Strapped by life's little trappings but still want to score the epic sesh?.... then our South Swell Special is for you.   We know it's not for everybody but for those that want to taste the sweet meat, we've got the perfect drive-thru experience.

Here's how it works.  Surf forecasting is a lot like the growth of any storm. It starts with a low rumble and either fades or turns into a macker over time.  When our sources start talking about the possibility of a good south swell, we dust off our exclusive list of South Swell Special members.

As the forecast gains validity we will e-mail you an invitation to join us in Punta San Carlos to meet the swell.  Space is limited  and it's strictly first come, first served.  Package conditions will vary for each alert.  If you accept our offer, you will  receive our fly-in service & all the amenities of our all-inclusive SoloSports Adventure Holidays package.  Then you start packing.

Let's take a moment to talk about the different types of alerts.  The traditional "South Swell Alert" was designed for those hearty souls that crave a big macking swell.  For most of us that can be a bit much.  Fun to look at, but a puckering moment on the water.

After discussing the concept with our guests, it was learned that there are a lot of you that would love to know when it is head high & HH+ (plus), what we call the FUN-ZONE.  So the South Swell Alert was expanded to include those times when there will be a FUN swell running. The alert will describe what conditions we are expecting to help you to make your plans.

We recently had a very nice south swell show on the forecast.  We kicked in the south swell alert to our elite list and as the swell rolled in, there was a group of stoked swell hunters at the ready. They scored the best of it.  The program worked like a dream.  Read on as a stoked member sounds off.

Solo family members Kevin McGillivray and Jack Mattera were just two of those fortunate swell hunters that experienced the best of the South Swell Special

" worked perfectly,  I got the e-mail, called the boiz and booked our flights.  We arrived in time to greet the swell.  It was awesome!  We scored the best of it, ate & drank like kings & enjoyed all the other great features of the Campo SoloSports experience.  Our whole gang is convinced - it's the only way to surf, windsurf or kitesurf travel."  Jack Mattera - South Jersey

"Got the word, packed & walked into an all timer - STOKED!"  KMAC - Santa Barbara

How to join.  Sign up for our South Swell Special list.  Membership is limited to those that are serious swell hunters and will be utilizing our special holiday special. 

E-mail to sign up. 

Questions, comments?

Call 949.289.7779

SoloSports Adventure Holidays

at Punta San Carlos, Baja

Grinders or Funzone, it's all a score

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