Camping at Punta San Carlos


When arriving in Punta San Carlos please register at the SoloSports Campo prior to setting up your camp.  Our registration system has changed and although a camp host may drive thru the area every day, it is preferred that you register first.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Along with all inclusive Holidays, SoloSports offers self sufficient, fee based camping at Punta San Carlos.  Camping is $5.00 per person per day (kids 12 & under free).  SoloSports also offers for those longer term campers and frequent visitors -  EFFECTIVE for 2017 - a season pass is $350.00 per person per calendar year.  Spouses are discounted.   Fee Camping is 12 months a year so when our Camp Host comes a callin'...anti up.  Camping is considered "at your own risk".

Self sufficient camping requires campers to bring all  provisions including food, water, propane and shelter that can withstand heavy winds.  There are no services available and the nearest stores are 100 miles roundtrip.  Although there is a commercial fish camp nearby, you should consider this as an exception when considering the purchase of fish etc.  The weather conditions dictate their work schedules and they don't always catch enough for purchase.

Please note that under the direction of the Mexican govt. we have had to extend our runway to the edge of the cliff towards the point.  Please do not camp in this area or in the adjacent area from the start of the runway to our camp.  (click image)

Their are no reliable rescue services so take precautions when engaging in activities.  If there is a fisherman in the area their charge for rescue starts at $50.  Best exercise the buddy system.  If you lose your gear and it is found by a local, you will be expected to pay a finder's fee  them's Baja rules

Due to quality of our satellite reception & service conditions, Internet services are no longer available to campers. We apologize for this inconvenience.  Fee Services are available for those needing to e-mail only.  In addition, we do offer a fee service for satellite phone calls.  See Camphost for service fees & schedules.

SoloSports does operate a campstore for t-shirts, hats, mugs etc.  There are no food services.

Winter hours of operation are limited.  Seasonal hours are 9AM - 5PM

Guns are prohibited in Mexico.  SoloSports has a zero tolerance for weapon use of any kind including paint weapons.  Please leave those toys at home.

Have you noticed the signs on the 5 freeway in San Ysidro - Medical Marijuana is illegal in Mexico.  Just saying.

SoloSports provides a trash disposal service with a trash trailer near the Campo.  There are no facilities for motor home waste disposal.  There are several outhouses available for fee campers.Camper are expected to clean their campsites before leaving.

Attention Dog Owners

For those with dogs - please pickup your dog's waste & remember to be respectful of other campers by monitoring your dog's activities.  You are responsible for your dog's actions.  Dogs should not be allowed to roam free throughout the campground.

Sorry - dogs are not allowed in the SoloSports Campo.  Please leave your dog in your camp when visitng the SoloSports Campo



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