Its that time again to think about your time in the sun. SoloSports 2006 season is filling up fast.  Grab the phone and call us to reserve your favorite dates. 

We've already inked in 2-EZZY Rig-N--Rip dates and a  Slingshot Wave Daze event for next year. 

Take advantage of our "early bird" special by paying in full before December 31, 2005 & save by getting free gear rental or $150 off your package price.  Check out our 2006 Schedule for your travel plans.  2006 schedule Call us today!   949-289-7779

The month of September hosted several major events in Punta San Carlos including the highly overrated "monster from down under" swell of the century.  All the usual "hit & run" suspects were in attendance as well as four dear old friends - Matt & Kevin Pritchard, Brian Caserio and John Colgate.  Although the swell did not live up to its hype, it did provide a proper field for the sons of San Carlos to cut loose.  Brian invited the brothers down to star in his newest video project to be released in 2006.  During their brief stay Brian was able to shoot from a plethora of angles & venues and show us all that he could still ride a windsurfer as good as ever. Matt was kind enough to drop by our campo to give our guests a quick wave sailing workshop - thanks Matt!  To see more highlights of the boiz visit our Currents page or click here.  The Pritchards

"There I was just sailing along out to the Bombora and up from behind I hear this insane boisterous laugh and before I could turn around, there he was....this blue masked man on a kite board.  He just grinned at me, caught monster air right over this Bombie grinder and then he was gone!".  This description matched several other startled sailor's go-outs during the monster swell of September.  There were no incidents or complaints, just nervous recollections of a strange encounter with a super hero type, shredding the logo high south swells between the Bombie Zoo and the Chili Bowl. hmmmmmmmm.  Sounds like Chuck Patterson on his new burnt orange directional kite mobile.  We caught up with Chuck...ahhh.. the Avenger, later on the beach.   "I did it on a dare" he said, " I don't recommend it while powering out through the Bombie pit....nearly did me in on a 5 wave set".  Sounds like sage advice Chuck & nice sesh on the new Avenger-mobile.  

a brief note from

Kevin Trejo

Our commitment to quality & Improvement - a labor of love

It has almost been two years since I have been leading the new Solosports.

During that time all of us here have worked hard to bring the best possible experience to our guests.  I am grateful to my staff for embracing those visions & values I hold so dear. Based on the comments I have been receiving from our guests, I can see that it has been good for everybody, staff and guest alike.

Now that we have a good momentum underway, it is time to engage in some of our more ambitious goals and projects for improvement. This coming season you will not only see better services but structural  improvements to the camp as well.  I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to share your ideas with me.  We have taken all of them to heart and have added many of them into our business model. 

We are excited about our 2006 season and the prospect of seeing all of you back again. Please don't be a stranger.

.Kevin Trejo

Camp Store

the first 5 people to e-mail with  Kashigi  in the subject line, get a free 2006 SoloSports Wall Calendar....don't forget your address

This exquisite tequila is matured in French White Oak barrels for five years, and has an exceptional bouquet and body that ranks among the finest distilled spirits in the world. Its deep golden tone is reflected in a decanter so unique and beautiful, that it has earned the distinction of being among the most exquisite liquor bottles in the industry. Made of black porcelain, it is decorated with accents and labels made of 18k gold hand painted by local Artists. Production is limited to 2,000 cases a year, and is already sought after by collectors.

Casa Noble ultra premium tequilas begin as carefully selected individual 10 year old plants of Blue Agave. Each one must meet the strict requirements for water and sugar content. We slow-cook them for 38 hours in stone ovens.

Then, using only the core and hearts of the agaves, we extract their robust juice. The fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by a triple distillation. The result is a tequila so pure and full of agave flavor that it has elevated the concept of tequila to new levels around the world.

Casa Noble Tequila Produced and Bottled in Mexico. 40% Alc/Vol (80 Proof). 100% Blue Agave.

Punta San Carlos local 

Prodigal Son of  the Month

     Brian Caserio  returns to his roots. Welcome back Brian. Looking good on the pole.

IPOD tip of the Month - Is your third generation IPOD battery lifeless? Apple getting snooty on your warranty?  Now there is help.  www.Sonnettech is offering a battery self replacement option for less than $50. They are also touting better battery performance. Check it out.  I did it and it took 5 minutes I'm stylin' again - ED
50 miles of groomed trails make mountain biking the perfect warm up before a day on the water.  The trails are not too technical and make off road touring a pleasure.  "Our desert outback offers bikers a great aerobic workout while providing many scenic vistas to stop and just catch your breath" says Kevin Trejo, an avid mountain biker. "For those more ambitious souls, there is the Lion's Den Trail.  Don't worry about the name, no lions have ever been seen."  The most popular bike area is the Badlands.  A series of shallow arroyos give the rider a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride as they navigate through narrow blind passageways that meander along for about a mile. 

For Solosports guests, mountain bikes are included in the package. Some guests prefer to bring their own helmets, pedals and other personalized items.  Call us in advance of your travel date for any special concerns.

Notable Quote -  (author unknown)

" Funny how curiosity always outlasts an education"

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information & reservations

This past September proved to be one of the best we've ever had.  We were privileged to have the world renowned TEAM ADVIL along with pro sailor-Josh Stone and Eddy Patricelli - editor of Windsurfing Magazine all in the camp at the same time.  Whew!  We're still breathing hard after a week of sailing, partying and more practical jokes & classic story telling..(oh those embellishments), we've ever seen.

