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SoloSports Adventure Holidays at Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico offering all inclusive packages to outdoor sportsters for over 18 years

Graham Ezzy AKA the Incredible Hopping Mouse dropped his room key on this crowd pleaser but recovered it before it hit the lip.  Graham calls it his keyhole frappaho'le


EZZY Rig-n-Rip Clinics dazzle guests with knowledge, techniques & a brand new 2006 EZZY SE wave sail

Summer in Punta San Carlos -  wind, swell, Really Beeg One Parties, great wave clinics & a little romance  .....SWEET!
Its been a great summer at the point - lots going on,  those in the know enjoyed a relatively uncrowded summer season  of wind & swell.  We still say it...."book in June & July and get the best of it while others only get a Mickey." 
Jay Connor - Our Chill Specialist Consultant testing out the latest in leisure-wear out by the island.

It has been another great year of sand beaches making for mellow launches and nick free fins.  The swells have been in the waist to chest high range as has most of the rest of the

Pacific.  There were moments in June when those synchro-kite dewds attempted to complete their mission of re-defining kite surfing.  Their efforts were rewarded with a very solid south swell in the Chili-Bowl.  More on that later in the mag.

SoloSports was proud to host 2 EZZY Rig-Rip Clinics in May and July of this year.  David & Graham Ezzy delivered a comprehensive program of rigging techniques and the latest in wave sailing moves.  Attendees of both sessions were given expert hands-on tutoring both on and off the water.

David commented on day three that these groups were already showing a dramatic improvement in their skill levels.  By the end of the week they were a camp of lip smackers.  The event was capped off with an awards dinner complete with French Quebec sailor Martin lecturing the group with the proper technique of shot-gunning a Tecate after a wicked Chili Toreado. 

The Ezzy's inked dates in the SoloSports 2006 Calendar..make your plans now. click here for highlights of the clinics

EZZY- RIG-N-RIP for 2006

July 22nd-29th & August 5th-12th

It was almost a year ago to the day when 3 talented kite surfers met in Punta San Carlos to redefine the art of kite surfing. Chuck Patterson, Corky Cullen and Kevin Trejo spent a afternoon in perfect conditions in the Chili Bowl pushing the limits of kite surfing.  It was defined as synchronicity - a sublime moment in time.  This past June, Chuck and Kevin along with Adam Koch, Joe McBride  and others met again in the Chili Bowl to push back the barriers even further. They were blessed by nature with a solid south swell and consistent  winds.  click here for highlights

SoloSports now has 13" x 19" digital prints for sale either in our camp store in San Carlos or on the web. These prints are suitable for framing & make great gifts. All prints are $15.00  click on art to enlarge art


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Return to Punta Kashigi

It was over ten years when Brian Caserio and friends ventured east-south-east to the distant point of land known to local fisherman as Punta Kashigi. Traveling in an inflatable, the group encountered numerous problems and misadventures making for a great -story. The general consensus was that it was not worth the effort.  It was rumored that this was just a ruse and that the point was just like Trestles, a top SoCal surf spot.  Little has been spoken or written about it since.


In August of this year Rodney-our camp host, Philippe Chery and I traveled to the point to explore the entire area for future possibilities. Unlike Brian's group who beached their craft in 6 ft surf, we chose a one for our adventure.  We spent the day exploring the canyon and coastal areas.  We were amazed at what we saw. In future issues of Ala Punta we will share with you what we saw and experienced.  I will tell you this - we enjoyed it very much.

Prodigal Sons Return

Philippe & Francois Chery of France, recently returned to San Carlos  for a brief holiday.  They are old SoloSports family members and are the creators of the custom handmade sun dial at the edge of camp.  In years past during a rare, windless, flat spell they calculated the height of the mesa using high school geometry, then graded themselves by hiking to the top of the mesa with a GPS. They were 50ft off the GPS reading.....very acceptable. 

During his stay Philippe impressed the crowd with a brave move of backdooring the bombora into an off the lip....and making it!                             (left) click for a better view


A hearty congratulations to Philippe who was recently married.....Hope to see both of you soon.



First the old business..........

Our winner this issue for last issue's photo is Kirk T  ...SALUD!  


"Don't worry we've got plenty-o-time Sid, the tide won't be in for 6 hours so let's practice your stance..OK chin up chest out, good now hold that pose"


now the new  business...............




look at the photo & create a caption ...geeez!

This is really a good one folks.....I expect great things...Now get crackin''' and send them in to- and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even a SoloSports  "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card. Here's one from a fan down the on the point that just won't wait.


The Solo Staff made a whirlwind sales blitz to the Gorge in June.  It is always good to spend some quality time with good friends Darryl (Big Winds) and Bill (DaKine) Morrisey.

and from the very dusty if you dare

Time to hit za road - SEEYA!

