Punta San Carlos is a popular destination for quite a diverse group of visitors.   We are proud of the fact it rarely disappoints its guests.  It is uncanny the amount of e-mail and phone calls we get regarding "inside information" as to the weather and swell conditions.  For the most part the simple fact is,  there really isn't any magic involved as we rely on the same public information systems as you do.   This is probably the closest we get to "the inside scoop" -

Punta San Carlos ocean and air temperatures are generally cool. Water averages between 53-60 degrees depending on the time of year. Most sailors bring a 4.3 wetsuit. If you are hearty, a 3.2. Spring is traditionally the coolest air & water. Summer - cool water/cool air, Fall - about as warm as it gets. Spring & Full suits (3.2) and if you are lucky- a vest or trunks on rare occasions.

The wind is also cool and manages to penetrate the best of wetsuits over the course of your go-out. Hoods, booties and gloves are welcome accessories in the Spring. Bike gloves for the hands will keep you on the water pain free. Booties are year around due to the rocky bottom.

Mountain Bikers & Hikers should bring clothing for mild to hot weather conditions with adequate head shade.

SUNSCREEN - a must.   Our conditions can be more intense due to superior air quality & lack of sun-dimming effects.  Cool winds can be deceptive when gauging your  sun exposure.  Sun burns are more rapid.  WEAR SUNSCREEN!


Spring is traditionally cool day & night with periods of downright North Atlantic. UGG boots are the all around foot wear. Warm wind resistant jackets, ski caps & sweaters for night are normally OK. During the day T-shirts and shorts or sweat pants. Summer, fall & winter require a series of wardrobe changes. At sun-up its UGGs, jackets & sweatpants. As the Sun clears the top of the mesa - shorts, t-shirts and slaps for most of the day with UGGs & jackets in the evening. Hats are necessary for sun protection, wool caps for evening.

A word about shoes - 3 ought to do it - 1) good, tough walking/hiking shoes 2) slaps for the beach 3) UGGS for nighttime (leave the bunny slippers at home).


FACT - The local San Carlos area has its own micro climate system most likely due to the fact in is located on the edge of two diverse climate zones.  That causes it to get very windy when the adjacent area is blowing a mild 8-10 mph.  Unfortunately a very popular Internet wind report website broadcasts Punta San Carlos wind predictions based on the outside areas and is wrong a great deal of the time.  We have offered to have them put a sensor near the island but they have been cool to the suggestion.  Lets move on. 


  FACT - Punta San Carlos is windy 12 months a year.  Your expectations will drive your stoke.  For example.  A lot of Gorge folks really like the white out of March - May.  If the surf isn't trashed by spindrift, then why bother.  The hardcore wave sailors avoid these NUKE days because it isn't the perfect wavesailing conditions - so go out.  It doesn't mean that there aren't white out days in July or August....I've suffered through them....days at a time.  That is the beauty of Punta San Carlos....kinda like a box of chocolates thing....So what is the prefect wavesailing day?  Ask the hardcores and they will say "just enough wind to sail out and its prefect to drive down the line, in control, smacking the lip as you go on a well shaped wave face.  "Being a surfer/windsurfer  - that's my paradise.  Punta San Carlos dishes up all that and everything in between - all in one day. 

FACT - Punta San Carlos is great on a south & northwest/west swell.  Late October and April enjoy the best of both worlds as they are transitional swell months.  KT and I love the fall.  Late souths, early wests, incredible sunsets and the perfect combo of surf in the morning sail/kite in the afternoon.  Of course all subject to the moods and whims of mother nature.  Speaking of mom...

FACT - Hurricanes rarely travel up as high as Punta San Carlos.  It doesn't mean that it doesn't effect the local weather.  It can, but usually for only a few days and nothing like being in it.  There are a number of public information systems on the TV and the web that can give you up-to-date info if you have concerns about traveling during hurricane season.  Unfortunately we are not trained meteorologists and prefer to decline speculation as to what the weather will be.  We also will decline marital troubleshooting & medical advice.  We will be happy to critique your sailing or kiting style usually with the help of a Tecate or two.  The point is - WE DON"T KNOW ANYMORE THAN YOU DO.

So - That's the long and short of it.  We try to answer all inquires on the e-mail & the phone answering machine but sometimes we are just swamped and can't....don't take it personally, especially after this little diatribe, Hope to see you down there!

KT & Clark