Take a minute to view some highlights from a typical SoloSports Adventure Holiday.  We're so sure you'll have a great time we've already had Emerita layout another place setting at the table.



As indicated in alaPunta newsletter


SoloSports Experience #1

SoloSports Experience #2

SoloSports Experience #3

Core Watersports Show

SoloSports Experience Trailer

Brian Caserio Wrist Camera

Power ParaGliding

SUP in Punta San Carlos

Team Quatro Spring 2008-1

Taylor Condon's Run through the Jungle

featured Kevin McGillivray & his Posse of Young Guns

Trail to the Badlands - an MTB adventure

A catalog of Punta San Carlos Videos

an entertaining, eclectic collection of short videos from visitors & guests if this doesn't make you start packing...then you need a walker & a Fog

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Emerita & Naro, Campo staffers -  kickin' out the jams
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