Team Advil is a group of close friends that in addition to enjoying each others company, love traveling to windsurfing destinations together.  Although they may be mistaken for stately elders (and many are), these guys resemble a college fraternity on pledge week...well without so much of the crazy jiggy stuff.  We are, in fact, still in Punta San Carlos. I was reminded of the Satchel Paige quote - "...if you didn't know how old you old would you be?". or was it "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you donít mind, it doesnít matter." 
 No doubt these guys are still in proverbial college, somewhere between their 3rd and 4th year.

As an added bonus, we were all entertained  with brilliant wave sailing performances by Eddy Patricelli,  Josh Stone and Troy Collins. They also managed quite well to hang

with the boiz, in the lounge,  on the pool table and at Eddy's surprise birthday party.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY!

It didn't take long before the whole staff felt like we'd known these guys for years.  Up before dawn and down way after Baja midnight, these revelers did it all, putting the younger folks to shame.   This group has renewed my hopes and dreams that there is still a ton of fun left to burn in the golden years.

By the end of the week we all were blissfully exhausted ...something a few of their previous travel hosts advised (warned) us about in advance. It was very gratifying to hear later that they had given us their coveted thumbs up to fun award.  You all are the bomb, and  welcome back anytime.- from the Solo Staff we raise a glass to you in tribute and admiration SALUD!

Look for the full story in Windsurfing Magazine in the Spring of 2006

As always- the old bizzness first.    Last issues photo brought the house  down with this entry from Jessie       Mangst of Racine Wisconsin.

"Fresh from his divorce, Shallow Hal found true love on the  point with Greta Mutley from Utah.  Wedding bells will again be ringing.  It will be Hal's 2nd marriage, Greta's 3rd. & they're registered at PetSmart"

Pick out something nice from the camp store Jess, maybe something for the bride & groom.

...and now for the new business

 legal business-


look at the photo & create a caption ...geeez!

This is really a good one folks.....I expect great things...Now get crackin''' and send them in to- and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even a SoloSports  "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card. Here's one from a fan down the on the point that just won't wait.  "winner of the SoloSports Brown trout derby."

click the photo above for the bizarre detail of this issues visual tidbit.

Last year Campo Solo had a very special visitor - a tagged California Condor.  The condor appeared to be in good health and after a brief visit, flew away.  San Carlos visitor, Jim Souza of Colorado was in the right place with a camera to capture this special moment.   Good Job Jim! 

We were able to get in contact with Dr. Mike Wallace, the director, of the Baja Condor Release program run by the San Diego Zoo in corporation with the Mexican Federal agency SEMARNAT.  Apparently condor # 79 has a unique history in the program that since 2002 has been releasing California condors, hatched from eggs produced in the US, into the Sierra San Pedro Martir.  About 100 miles to the north east of us, 11 condors focus their main activities around the 7,500 ft release site off  in a restricted portion of the National Park.  After the release of # 79 in the fall of 2004 his behavior became erratic and eventually he left the area and the other 10 or so birds released at the time.  They tracked him by plane to the south into our area using radio transmitters he has on both wings but lost contact with him by the first of 2005.  Mike says it is difficult for young, inexperienced condors to survive on their own and they presumed he had died.   We are hoping that #79 has survived.  If you see this magnificent bird or other condors in the vicinity, please notify us immediately.  Please note the date, observe if there is a numbered tag on the wing and what is the birds condition.

Hey Jim! Thanks for the sneak preview of Jose Cuervo Black your last night...very tasty!


In our first chapter we revisited Punta Kashigi by boat.  (pronounced KA-SHE-HE)  Our brief adventure included retracing the steps of Brian Caserio from years ago and then hiking several miles up into the valley. There were  so many incredible things to see along the way that we decided to return in the fall by vehicle to explore the inner region.  In mid-November, Rodney and I drove up to the mesa and proceeded to explore a new route to the valley rim. We immediately discovered another major well manicured trail capable of supporting pack animals. Possibly another mining trail leading to the smelter in the Fish Camp.  Our primary interest was a horseshoe cliff face area with caves and manicured plateaus.  We came within a kilometer of it and had to turn back because we were out of time.  Another adventure in the future on motos or perhaps a helio but not in vehicles.

We attempted to  reach the Solstice site however the normal markings (AKA Hell's Hallway) were obscured by overgrown vegetation and we became stranded about a kilometer from the rim.  Rodney walked to the Solstice site and mapped a trail for us.  It is not a good thing to be stranded on the top of the mesa - very remote, very lonely.  An hour later we made camp on the rim.  The sunset was spectacular.

The next morning we documented a few more local areas and after breaking off a shock mount from the axle, destroying a Rancho 9000 shock and receiving a large door dent from a boulder, we were back at camp.  It was still well worth it!      More to come......

CAUTION - Driving to the top of the Mesa is hazardous to your vehicle and not recommended. Any mechanical failure will lead to a self rescue of hiking back to the fish camp for help. Odds of encountering help along the way are severely remote. Then there are the logistics of getting your vehicle back out. $$

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease & desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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