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2017 - JEM HALL - July 22-29  WARMUP     July 29-August 5 CLINIC 1/WARMUP 2     August 5-12  CLINIC 2
What is a "Ticket2Ride"?
Simply put,  It's an open reservation,  paid in full for future travel.  There are benefits  when buying a "Ticket2Ride".
You avoid price increases - in today's  world, price increases are inevitable.  Gas, food, just about everything in our lives is costing more.  With a "Ticket2 Ride" you are immune to price increases.

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Check out what the press is saying about Punta San Carlos as a MTB funzone - click below


Considering bringing your own gear?  Check out this recent article from SURFLINE about current boardbag charges for surfboards.  Windsurfing gear would most likely be even more.  Do the math.  All things considered - In most cases taking the Demo Gear option is potentially a cheaper way to go or at best a break even proposition.  So why put up with the hassle, damage and heartache.     read on  SURFLINE BOARDBAGS

A catalog of Punta San Carlos videos

an entertaining, eclectic collection of short videos from visitors & guests if this doesn't make you start packing...then you need a walker & a Fog

Prepare to eat a day away as you get lost in the prospects of your next adventure into Nunca Nunca land  click here


Our staff has logged thousands of hours on the water.  As part of your Holiday package you can sign up for coaching for most of the sport activities at Punta San Carlos.  *Windsurfing, *kite surfing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding,  mountain biking and even digital photography are among the activities we can work with you during your stay.   *(windsurfing & kite surfing require an intermediate level of ability)



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Important information regarding official travel documents


REMINDER - A passport will be needed for all Baja travel

SoloSports features groups with their own free web page!    Because the best of times are with your friends!

Come on we all know everyone is special at Solo but this is for those guests that have rallied their troops for the bro trip.  Check out what we've done for them click here ....and we can do it for you too.  Give us a call 949.289.7779 and together we can make a special web page to highlight your trip.  We can even send your page & message to your mail list.  You & your friends at Campo SoloSports - Its the best way to experience Punta San Carlos.


The ultimate dream travel package- the Fly-in Adventure Holiday

Would you like to enhance your fun time on a SoloSports Adventure Holiday in Punta San Carlos?  Now you can by taking advantage of our Fly-in Adventure Holiday.  You can arrive in time to rig and sail on your first day and again during your return travel day. That's like getting two extra days!  "Response to the package has exceeded our wildest expectations" commented Kevin Trejo, owner.  "This Fly-in package, along with our Internet service has opened up unique opportunities for our clients that are strapped by demanding life styles. I'm now hearing from guests that normally would only book every year or two. Now everyone can enjoy what Southern Californian's have honed to a fine art - the "hit & run", a surgical strike on a swell when its on, then you're gone.  We see this as the wave of the future because the options are endless." To quote a recent Fly-in guest:

"I've done the road, and it should be experienced, but after flying in, I can never go back.  I'm hooked"                        Jack Mattera SoloSports Guest.

For more information about the Fly-in Adventure Holiday call 949-289-7779

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