2006 Season ushers in

International Guests

SoloSports hosts guests from Ireland, England, Quebec, Japan & of course the

good ole red, white & blue.

The 2006 season opened with a bang with the arrival of our first group - Team Ireland. Although most of a lads were from the green, there were also two Brits and a strong New England and San Francisco contingent. The week was filled with a fine showing of wave riding by all and good-natured revelry in the lounge and our dining hall.


The above photo eludes to a moustache convention but its just another night in the campo with SoloSports guests from Quebec - AKA as Team Big Mama.  photo to the left is their A.M. yoga, flight landing instruction and lacrosse cheerleading practice. This fun/wine loving group scored with great conditions to refine their wave riding (and wine tasting) skills. About the stash photo above? Clark Merritt was serenaded in French by the Quebec Sailors Choir with a tribute to his own well worn hood ornament. Even little Karina sported a shaggy disguise and although she doesn't know a lick of French, managed to belt out a good mimicked case of francophonia.


Both groups kept the staff running, singing, laughing and occasionally playing the victim (or later on, perpetrator) of many good natured jokes and pranks.

After these two super groups, we've had to redefine the meaning of good time......... and have had to reinforce the spirits locker.  The gauntlet has been thrown down, what are you waiting for?  Get your bros and bro-ettes signed up.


SoloSports offers super deal with Fly-in option

Would you like to enhance your fun time on a SoloSports Adventure Holiday in Punta San Carlos?  Now you can by taking advantage of our new fly-in option.  You can arrive in time to rig and sail on your first day and again during your return travel day. "Response to the new program has exceeded our wildest expectations" commented Kevin Trejo, owner.  "This new option, along with our Internet service has opened up unique opportunities for our clients that are strapped by demanding work schedules. I'm now hearing from guests that normally would only book every year or two . We see this as the wave of the future."  To quote a recent Fly-in guest:

"I've done the road and it should be experienced, but after flying in I can never go back.  I'm hooked".


For more information about the Fly-in option call




Jose Cuervo Black Medallion

Cuervo Black Medallion, is a new añejo tequila aged in charred oak barrels

Most tequilas are aged in previously used barrels. Cuervo Black is aged at least 12 months in charred oak barrels. The fire-charring process eliminates impurities on the barrel’s interior so that the wood’s true tasting notes soak into the tequila. It gives Cuervo Black a more complex taste with a smooth and slightly oaky flavor reminiscent of fine, aged whiskeys.

There are rumors that this tequila goes well with a splash of Coke & even as a rival to the old standard Rum & Coke.......I think we'll stick to having it as a refreshing after dinner or night cap toddy. ED


Its almost Cinco de Mayo again and although we don't celebrate it like our friends in El Norte, I thought it would be fun to pass on these helpful suggestions.

1.  Want to get the most out of a lime squeeze?  While whole, roll the lime around the table with your palm. Its important to apply pressure. This breaks down the lime's interior allowing the juice to flow more freely.

2. Chopped jalapeños are a great addition to guacamole .and while we're on the subject - When buying them always look out for bark type lines or marks on the outer skins.  That means they were grown in warmer temps and will be hotter than those grown in cooler temps


Straight Shots

- a message from Kevin Trejo

"Smackin' the Potato"

I just love helping my guests obtain their goals whether it be beginner wave sailing or going for their first push loop.  Recently I was taken aback by comments from some of our international guests. They said that they had always wanted to come but felt intimidated by the conditions.

When I pushed for more information they informed me that all they ever see is Kevin, Matt, Keith, Kauli, Jason and others smackin' the potato on a mast high down in the Chili Bowl.  At that point I now needed to deal with "smackin' the potato" and all this misconception about our Punta San Carlos conditions.

I explained that the fact is, we get more 2-3 ft. days than anything else...more than adequate for learning to wave sail or perfecting intermediate to advanced wave sailing moves.  And yes, we do get mast highs and above on occasion.  Due to our geographic location in the Pacific we can pick up our fair share of south and  west swells.  I think that the recent Windsurfing magazine article about Team Advil in San Carlos may ease people's apprehensions.

