Would you like to enhance your fun time on a SoloSports Adventure Holiday in Punta San Carlos?
Now you can by booking our Fly-in Adventure Holiday.  You can arrive in time to engage in your favorite activity on your first day and again during your return travel day. The Fly-in Holiday includes all the standard Holiday features plus the bonus of getting there in a few hours ready to hit it!

"Response to the Fly-in Adventure Holiday has exceeded our wildest expectations"
commented Kevin Trejo, owner.  "This new option, along with our Internet service has opened up unique opportunities for our clients that are strapped by demanding life styles. I'm now hearing from guests that normally would only book every year or two. Now everyone can enjoy what Southern Californian's have honed to a fine art - the "hit & run", a surgical strike on a swell when its on, then you're gone.  We see this as the wave of the future because the options are endless."


How it Works
Ask for the Fly-in Adventure Holiday when making your reservation.  Download our Travel Tips to help you prepare for your trip.

While packing, you should include a small bag including your harness, wetsuit, towel and a change of clothes.  You'll carry that on the plane.  The rest of your luggage will arrive later that evening with our van.

Traditionally, our air travel begins at Brown Field in the San Diego area.  Your flight is approximately 2 hours to Punta San Carlos.  After lunch our Demo Gear Manager will set you up with a rig and you're out there.

IMPORTANT - Valid Passports are now required by the U.S. Government for air travel to Mexico.  A tourist visa will be issued in Mexico at a cost of approximately $30 

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