BUCKLE UP, this is going to be a wild year!  After many years of  hard work and sacrifice, laced with a chest full of wishes, hopes and dreams - we have arrived. But that's just part of the story.  This year marks our 20th anniversary at Punta San Carlos and we're just as stoked as our first time on the point.  There are many people to thank along the way and we're committed to thanking all of you this year in a myriad of ways.  We may have arrived but we're headed out beyond that blue horizon on a great new adventure...and you're coming with us.  This will be a year not to miss. See ya here!

Right out of the box this season, Matt Pritchard will co-host a Solo group from Saskatchewan.  Matt and his brother Kevin are truly the Sons of San Carlos.  He has taken time from his pro schedule to bring his expertise and teaching skills to the CA Sacking Crew.  Friend & PSC homeboy, Kevin Macgillvary a SoCal pro wave sailor, will be backing up Matt for the week.   Boy, lucky guys those Canucks, to be rubbing elbows with such talent!  Sorry folks this week is sold out with a waiting list.

I'm sure Matt and K-Mac will squeeze in a sesh or two down at the point so if you're in the area, prepare to be wowed.  Pros, Amateur filmmakers & shutterbugs  be advised.  Best stock up on the necessary accoutrements - this will be a show to remember, guaranteed.  It is rumored there will be other windsurfing celebs in the area as well. 

We are currently refining our signature series program of instructional wave camps with several other pros in the mix.  If you've wanted to learn how to wave sail, our wave camp series offers the best in instruction in our easy to handle wave environment.  Call 949.289.7779 for more information.


The recent changes in Daylight Savings Time have no effect in Punta San Carlos.  Even in this modern age there are still only two times - Daytime & night time.  Its best to avoid those who check their watches on the point.


You know its not all fun & games in the SoloSports Campo.  When you have the caliber of guests we host, the level of off the water serious conversation covers the gambit of current events.

While watching one of our epic sunsets last fall I had a guest ask me in all sincerity - "what are you doing to ensure this will remain a paradise."  As I began a lengthy explanation of our efforts, solar & wind power, the pursuit of de sal and waste management he interrupted me and said.  "Oh you're going green."  Later I began to research this phrase "going green".  It became apparent that all our efforts to survive in this wilderness was a  major worldwide movement. 

It is our commitment to make every effort to continue to evaluate alternatives with the green standard in everything we do.  When we are able to, we will implement green alternatives.  We are a small company with limited resources. Our progress will be slow and laborious.  We are also pursuing partnering with  environmental companies to perhaps becoming a case study site.

There are things we all should continue to do while visiting the Punta San Carlos area.  Leaving our camping areas better than we find them, collecting our pet waste and RV waste disposal can help to ensure we all may continue to enjoy this wonderful place.

I encourage anyone to contact me at our campo or via e-mail  or phone to discuss future possibilities to enhance our commitment of going green.

Kevin Trejo

Super-premium Tequila Tezon, crafted in Arandas, in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, is an outstanding gesture to someone who knows tequila. There is an assumption of connoisseurship, that this tequila from estate-grown, hand-harvested 100% blue agave will be savored and recognized for the painstaking care of its craft using the traditional Tahona process. This ancient method of making tequila refers to an ancient and highly revered volcanic millstone technique in which a colossal crushing wheel, fashioned from tezontle (volcanic stone found in Mexico), is employed to pulp the agave. The time-intensive Tahona method, the cornerstone of the process, was chosen in preference to the mechanical means favored by the industry.

As a result, Tequila Tezon is extraordinarily distinctive, perfect for someone who knows the field and can appreciate the difference in handcrafted tequila. Conversely, it is an excellent way to introduce the spirit’s heritage to a tequila neophyte. The many details of the Tezon bottle, such as the metalwork side panels and volcanic stopper, speak to its craft – it is perhaps not given so much as entrusted for safe keeping, a promise of warm weather and time together.

Tequila Tezon’s range includes Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, priced from $50, $60 and $70 respectively. Tequila Tezon is available at fine retailers nationwide.

John Amundson - inside point


Welcome to our newest feature of A la Punta...Buenas Comidas (good eats).  This on-going column will feature great dining experiences from our Campo in Punta San Carlos.  These recipes will also be a part of our website in the near future but enough-lets get started, I'm starved.

SOLO SALMON (no relation to Megan and Steve Salmon - Solo family Members) This one is extremely easy to do on the BBQ or in the oven. This dish is great served over rice as our guests love to pile on the sauce with all the Bell Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms.  Baking or BBQ-ing the dish in the sauce also keeps the fish nice and moist as well as makes it difficult to over cook the fish.  Two of the must have sides we serve with this main dish is our BBQ’ed Asparagus and Garlic French bread for dipping into the sauce.   (We’ll share the Asparagus recipe in the next newsletter)


  • SalmonAs much as you need to feed the gang. The rest of the ingredients are as much or as little as you like. Of course Solo Style is to pile it on and let our guests take as much or as little as they like.

