Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP is the newest water sport taking the beaches by storm. Punta San Carlos has proven to be one of the best all around venues for this new sport. 

Because the sport is so versatile, many visitors are including their SUPs to maximize their water time.   Surfers, wanting to cruise in small waves or  when conditions are more challenging, take on the point or Chili-Bowl, will find San Carlos fun.  Windsurfers attaching a sail to SUPs with mast tracks can now surf sail in light wind until conditions ramp up.

  Fishermen have also found the SUP can help supplement the camp menu with the fresh catch of the day.  The fishing conditions right offshore offer up sea bass, halibut & yellowtail as well as many other varieties.

The SUP can provide a multitude of entertainment options during your stay.  Even cruising up or down the coastline can provide the a great aerobic work-out. 

SoloSports provides their guests with SUP's and instruction as part of their Adventure Holiday package.  Our SUP includes boards for all ability levels from pro to novice.

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