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packing tips for Punta San Carlos

Its more commonly referred to as - know before you go or live with the faux pas. If you follow these simple few tips, you can limit the hijinks and get on with doing those things you came all the way down here for.  - Sgt. Rudy

For those guys who feel they just have to use their own stuff or are undecided about our DEMO GEAR OPTION, read the webpage “Solo Test Center” first. Its a good option to consider.
Check your gear before you go. Tendons, down-haul/out-haul lines, you know the drill...they are all guaranteed to fail and why spoil your sesh time messing around tuning your equipment. It’s also not all available in the campo so bring 2 of the little stuff that can wear out. Examine your harness for wear & tear. Masts and booms as well. A word about sails & boards. Punta San Carlos is a great wave sailing location. The smooth water and side off conditions in the waves are perfect for your wave gear. Leave the race & slalom gear at home. In moderate size surf, the beach break is a great place to improve your wave sailing. If all you have is slalom gear best take the Solo Demo Gear Option.

Punta San Carlos ocean and air temperatures are generally cool. Water averages between 53-60 degrees depending on the time of year. Most sailors bring a 4.3 wetsuit. If you are hearty, a 3.2. Spring is traditionally the coolest air & water. Summer - cool water/cool air, Fall - about as warm as it gets. Spring & Full suits (3.2) and if you are lucky- a vest or trunks on rare occasions.

The wind is also cool and manages to penetrate the best of wetsuits over the course of your go-out. Hoods, booties and gloves are welcome accessories in the Spring. Bike gloves for the hands will keep you on the water pain free. Booties are year around due to the rocky bottom.

For those folks that just hate booties here’s a Solo Staff tip - Fin Socks. These lightweight, thin neoprene socks used by those who wear swim fins, allow you to keep your foot straps in the same settings. Advantages - your feet slide easily into the strap without the danger of snagging the little toe. Protects from those nasty mussel shells and provides a limited comfort from the cold. Available from DaKine or your favorite surf shop. Price? About $12-$20.

Don’t forget your favorite towel or plan on the other walk of shame from the shower to your tent. Speaking of that - a few words about... Shrinkage - Even in Miami this made famous on Seinfeld predicament is solutionless. See your physician prior to travel if you’re worried. Combine that with a double “0” day on the bombie and ....well? You’re on your own.

Spring is traditionally cool day & night with periods of downright North Atlantic. UGG boots are the all around foot wear. Warm wind resistant jackets, ski caps & sweaters for night are normally OK. During the day T-shirts and shorts or sweat pants. Summer, fall & winter require a series of wardrobe changes. At sun-up its UGGs, jackets & sweatpants. As the Sun clears the top of the mesa - shorts, t-shirts and slaps for most of the day with UGGs & jackets in the evening. Hats are necessary for sun protection, wool caps for evening.
A word about shoes - 3 ought to do it - 1) good, tough walking/hiking shoes 2) slaps for the beach 3) UGGS for nighttime (leave the bunny slippers at home).

Small flashlight or head lamp, surfwax, your favorite candy or gum, sunglasses & a good wide brim hat. IPODS/music players/tablets - We often plug a guest’s player into our lounge/bar sound system, so create a few playlists for the trip. Better bring the AC adapter along. Need to catch up on some reading? - our Solace Lounge is a great place to read, nap, converse, listen to tunes or however you prefer to chill out.  Kindles and other reading tablets work great in the campo.

There is limited Internet access in the Campo.  Our service is via a satellite and there are frequent interruptions due to atmospherics and heavy usage.  There are specific Internet hours and use is limited to e-mail.  If you have specific needs for Internet, please discuss them with out management team in advance.

We generate our electrical power via solar panels, a wind generator and a gas generator.  Depending on weather conditions there may be limited electrical use.  We ask that you unplug all items when fully charged.
For Fly-In Option Guests
Please pack a small bag with your passport, wetsuit, harness, towel, and a change of clothes. Your luggage will arrive at camp later that evening.


Advil for just about everything from sore muscles to Tequila abuse. The Campo maintains a good first aid center but you should bring your own over the counter pain reliever. Don’t forget SUNSCREEN - mandatory! the stronger the better, hand lotion (don’t go there) lip balm & contact lens items.

If you have prescriptions for drugs please bring a copy of them with you - especially narcotics and psychotropics.
Mexican govt. officials frequently scan for drugs on travelers and it resolves many issues when discovered. Do not bring any narcotics or pain medications without the prescription.

SPECIAL NOTE - If you have any medical conditions that may be complicated by first aid, advise SoloSports in advance.

For electronic devices that require charged batteries - bring extra!  Digital music players with your favorite music are the perfect way to enjoy all the great scenes Punta San Carlos has to offer.

BRING YOUR CAMERA! - be it Film, Digital or Video. Replace your batteries right before departure and bring a spare & charger. If you haven’t used your camera for a while - give it a dry run to correct any issues you may have.

Digital users....bring extra memory card/sticks. 4 or 8 gig volumes work great. The Campo does have limited electrical outlets for charging, so depending on how many digital users there are, will dictate availability.

PHOTOS  The chances are good that our Campo photographer will catch a few of your best moves on digital.  These are complimentary. 
Bring a USB flash drive with a minimun of 16 gigs to be able to take them home.  In addition we will give you a value added collection of images & video for your enjoyment.

Your SoloSports Adventure is all inclusive with the exception of any voluntary gratuity for the staff. You may wish to purchase T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts or other items including Mexican spirits for the folks back home or for a special event in the campo. These are all available from our Campstore. Your tour host will be happy to show you what is available. The SoloSports Campstore has many items - Souvenirs, clothes and curios. Prepay a SoloSports Gift Card for no hassle buying.
Gear Insurance  SoloSports also offers gear rental insurance.  It is available in increments of $20 for $100 worth of insurance.  This will cover or offset any repair or replacement costs in event of damage.

Avoid bringing USD denominations over $20. The best plan is to keep about $100 in 10’s, 5’s & ones. Depending on your vendor’s ability to make change will determine your result.
There will be a brief stop in Ensenada for air travelers.  Mexican Immigration will require you to purchase a tourist form that costs appromiately $30. Cash is best.

You are required to bring a valid passport/card. If you are flying in, it is mandatory you have a valid passport. Check this State Dept. web site for updated info -

It is illegal to possess guns in Mexico. SoloSports does not allow firearms of any kind at Punta San Carlos ....including paint guns. Mexican law enforcement takes a tough stance on infractions, so please leave them at home.

As for other illegals, AKA marijuana etc......remember you are traveling with a group and put could everyone at risk. Best stay squeaky clean.

PETS - Sorry your favorite pooch, cat, gerbil or gold fish will fair better at home.... come to think of it, we have a recipe for all of them, served separately of course - seriously no pets.

Do you have questions that aren't answered here.  Call 949.289.7779 for more information.

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