  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper   ( to taste)

  • Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers    (Large one of each color) Sliced in thin rings

  • Red Onions    (1 or 2 large ones) Sliced in thin rings

  • Sliced Mushrooms    (lots)

  • Lemons    (several) sliced in thin rings

  • Minced or chopped Garlic.    fresh or from a jar. (Several tablespoons)


After years of making my own sauce I found one at Costco called “Mr Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce” that I totally approve of.  I don’t usually condone cutting corners like this but since Mr. Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce is as good as mine and it gets me at least an extra hour on the bike, surfboard or hanging with you guys so I say go for it! (www.mryoshidas.com.  This is a Ginger/Soy based sauce so if you can’t find Yoshida’s you can substitutes with another Ginger/Soy or even a Teriyaki based Sauce or for those more adventurous chef’s you can make your own.  The trick is to find not too thick of a sauce. It needs to be more on the liquid side.  You can always add water to a sauce that’s too thick.  The idea is the fish almost sauté’s in the sauce.

In a 2-3” deep rectangle baking dish- approximately 12”x20” or just big enough to lay the fish flat in the dish.  Pyrex works fine in the oven but metal works best on the BBQ.

Lay fish in dish - lay sliced rings of red onion, bell peppers, mushrooms and lemon on fish.  No particular order it’s just for looks and will get all mixed in once you turn the fish.

Lather with minced garlic, black pepper and pour gourmet sauce on top. (Pour enough sauce so that it covers the fish completely).  Don’t be shy with the sauce. We want it to cover most of the killer ingredients we have in there and let all that good stuff boil and simmer in the sauce.  Depending on the thickness of the fish bake or BBQ in the dish for 10-15 minutes a side at 350-375 degrees turning once and you’re there.  You can always check the fish as you go.  It’s very hard to overcook the fish this way and it stays moist but you fish Aficionados will want to cook the fish just enough.  Don’t worry if the fish falls apart on you as that just means you cooked it to perfection.  It’s ok if it all falls apart and mixes in with the rest of the meal as we just want to pile it all on top of a bed white rice and you have an insanely tasty hardy meal that’s good for you and enough protein to turbo power up the next days sessions.  Some pile it up high with tons of the garnish style veggie’s and lot’s of sauce while others go for more of a fish style meal with light sauce and veggies on the side.  That’s the beauty of this dish, its versatility.  

Don’t forget we can always teach you any of our dishes down at camp!  Don’t be shy it’s actually kind of fun sharing our recipes with our guests.  In fact we have several guests who have shared their recipes with us.


Our lovely Cocinera Emerita has shared her famous Tortilla making skills with several of our guests including Vern Ellender from San Clemente CA. Vern is to blame for giving me the hot tip on this “Secret Spot” called San Carlos back in 1985.  Our great friend Maki Fujiwara from Tokyo Japan has not only acquired Emerita’s expertise but had taught Emerita how to make Sushi, California Rolls and Udon soup!  Wow I’m getting hungry!!  I think I’ll go make a batch of Rudy’s fresh cracked crab with lemon, Garlic and Butter - but that's another column.  

We can't imagine why you would not want to receive this newsletter but I guess stranger things happen at sea.  So if you want us to cease and desist, we will, and we'll throw in a sincere apology for good measure.  unsubscribe@solosports.net  Hope we don't have to say adios.

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The flagship of our Wave Camp signature series is our EZZY Rig-N-Rip featuring David & Graham Ezzy of EZZY SAILS.

This will be our 4th year of providing a comprehensive week of rigging and wave riding instruction. There are 3 back to back events for 2007. 

July 21 - 28  with Graham Ezzy
July 28 - Aug. 4 with Graham Ezzy
August 4 - 11 with David & Graham Ezzy

 In addition to a great week, the clinic includes a FREE 2008 EZZY SE Wave sailSoloSports is again offering their 3-4-2 special holiday option.  Buy a 3 week package and pay for only 2 weeks. For more information click here

Our SoloSports family members are some of the most special & interesting people you'll meet. We're so proud of all of them that we want you to meet them to understand what we mean.  This Issue we'd like to introduce you to Kana.

Kana is a petite eighteen year young woman pro windsurfer from Tokyo, Japan. She has graced our campo twice now with the TAKA groups.  This charming cutie pie is always full of energy....on and off the water. 

Recently she became the 2006 Women's wave sailing champion of Japan, no small feat for this charger.  We are proud to have sponsored her wave sailing training camp this past summer.

