Food, Glorious Food.  There’s one thing we caution our guests when they say that they plan on losing a pound or two during their time with us, “abandon all hope”.  Our food is delicious and there’s always plenty of it.  We’re proud of our fulltime kitchen staff who are experts at preparing local dishes as well as a few that we’ve kept from our early days. Your time with us includes breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our kitchen (cocina) staff.

We’re quick to add the local catch of the day or fresh crab claws and in season-lobster to our menu.  Our Baja fish tacos are fresh and along with local side dishes are the perfect evening meal. 

The week menu can include huevos rancheros, fresh smoked turkey, carne asada, tamales, enchiladas, mole, fish tacos, burritos dorados, chicken tortilla soup, pozole or our flagship dish - Salmon Trejo.

If you have special dietary needs, it is important that you advise our reservation staff in advance to ensure we will have the special food items in camp for you.



Our in-house bar is called the Chili-Bomb Cantina, named for 2 famous PSC surf spots - the Chili Bowl and the Bombora.  We have a world famous indigenous libation named the Baja Fog.  It is a tasty concoction of Corona Beer, tequila and lime.   There is a ceremony for new arrivals, complete with a manta and ritual consumption method.  In addition to Baja Fogs, we have our Solo Margarita and a number of call drinks on hand to curb your thirst.  If you prefer, we also have plain ole Corona & Pacifico beer for those safe & sane guests.  All our beer  and cocktails are included in your package price!

Things rev up at about 5pm every night when guests celebrate their daily triumphs and lick their wounds.  There is never a shortage of tall tales, embellishments and lies to go around, so dig deep in your past when it’s your turn to share.  After a few Fogs you’ll be on your way to big huge times with you're new found friends.


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