Punta San Carlos offers a variety of surfing conditions to suit the tastes of the novice to experienced surfer.

The Beachbreak is the perfect venue for learning.  The gentle slow rolling waves and shallow flat bottom allow the learner to progress quickly.  On larger swells the peaks offer long nose rides going left or right.  Longboards are equipment of choice.

The Point is a more challenging wave for both the short & longboarder. Peaks form on the outside reef and may offer a fast left or long right that empties into the bay.



On the right swell and tide, there can be fast hollow waves for tube riding.

The Chili Bowl is a reef break in the middle of the bay that offers a down line, long right slide or a fast left. By far the most popular of the breaks

There are many other surf breaks in the vicinity. Most are accessible by car and on the right swell, worth the short drive.  South Swells are by far the best waves for surfing however wests and northwests are also fun for all surfers.

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