And now about "smackin'  the potato". I first heard the phrase several years ago from a guest trying to describe beginning wave sailing moves of banking off the whitewater -  sort of an off the lip with training wheels. Somehow it has now become a phrase describing hitting the lip. No matter what you call it.....anyone can do it in our myriad of sailing conditions from neo-wave sailor to pro.  So don't be fooled by photos of top pros ....as we say - you just don't know until you go.  KT


Fiddle Faddle 

from the Department of Homeland Obscurity

Watch your P's and Q's

Well in between my mom reciting biblical verses about the end of times and my part in it on my codephone, came this little ditty that you can toss out during your next job interview.

Way back when, oh say 300 years or so, there were two basic drink container sizes served down at your local pub - pints and quarts.  The barmaids had a time of remembering who got what, especially after frequently swilling down a touch or two with the gentry to numb the effects of a well intentioned grope or to enhance the possibility of a gratuity from a gentleman.  As the evening wore on the Innkeeper would need to remind them to ...."watch yer "P's and "Q's missy" as they were a tad "under the weather" (which we will cover in the next issue) ...need I say more. 

Punta San Carlos Celebrity of the Month

George Mohoff

Meet George Mohoff, Punta San Carlos regular.  A serious wave sailor in his own right, George favors the less crowded times in the fall through the winter for an extended stay.  This past year George was instrumental in the completion of the new additions  and  improvements to Campo SoloSports.  George has a construction background and is capable of wearing many hats. He tackled some complex tedious projects on site and was seen to pull them out of the fire many times when Baja fate would step in.

 When not in San Carlos George migrates between Los Angeles and his home in Montana.  But George has another very interesting facet to his life. He is of Russian heritage that migrated to the east side of Ensenada.  At one time in the turn of the century there was a thriving Russian Colony near Ensenada.  This colony was directly involved with the development of wine production in the area.  Now George did not live in this colony as he was not born yet; however, his great grandparents - parents were a major part of the group.  In fact, his grandfather has penned several books on the subject.  George grew up in Southeast Los Angeles county where his parents settled after leaving Mexico.  If you see George ask him about his ancestry, it is a fascinating story.

A special heart-felt thanks to George for all his hard work and support during this growing phase of SoloSports. SEE YA THIS FALL JORGE!!!

Another Celebrity sighting..................

Daryl & Bill Morrissey of Hood River were in camp recently and enjoyed a week of good conditions. Bill, of DaKine, had never been to the point and milked the seshes until there were was no more fun to be had.  Near the last day he developed a few trophies to show the folks back home.  We were  amazed that even though his hands were battered, he kept on charging. So amazed in fact, that we featured him in our upcoming ad in Windsurfing Mag.  Don't ask for an autograph yet, I think he's still a little sensitive. Thanks for being  good sports Bill & Daryl

Sean Aiken in the house for a sneaker south swell

Punta San Carlos welcomed back one of her wayward sons recently when Sean Aiken showed up with some of his German friends at the point.

Sean has been a longstanding Solo family member for many years.  His instructional clinics always brought in rave reviews by his attendees and all present were always wowed at his expertise in the water.

The good life has been catching up with Sean lately. Almost a year ago he married and now its time to paint the extra room for their soon to arrive baby!  "I needed to have one last sailing adventure before the life altering event" Sean sighed "..and I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be."  He did promise to return as soon as things settle down.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that would be right after college. - ED

From all of us at SoloSports - Congratulations to both of you and pack up the family and head back down soon!

Dave & Graham Ezzy will be back this year for two Rig-n-Rip clinics this Summer. They are excited about this year's program and, of course, the popular free EZZY 2007 SE wave sail tops off a fun filled week of hands-on instruction and special events.  This year's program also includes a special offer from SoloSports. Imagine spending three weeks with Dave & Graham, attending two clinics and getting two EZZY SE wave sails all for the price of two clinics.  For more information about this year's program click this link:  EZZY RIG-N-RIP


A little more than a "Three Hour Tour" where's MaryAnn?!

