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We’re excited that you're thinking about spending time with us. We’ve prepared a list of things to help you prepare for your trip. Please spend a few minutes to review this information. If you have any questions regarding your holiday or special needs, please call us. We look forward to sharing Punta San Carlos with you.

Itinerary (standard travel week)

Saturday Your per-scheduled trip begins on Saturday morning. Please be at Brown Field Dan Diego by 10:30am for an 11am departure. From San Diego it is about 2(+) hours down to Punta San Carlos. There will be a stop at a port of entry airport to check-in with Mexican Customs. There is a Tourist visa charge of about $30-50, check with your pilot prior to departure as this is subject to change without notice.

Please eat a big breakfast before you leave San Diego as lunch will be about 1-2PM at camp in Punta San Carlos.
After lunch & your orientation, the camphost will be taking a portrait photo of you with your harness to assist in recognizing you in action photos. 

You will also be offered Gear Insurance - $20 per $100 of damage to gear.  OK - it’s time to engage in the sport of your choice or just relax.  The rest of the day is yours.
Sunday morning it’s breakfast and off to your adventures. Then Sunday through Friday it will be packed with wavesailing, kiteboarding, surfing, SUPing,eating, sleeping, hiking, mountain biking, relaxing, and enjoying the company of fellow campers.

Following Saturday   On the following Saturday, we head back to San Diego at about 2-3PM. You should arrive in San Diego Brown Field between 5-6PM.  There your prearranged ground transportation will take you to your hotel or the San Diego Airport. It is important that your domestic flight be at least 3 hours after your PSC flight arrival.  In the morning we will ask you to remove your items from your tent so it can be prepared for guest arrivals that day.  You will have time to shower & eat lunch before your planes departs.  Check with your Camphost for any changes to this routine.

With adventure trips of this type, please be flexible with your time.
This itinerary is a typical arrangement. Your itinerary may be different. Consult with the SAH staff onsite  for current details.

Other Information
We will be traveling to a remote part of western Baja. There is no convenient access to phones, electricity, or shopping areas. In the event of an emergency we have the support van ready to assist or we can schedule an emergency flight. Your loved ones may call the office to have a message relayed to us as we call in several times during the week. Please note: we can call out from Punta San Carlos via satellite phone but we cannot receive calls in.

Internet  - web, e-mail, phone  Internet is available to guests from our Camp Mac or PC computer for a few hours each day via satellite.  Internet service is dependent on the weather,  Due to our limited allotment of bandwidth per day there is a policy to limit Internet usage to just webmail.  Unfortunately, FACEBOOK is not a viable source of communication.  Streaming of music & video  or uploading/downloading of photos & video is not possible.  A camphost is available to assist you with sending e-mail if you do not have a webmail account.   We do not have WiFi at this time for iPads, cell phones or other WiFi devices. All connections are available via Ethernet cable.  Please inquire prior to departure about situations that fall outside these services.  There is a fee service Satellite Phone available.

For those of you that would like to make phone calls from San Carlos we also have a satellite phone. There is a  $5 per minute charge.

CAMPSTORE & Gratuities
We have a campstore onsite that features t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats & other items.   It is customary to tip the cooking staff and camp hosts. The only guideline is whatever you feel is appropriate.  Tips may be given directly to the hosts or given to Kevin Trejo for later distribution.
Bring enough cash to meet your needs for Gear Insurance. souvenirs & tips.

Things We Supply
Because of the 50lb weight limit for soft luggage-duffel type, we supply certain items to help lighten the load.  Keep in mind the size of your bag is important too as you will be flying in a small private plane with other guests.  these include -

Camera tripod - on a check-out basis
Bike & water helmets - on a check-out basis
Body-wash & shampoo
Hand Lotion

• All meals and snacks from Saturday lunch through the following Saturday lunch. SoloSports cooks up three hearty meals a day, leaving no one unsatisfied. If you have any special dietary requests, please contact Solo Sports at least two weeks prior to the trip with your dietary needs..

• All camping equipment including a two-man tent for each person(couples will get 2 tents)  , warm sleeping bags, and deluxe 2” thick Thermarest sleeping pad. Your tent is on a large carpeted area.

• Windsurfing, Kiting, Surfing equipment are included in your all inclusive price.

• Surfboards/SUP - We have a variety of surfboards and SUPs for everyone to use in the mornings preceding the wind.

• Mountain Bikes - We have high-end mountain bikes for our guests. We suggest you bring your shoes and pedals.

• We have decades of experience traveling to the remote areas of Baja’s West Coast. We can take you on a cultural tour of the local area.

• Plenty of beer and wine, hard liquor and tequila from the Chili-Bomb Cantina

• We have staff photographers & videographers to capture all the action.  Photos/Video are complimentary.


Things for You to Bring

• IMPORTANT – U.S. Citizens: You will need a valid passport, or valid State Department documentation (see U.S. State Department web site) to return to the United States. Copies of these documents will not work.
NOTE: a valid passport is required for all air travel returning from Baja to the United States

• IMPORTANT – Non U.S. Citizens: You will need a current ID such as a valid passport and or visa to return to the United States. You should confirm your travel plans with your embassy prior to travel to ensure there will be no problems.

Quick Tips for Packing

• 8 gig minimum SD card or USB 3.0 Flash Drive for any photos we take of you during your holiday.

• Sunglasses, hat wide brim floppy works best.
•Books/Magazines/iPods/iPads  headsets  we do have a camp library
•Smart Phone or tablet for photos & video
• Extra cash for travel days and souvenirs
• Bike shoes, clip less pedals (optional)
• Flashlight, headlamp and batteries
• Warm clothes for night, light clothes for day
• Running or hiking shoes with appropriate socks
• toiletries kit (toothpaste/brush, razor etc.)

Medical Marijuana, firearms and ammunition are illegal in Mexico. All prescription drugs should have a script on the bottle including your name.

for more information about what to bring download our TRAVEL & PACKING TIPS PDF.

CAMP RESOURCES  (how we can thrive in the desert)
Our Punta San Carlos Campo is almost totally self sufficient. We make our own electrical power from solar & wind.  It is a precious delicate resource that requires all of us to be prudent in our usage.

 Internet use does have daily allotments of bandwidth from our provider that when depleted, severely restricts further use for that 24 hr. time period. When you arrive, the Camphost will explain conditions for Internet use.

Our fresh water is delivered from town 50 miles away. Drinking water is also delivered. Every guest is allowed 1 hot shower a day. There is usually enough of all these resources for everyone to have a good time - weather permitting.

Transportation Information

Recommended Hotel Information - San Diego
Bayview Super 8
1835 Columbia St.
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 544-0164

 For people flying into San Diego, once you arrive at the airport - if you are staying at the Harbor View Days Inn, call a taxi company and tell them to take you to the “Harbor View - Days Inn.”  For all other hotels please check with your hotel .

for Brown Field Transportation

You are responsible for transportation to and from Brown Field for your PSC flight. 

Transportation Services
 Joe Ruiz - Brown Field Transportation (619) 649-5557

Sea Top Shuttle (619) 222-2744 (Tony -Ops Mgr.)
Orange Cab Co. (619) 223-5555







Call our sales staff for more information or add this option on to your reservation.

Call  949.289.7779

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