What's this then?  An added Bonus?-  Ahhh SoloSports 20th anniversary fiesta suspiciously placed smack dab in the middle of this gathering of revelers & rogues -  Whirlynn Durbish 1st mate

Whatttt!!! another added bonus?  SoloSports is selling off their 2005 - 6 line of boards at great savings...all boards are FOB Lake Forest or Rob's House.........call us for a quote 949.289.7779

I would like to set up a group trip to San Carlos next year. I chose May because itís normally a good transition month  between the cold crazy winds of spring and the more manageable 5.0 - 5.5 days of summer. Also  it can also offer up the West or South swell so historically May has been good for conditions. Committing this far out doesn't guarantee conditions like the strategic 4 day swell attack but it does allow for advance planning with friends, family, job's etc.  It will also guarantee that a group of friends get together for a week of fun no matter what Mother Nature dishes up for us. 

The campo includes the best equipped shop south of the Gorge. Delicious food that is hand made fresh daily by locals, Emerita and Idelia will keep you from losing any weight.  The Campo  now  includes an outside lounge with a fully stocked bar  where many pranks, jokes and exaggerations flow.   Dine indoors in the spacious dinning/activity room with family style seating for 20.  Internet services are available at no charge for those that just can't cut the chord & there are a great selection of DVD camp classics for after dinner entertainment...thanks but I'll take mine at the bar.

The all inclusive price for 7 days is $1600 and includes the use of the camp gear, which is normally an additional $300 but if we get an exclusive trip, the gear will be complimentary.  

 If youíve never been or itís been a while please see the attached link, which was created for this trip.  

I need 10 Ė 20 people to commit so as to get an exclusive SoloSports trip. If you would like to commit please let me know so that I can reserve the camp for the week. By getting an exclusive sold out trip we will have more flexibility over departure times, extra days, etc.


Capn' Rob

P.S. Please peruse the SoloSports site to see the many features they've added this past year - the camp is looking sweet.   They have an impressive selection of RRD, Mistral & Angulo boards in many styles & sizes.  Ezzy SE Wave Sails & masts have proven to be the best at San Carlos.

    Your "Chained to the Mast Tour" includes-
  • Roundtrip transportation from Lake Forest to Punta San Carlos SoloSports Campo
  • Deluxe Camping Accommodations & hot showers
  • All meals, snacks, beverages including alcohol
  • Windsurfing & other aquatic Rental Gear including Mt. Bikes, Surfboards & Kayaks
  1. Internet Services & use of multi-media activity room
  2. Concierge services by our SoloSports Staff

Check out the SoloSports website for more great

photos & current information on the conditions


"where a dolla is a dolla & you can even drink the water" - Clam Dike

SIgned Up & Seditioned!!


Capt. Rob Driscoll & 1st mate Whirlynn Durbish

Ed Diehl (whoa!)

Ron Pepitone

Tom Byrnes

Tim Hickey

Paul Yost

a contigent of Windtracks Drogues

Guest appearance - Clam Dike  (yep you got it)


 Beat the band!  Sign up now ya scalliwags!! da 1st Mate WD -40

re: the bringing of his intereste de Amor, Clay Feeter scratched his unshaven chin as he's always done in times of crisis or constipation & muttered in sanskritlish -
"I mean after all she has not seen me near a beach (let alone with the bums I have hung out with for so many years)...so it could be a sketchy deal..."
darn tootin la feets, come to think of it, either have we for awhile, so buck up & prepare to be boarded! -1st Mate WD-40

This just in  - T Brynes (yertumme) has just volunteered several lite recitations from "Portnoy's Complaint" over pitchers of gin martini's at happy hour - Right on MR. T.....I'll shellac the podium. -
1st Mate WD-40