In 2005 Harro Breninek and his partner began to fulfill their dream to sail around the world on the 27ft sailboat  Ginger.  It was a routine voyage from Vancouver B.C. heading south to Cabo San Lucas when a winter storm drove the vessel into the bay at Punta San Carlos. It was January 2005 in the height of a nasty storm when an unfortunate set of events beached them southeast of the Chili Bowl  in the morning darkness.  Thankful to be alive the two crew members made their way in the rain to Campo SoloSports where Kevin Trejo happened to be preparing for the new season.

Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done and the giant storm-surf soon wrecked the boat beyond repair.  After a minor salvage attempt both men returned to Canada. Local fishermen soon recycled most of the wreckage until only a few twisted pieces of fiberglass remained. The stern came to rest in the arroyo at Pinball Alley  until the SoloSports staff removed it to convert it into a love seat.

In March 2006 Harro returned to Punta San Carlos for reasons that aren't exactly clear.  He stopped by SoloSports Campo spoke briefly to Kevin about the incident and disappeared. I guess we should ring the camp bell for the loss of a fine vessel. beach photo courtesy Satellite Mike

Mountain Bikers hail trails as top notch

This season we've seen record activity on our bike trails. The words out - bring your bike.  Our trails are in great shape, so says a small bike group from SoCal.  The trails aren't  too technical which makes for a good morning workout before the water sports activities.

In the late afternoon (golden hour) the desert turns into spectacular bright colored landscapes.  Riders enjoy scenic views while being fanned by cool ocean breezes. It is the perfect compliment before dinner. We have over 50 miles of trails for every ability level from off road touring to crazy down hill racing.

Drop by our office for a free trail map or you have any questions regarding the trail areas.

SoloSports adds 3 new board lines to Rental Fleet

In addition to RRD, SoloSports has added RealWind, Mistral & Josh Angulo sailboards to its gear rental fleet.  Guests can ride and compare during their stay and even purchase if they like.

Noteworthy is the RealWind 270XL, a 130 liter lightwind freestyle/wave board that is perfect for guests over 200lb in good wind and a good all around fun board for the feather/mid weights.  This winter Clark put his board to the test in Gorge conditions, under powered, over powered and in perfect wave sailing conditions with stellar results.  Says Clark "My regular board is the 110 RRD freestyle wave.  Since testing the 270, I haven't wanted to sail anything else ...this board is awesome!".

but first the old business

Evans Lugash of Newport News Va. took top honors with her catchy one liner -

"Lunch is now being served on the poop deck"

get in line Evans, this may take a while- the bloody Irish are still buying souvenirs for the folks at home

 legal business-


look at the photo and create a caption ...geeez!

This is really a good one folks.....I expect great things...Now get crackin' and send them in to- alapunta@solosports.net and win a Punta San Carlos T-shirt or something even better...like a SoloSports  "get out of Mexican jail FREE" card.


Glenn Dubock sold the old Solo Nada Bus to a group of orthodox Milanese Missionaries bound for Angola to do the Lord's work.

In an unsubstantiated report on FOX news recently, footage was shown of the beast sinking atop a barge in the Sudan tying up canal traffic for weeks. Dube - we hope you pulled the stereo.


And now to the new business......


click the photo above for the bizarre detail of this issues poignant visual

Of course the boys in the back couldn't wait so in lieu of a raise we've thrown them a bone.

"Its not that he ate the whole thing. its just that the head & feet were still on it."

OK get movin'

I believe it was Flip Wilson who said "You can't have one for the road, because the road is already laid out." Tom Byrnes

                                               photo courtesy of the Driscoll

                                           home for the perpetually perturbed


Lets get out of here!!  until the next "ish"

Hey we still have space in our schedule!! - whatcha waitin' for, an engraved invitation?

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