 At campo SoloSports we know her not only by her wave sailing abilities but also her dining feats at the dinner table.  Weighing in at less than a 100lb dripping wet with wetsuit and harness, this lady has mastered the finer aspects of a power lunch.  Putting the big boys to shame, this two fisted monster burger packer can knock'um down, wait the required 30 minutes to avoid cramping and then hit it again, down at the point.  

Kana is looking forward to getting her driver's license and the prospects of college. We hope she'll have time for sailing and of course another week with us.  Congratulations Kana for your recent windsurfing victory.


Our Web site is always changing. Here are a few of our recent improvements.

  • The NAVIGATION SITE MAP - as we grow our site will grow with us.  We know your time is valuable so we have included a site map to help get to where you want to go - FAST!
  • SoloSports E-POSTCARDS - send a Punta San Carlos postcard to a friend.  We have selected a wide range of moods for you to choose from.  Look for this section to grow in the future.
  • We have made several improvements to our existing pages to enhance your visiting experience. It is our goal to bring more of the Punta San Carlos experience to you in the form of photo essays and features.

Great things happening at the Campo - check it out! 

SOLOSPORTS CAMPO adds 10 more Springbar Canvas Tents to the inventory.  Our guest response to the tents was all thumbs up last year so look for a gradual conversion in the future.

Our First University Field Trip - It was only a matter of time before the educators found out about us.  The Punta San Carlos area has long been a destination for educators.  Unfortunately, logistics diminished their quality time in the field.  By using our campo as a base of operations, groups can maximize their quality time in the field and lower their travel costs.  We are very excited to host a field trip with Mason Dykstra & Montana State University in late April.  We hope this will be the wave of the future.

SOLOSPORTS DEMO CENTER - We have improved our water sports equipment program and opened it up to all visitors to Punta San Carlos.  Our Baja tested & proven gear list includes RRD sailboards, EZZY Wave sails & masts, DAKINE accessories and STREAMLINED booms & bases.  Our large inventory allows guests to try a wide selection of equipment for potential purchase while at camp.  It really makes sense to leave your gear at home and utilize our program. 


Part of our 2007 program is to upgrade our existing bike trails to include hiking & jogging.  Look for more trails, trail signs, distance markers and rest areas.  New maps will be available at the SoloSports Campstore.  With these improvements, our area will be a great activity for the whole family.  These improvements will be completed over the course of the 2007 season.

CAMPSTORE - We've expanded our store line to include STREAMLINED Baja map classic T-shirts, EL ROSARIO shirts & hats, and a handcrafted jewelry line from Anita Brazell.  If you were in Punta San Carlos last Summer perhaps you saw Anita creating jewelry in her custom work trailer. While visiting our campo this year, pick up something for that special someone or yourself.  It makes the perfect gift - handmade in Punta San Carlos.

NAME ALERT!  When you talk about Punta San Carlos be careful not to shorten the name.  There are a few San Carlos locations in Mexico and even more in South America.  Over the years I have had more than a  few folks stop me while viewing my T-shirt and remark "Oh I've been there, its a beautiful town with a wonderful yacht club."  I've even been told that the movie CATCH 22 was filmed here.

I think we all know that as quaint as the Fish Camp is, beautiful its not...as for CATCH 22 that would be very cool but alas it was filmed in one of the other areas named San Carlos -Guaymas.  PUNTA SAN CARLOS - you just don't know until you go and as far as we're concerned, the best of them all.



OK, I'm still reeling over the responses from our last photo caption contest but I'm willing to try again.  Here's how it works - Think of a witty, pithy caption for this photo and if you're clever enough & my mother-in-law (AKA KT) likes it - you win.  If not , we reserve the right to scribble it on the bano wall.  Send your caption via e-mail to alapunta@solosports.net.  No spam please, unless of course, it applies to your caption.  And another thing...that's one of our fine cooks at camp.....so keep it clean - remember, when the cook ain't happy - ain't - no-body - happy!  Speaking of that - the boys in the back room jumped the gun again by submitting a lewd reference to implants which was immediately DENIED!  The cook got wind of it and its been a steady diet of stale frijoles for the past 3 days. So don't you do it.

Prizes are awarded from our campstore inventory & if that's not good enough, we'll substitute our popular  "Get out of Mexican Jail FREE " card instead. 

DISCLAIMER - Cards are most likely non-returnable if submitted to a Federale or local official.  Additional ID, money and or an attorney may be required to resolve your dilemma.  Do not use this card to pick your teeth or if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, have been drinking, suffer from foot-in-mouth or dumbchitzitis, or have ever repeatedly attempted to flush the bano. SoloSports reserves the right to deny ever knowing you.



That's all folks, lets get out there!

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