in to- and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even a SoloSports  "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card.


That's all folks.....LETS GET OUT of HERE!!!!!



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