OK, we know you came down for your passion be it  sailing, kiting, surfing or biking but did you know that San Carlos also serves other interests.  The area  has long been host to educators interested in geology, botany, zoology, marine biology and anthropology.  Many of our visitors enjoy hiking through the desert, ascending to the mesa, beachcombing the miles of deserted beaches or kayaking  along the rocky coastline.  Wildlife abounds in the sea and in the desert.  The desert flora in spring display a blanket of vivid color that should not be missed.

Enjoy star gazing? At night, the sky is a blanket of stars and planets with a rare vividness and clarity.  Shooting stars, satellites  and distant electrical storms provide a slower paced relaxed evening's entertainment. 

  Baja is the last remnant of the classic "Old West". San Carlos enjoys a rich, colorful history of Spanish Missions, pirates, miners, cowboys and native Americans both ancient and recent. There are many mysteries and legends of the past that still linger today in local storytelling.

For those interested in an emersion experience, our nearby friendly fishing village will charm you with their  customs, hospitality and exotic seafood.

There is always something to do in San Carlos.  Why not enhance your holiday with a little exploring, there really is a lot to see and enjoy.

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