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease & desist we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.
"Well folks that about wraps up the show this quarter's issue..fall is shaping up to be a zinger with long tales of the monster hype down under.. and other tales of plunder and blunder - Seeya! on the road"
SoloSports now booking 2006 season  selling out many popular dates

SoloSports recently published its 2006 schedule and demand for popular space  was immediate.  "I've never seen such interest, so early.. "expressed owner Kevin Trejo.  Kevin also commented "..that hard work and sacrifice by all the staff plus many much needed improvements really paid off with customer satisfaction. Our guests this year were very impressed with our new direction and I've received many comments of support for our efforts.  Our Solace Lounge has proven to be the overall crowd pleaser."

Check out our 2006 Season -     2006 SCHEDULE

call for more information 949-289-7779 

Love is in the air

Martin & Mado of Quebec celebrate a major breakthrough in her wave sailing adventures during the EZZY Rig-n-rip..awwwwwww

It was the season for couples in the campo. Solosports has focused their improvements to make it more enjoyable for couples. There were couples from Japan, Mexico, Canada & of course the USA.  Larger tents, more diverse activities for couples and other subtle creature comforts have paid off.  Time to rethink bringing down that special one. No more rough-in it. Still don't have one chick flick in the DVD collection.....even though Rodney requested Beaches.....too long on the punta Rodney.

Speaking of special ones... SoloSports broke new ground this year with our youngest clinic attendee, 3 year old Stu Duncan, shown here with his dad Pete Duncan.



Stu AKA the chick magnet, had our female kitchen in love after the first day in camp so it was a week of spoiled rotten ......heard it was a little rough back home on his return to normal life.

A short note from Kevin Trejo

The ever expanding SoloSports Family -

For new guests it is traditional to start our adventure holidays with a handshake introduction.  Then something magical happens in the course of spending a week together.  There is the transformation from guest to family member.  I think it comes from my staff and their strong family traditions that run deep in my own family. And of course San Carlos weaves her own charm. Spending quality time together in such a quality place brings out the best in people and brings us all closer together.  The happiest part of all this is that it comes natural and is not just a polite gesture.

By the end of the week a parting handshake doesn't seem quite appropriate. That's when it happens - that family hug and "hasta la vista" as we part company.   Just like family we never like to say "goodbye". So if you spend a week with us and feel compelled to give us a family hug....feel free but we just might beat you to the punch.  And as you will see to and from our returning guests - it is just as appropriate to welcome you with a Solo family hug.



Anejo Tequila


Don Eduardo is produced by

 the Orendian family from

100% Blue Agave that is

grown on their plantation

outside Tequila, Mexico

It is distilled at the Orendian's

La Mexicana Distillery

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The 80-proof Don Eduardo

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Available above & below the border

Secrets from the kitchen

Our Queen of the kitchen Emerita Duarte has agreed to share some of her "campo favorites" recipes. This first dish is great for parties or a side dish

Emerita (left) & Idelia provide authentic Baja cuisine to our SoloSports guests


Special Event Calendar

Adam Koch Kite Surf Camp

Oct. 29th-Nov.5th

learn to kite surf with Naish Kite Pro Adam Koch click for more info

Slingshot Kites Wave & Demo Days


Leave your twin-tip at home is the theme - Join Slingshot for a state of the art wave riding clinic and latest equipment demo. click for more info

Kiteboarder Pin-up

of the month



With all the buzz about such notables as Robbie Naish returning to his roots, we have decided to showcase those who see the value of both worlds.  Never mind that Chris works for Robbie..I think his pole riding interest is genuine. Atta boy Chris!!          Chris, seen here with just a few of his bros, walking the dog during his recent SoloSports "Really Beeg One Bachelor Party"

From all of us at SoloSports "the best to both of you in your up coming your fiancé- not the dog  SALUD!!!

what would summer be without good friends - Karina & friend soakin' it up in the Solo Campo   and below Senor Trejo with 6 or so cousins

Interesting SoloSports Compadres

SoloSports strategic partner John Fritzgerald of Multi-Sail is quite an artist.  In addition to being a sail maker and handling the repairs of sails and kites, he finds the time to hand make fine acoustic guitars.  "Its all in the family" says John, "I come from a long line of wood craftsmen, so creating guitars just required some formal education for me to create my own."  John is also an accomplished guitarist in his own right.  At the moment he is not pursuing a new career in guitar making however if you are interested in that very special gift, you may convince him.

To contact John for Sail/Kite repair/Guitar -  call  714-329-0772


Them wuz good times

The Jack Mattera group from Jersey back again & again & again

Our Good friends- EZZY Sails      Streamlined

Roberto Ricci Designs    DaKine   Glenn Dubock

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