Kitesurfing and Tow-in surfing are now well established sports at Punta San Carlos. 

Kitesurfing requires special surf oriented equipment to maximize performance.  It also requires a different paradigm of maneuver to compensate for the side off the wind conditions.

The unique conditions of Punta San Carlos require an intermediate to advanced ability level.

There are 4 main wave kitesurfing arenas to choose from - The Point, The Chili Bowl, The Beachbreak, and The Bombora. Depending on the direction of the swell will dictate which of these spots will be working. 

Novice kitesurfers will find the Beachbreak very good for developing skills and style. The gentle rolling waves protected by the island are forgiving but don't let these conditions fool you.  Pro's frequent this area to tune-up, practice and enjoy classic kitesurfing as well.



The Bombora is an outer reef off the east end of the island.  The wave comes from open water and hits the shallow reef creating a powerful pitching wave, great for jumping and quick wave riding end & outs.

The Point offers wave riders a steep peak that can break far from shore.  As it approaches the beach it will decrease in size as it lines up ideally connecting to the Chili Bowl in the bay.  This spot is for advanced wave riders that wish an extended ride into the Chili Bowl.

The Chili Bowl is the flagship wave spot seen so frequently in the kitesurfing media.  The reef is in the middle of the bay and breaks left and right.  The perfect ride starts on a point wave and lines up connecting to the left created by the reef. Kitesurfers will smack the lip of the left coming at them.  Every great photo of the Chili Bowl captures this thrilling maneuver.

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